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Sparkle & Fade Silky Studded Placket Shirtdress. 1246 rue Sainte-Catherine O. Montréal H3G 1P1 (514) 874-0063 HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 10h00 - 21h00 Lundi au vendredi 10h00 - 19h00 Samedi 11h00 - 18h00 Dimanche 509 rue Saint-Joseph E. Québec G1K 3B7 (418) 529-2647. The Trend Spotter: DIY Studded Collars. Obsession: Studded collars. It's definite. I'm starting a new DIY project to stud a plain white collared button down. Without giving too much away, just stay tuned for the next week or so since the studs should be arriving in the mail around that time. This post is a little inspirational preview leading up to my first DIY post. Anyways, on to the actual topic. I've been really inspired lately by collars, in all forms and sizes; peter pan, chelsea, metallic, embellished. DIY Floral Sunglasses.

We always claim to see the world through rose colored glasses . . . but how about rose trimmed glasses?

DIY Floral Sunglasses

Madewell + San Francisco + DIY. DIY Friendship Necklace As soon as Lauren and I saw this editorial in Flare Magazine, we knew we had to recreate these awesome, friendship bracelet-like necklaces. We promise they are super easy to make and the perfect way […] DIY Miu Miu Jeweled Heels You can always rely on Miu Miu for sensational sparkly shoes. And you can always rely on us to show you how to DIY your own pair. DIY Bracelet Tutorials. DIY Bolt Rings. ORGANIZATION STATION: GET YOUR HAIR STUFF IN CHIC ORDER. Photos & post by Kristin Ess If you’re a girl on the go, you’re probably familiar with the magical mystical “bathroom tornado”.


It comes through scattering everything everywhere, leaving no bobbypin unturned. No one knows how it happens, but it’s a huge bummer when you return home from a long day to find this natural disaster has struck your bathroom counter once again. Luckily there’s a way to keep your hair stuff (or makeup brushes) all together in one super chic place. These holders are made from Mason jars which are incredibly cheap and easy to find.

You will need: blue painter’s tape, paper towels, gloves, white flat spray paint, gold metallic spray paint, mason jars in various sizes… (and I used a vintage shot glass for the bobbypin holder, but that’s optional.) Remove the lids from your mason jars.Put painter’s tape along the edge of a paper towel or two.Wrap the jar. DIY Colorblock Necklace. The last project I made with polymer clay was the geometric pendant necklace and I was so happy to see how many people enjoyed it and tried to make their own.

DIY Colorblock Necklace

I don’t find too many DIYs being made with polymer clay – it’s usually crafty-crafts like floral beads and figurines that aren’t my style – so it was extra exciting to see people giving PC a try for the first time. It’s such an inexpensive and versatile craft supply! Here’s the clay (a color I think of as Seuss blue, a faux stone that looks just like cookies & cream ,and pearl) I used along with my clay knife and $0.20 hardware store tile that I use as a work surface and for baking the clay. Condition the clay and then press it out into a flat, even pancake on the tile. Use your knife (or razor blade) to slice of the edges into the shapes for your pendant. Poke holes in each of the clay pieces. To finish, assemble the pieces and attach to the chain. DIY Gilded Jewelry. My reign of terror with polymer clay continues!

DIY Gilded Jewelry

I’ve been wanting to make earrings this shape for a while and the necklace was an last minute addition. I like that’s it’s a little fringey but still modern. Have you been making any of the other polymer clay pieces? The supplies are the same: polymer clay (I used Pearl), craft paint (the same gold paint was used on these earrings) and a few jewelry findings including chain, earring wires, wire or eye pins. Try This at Home: Scrap Wood Make-up Brush Holder. A few weeks ago on a plane I was vigorously going through a pile of magazines that had stacked up.

Try This at Home: Scrap Wood Make-up Brush Holder

They’re mostly Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, and House Beautiful, but I have some Vogue and InStyle thrown in there because I do work in the fashion industry and try to stay in the loop in that regards too. It’s funny, though, because as I’m flipping through InStyle, what page do I pull out? Have & Make: Dipped Wooden Utensils. I’ve been eyeing some fun colored enameled serving spoons for the better part of a year.

Have & Make: Dipped Wooden Utensils

When I was out searching for a paella pan a few weeks ago, there were a ton of wooden spoons sitting at the register and I just decided to paint some myself. I just taped my line, used a little craft paint, and finished off with a high gloss food safe shellac to give them that enameled look. Small side note, however, you should hand wash these, as any wooden kitchen accessory and be mindful of the painted area if using them to cook as it could melt or chip.

Mint Infused Bourbon with Free Printables. When spring rolls around, I start thinking a lot about weddings, and this year is especially prone to these thoughts because we have several good friends tying the knot.

Mint Infused Bourbon with Free Printables

I’ve noticed, however, that there are a severe lack of manly favors and goodies out there. So whether you’re bachelor party bound, or just getting in the Derby spirit, here is a fun little flavor infused bourbon for your spring. With bottles supplied by Specialty Bottle (at just two bucks a piece), I bottled my own Mint infused bourbon, and for kicks threw in some homemade simple syrup. Together they make a great Mint Julip with minimal headache – everything is already included, so all the recipient had to do is pour over crushed ice. First, bruise and crush about seven sprigs of mint into a vessel which can tightly close.

You can download the Mint Bourbon and Simple Syrup Printable for your own private use. How to make your own vertical succulent garden. Yarn Candle Jars. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2011 | Comments: 15 Jars are wrapped in red yarn to create simple & festive lighting.

Yarn Candle Jars

To make these, I tied yarn around the rim of the jar and started to wrap it around. Embossed Numbers Clock. Quick, Cheap and Stylish. Tutorial: $6 Nailhead Side Table. I have special respect for DIYers who are able to work magic on a budget.

Tutorial: $6 Nailhead Side Table

This “nailhead” side table cost just $6 to remake from an old nightstand that lacked any kind of design mojo. With a few dollar store materials, some new paint, and a bit of determination, Jessica Hill from Mad in Crafts was able to create a stylish accent piece for her home. Jessica Hill is one of my favorite craft bloggers. And how does one land on that list of favorites? Simply by making projects that haven’t already been made all over the blogosphere already. If anyone asked me to sum up my personal tastes in interior design, I could just show them this Cabrillo Nailhead Chest from Bernhardt. How do I love it? The feminine design done in masculine nailhead trimThe textural and graphic contrast between the metal and the linenThe strong, clean lines that are modern without being coldThe slightly global flairIts beauty AND functionalityThe fact that, although way out of my price range, it is totally DIYable.

Dip-Dyed Baskets - Martha Stewart Crafts by Technique. No Sew Cloth Napkin Pillow Covers. Molded Concrete Planters. Reinventing the (Embroidery) Wheel. DIY Make Your Own Picture Frame. Sep 6 This is a series of posts I’m doing on affordable art.

DIY Make Your Own Picture Frame

Find my other posts in this series here: Potato Print Art Work, Modern Art DIY, Painted Words as Art. RETUR goes to bed. On the Cheap: Scrapbook Paper iPhone Covers - StumbleUpon. DIY Wrap Bracelet - Honestly WTF. You should all know by now that we are all about stacking bracelets on our wrists. The more, the better. In fact . . . the most, the best! With that being said, we’ll show you how to master a version of the ever so popular wrap bracelet. Inspiring DIY. DIY Lollipop Favors - IKEA Hackers.

Altered thrift store art: Some personal faves - StumbleUpon. Unknown, via Reddit. Banksy, via Flickr user goldenticket. A Beautiful Mess: DIY PROJECTS.