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Kirigami - Tutorials & Patterns (In English)

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Kirigami is an art form where paper is folded & cut to create beautiful designs. Kirigami is similar to origami in that it is a form of paper art.

Kirigami is an art form where paper is folded & cut to create beautiful designs.

The major difference is that in origami, you fold paper whereas in kirigami, you fold and cut paper. In the United States, the term "kirigami" was coined by Florence Temko. She used the word kirigami in the title of her book, Kirigami, the Creative Art of Papercutting, 1962. The book was so successful that the word kirigami was accepted as the name for the art of paper cutting. In Japan, the word kirigami had been in use for a long time because "kiru” means to cut, and “gami” means paper.

Paper Snowflakes Most people will remember kirigami as a way to make paper snowflakes. Real snowflakes have six-fold symmetry too. How to make a paper snowflake Problem: it’s spring and it just doesn’t feel right to make snowflakes in the glorious growing season. Cutting paper snowflakes is fun, but if you don’t want to use scissors, you don't have to. Beyond Simple Snowflakes. Pop-Up Cards & Other Kirigami. Origamic architecture (OA) and pop-up cards are a type of kirigami.

Pop-Up Cards & Other Kirigami

When compared to paper snowflakes, these paper art forms are like the “extreme sports” of kirigami. Kirigami Cut-Outs Most people will remember kirigami as the paper snowflakes made by school-aged children. However, you can cut paper to form masks, animal silhouettes, logos, and coat-of-arms. If you have the patience and tools, the possibilities are endless. [Photo by Marivi] Origamic Architecture and Pop-Up Cards OA was developed by Masahiro Chatani. Kirigami Instructions. Star Books Tutorial. Ya-hoo!

Star Books Tutorial

Thanks for all the compliments and requests for a tutorial. YOU ALL ROCK! This is my first tutorial, so advance apologies for the wordiness and any confusion! Supplies Needed:*paper (I typically use 8.5 x 11 resume paper – it’s thicker than regular paper, comes in light colors, and yet is still quite fold-able)* paperboard (a spent cereal box or poster board works well)* decorative paper (mulberry paper or velveteen paper are my favorites, but almost anything works!) * ¼ inch width ribbon* glue stick* scissors* small bead (optional) Step 1: Cut your squares One sheet of 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper will give you 4 4 ¼ inch squares, with a little bookmark chunk leftover. When I get supplies for my class, I buy a bunch of colored resume paper from Kinko’s and then I have THEM chop it into perfect little squares using their big chopping machine. Step 2: Fold your squares Select either 5 or 6 squares for the pages of your book.

Repeat these folding steps for all of your squares. Kirigami Pop Up Hand Fan (Paper Craft) - TCGames [HD]! Making a Craft Kiragami Hummingbird. Paper Dolls. Circular Paper Dolls, Paper Dolls2. Five Pointed Star : How To Cut From Paper. Six Pointed Star. Make A Star Outline From A Piece Of Paper. This page explains how to cut a star outline from a piece of paper.

Make A Star Outline From A Piece Of Paper

The first few steps are the same as the instructions to fold a perfect 5-pointed star. How to Cut a Star Outline Take a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper and fold it in half.Fold in half again to mark the quarter-way point. Unfold.Bring the bottom left corner to the quarter-way mark at the right edge of the paper.Fold the bottom right corner over-top the left edge.Fold the bottom right over-top the left side one more time. You will get a pizza shape.Cut a wedge out of the bottom of the pizza shape: cut from bottom right up towards top left. Star Of David: Cut One From A Single Sheet Of Paper.

Kirigami Christmas Tree. Kirigami Tutorial - Untitled Abstract. Twisting Pop Up . From Amazing Paper. Origami Resource Center: everything you need is here! Crazy Paper Cylinder ! How To Make. Origami - How to Make Origami.