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Free Skirt Patterns

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Skirts - A Cheat Sheet. Free Patterns - With Many Skirts. 39 Free Skirt Patterns. Free Skirt Patterns Posted on | January 6, 2013 | 17 Comments Five years ago, it was hard to find even one free skirt pat­tern on the in­ter­net.

39 Free Skirt Patterns

Tiered Skirts Tutorial. Handkerchief Skirt. A handkerchief pointed-hem skirt is flattering to all, but especially for short-legged people because the points break up that horizontal hemline.

Handkerchief Skirt

No pattern is needed to make this skirt style. It is a simple block layout. One easy way to get that effect is to hem two squares of fashion fabric, each having four points (called a “handkerchief” hem) and layer them for an eight-pointed look. Experiment with swatches of opaque and transparent fabrics as you design and discover what happens when you overlap two layers of the same colour or harmonizing colours. The top layer could be trimmed shorter than the under layer for a tiered look and the hemline could be decorated with flat braid trim or fringe, if desired.

You will need: 2 ½ yds. of fashion fabric, 45″ wide1 yd. of waist band elastic, 1″ wideCoordinating thread10 yds. of flat ribbon braid (optional) The size of the circular opening should be just big enough to pull over your hips, and can then be tightened with elastic. The Shirt Skirt. July 28, 2010 I’m so excited to post about this!

The Shirt Skirt

When I met Dana, I fell in love with the skirt she was wearing. She made it herself (obviously) and she showed us how simply she’d shirred the waistband. The next day, during the mystery workshop at Whipstitch, we were encouraged to use thrifted tees. I’m devastatingly terrified of knits so I steered clear and made my (award winning) cotton fabric dress. Fun & Easy Way To Make A Poodle Skirt. Poodle skirts are fun and quite easy to make.

Fun & Easy Way To Make A Poodle Skirt

The poodle skirt was a popular dress fad during the fifties that was worn with crinolines and bobby socks with saddle shoes. Poodle skirts were often worn to high school dance events. Umbrella Skirts. Like designing your own styles to dress in but not skilled with complex stitching or comfortable with creating new patterns?

Umbrella Skirts

From their shapes and size to their scale and appearance, skirts and umbrellas have a lot in common – except, perhaps, that when it comes to an umbrella the interior is designed to be seen publicly and thus is as carefully considered and crafted as the exterior … whereas, well, looking up a skirt … that might get you in trouble. But seriously: used umbrella material is a perfect choice in many regards to upcycle into a skirt, dress, other easily-planned piece of refab clothing, as designer Cecilia Felli discovered during her creative umbrella-to-skirt upcycling experiments. Moreover, since umbrellas are well known for breaking down, this provides a simple do-it-yourself way to take advantage of something that frequently falls apart.

Umbrellas come in all kinds of colorful, creative and unique patterns that convert readily into skirt material for women or girls. Squared Circle Skirt (With Tutorial) The outfit I'm planning to wear for Thanksgiving.

Squared Circle Skirt (With Tutorial)

More than a year ago a cyber friend, ReAnn, sent me a link to this dress and asked if I knew how it might have been drafted. I didn't. Over time, this dress has shown up in various incarnations - with sleeves, without sleeves, with different fabrics. I have only seen it online, never in person, so I did not have a chance to study it. Then, a month or so ago I was looking again at the web page when, bam, I realized how it was drafted. Patterns That Fit You - Free Skirt Class. Skirt Week 2013 - Draft A Skirt Pattern With A Wide Waistband. Okay, ooooookay first of all YAY for Skirt Week 2013.

Skirt Week 2013 - Draft A Skirt Pattern With A Wide Waistband

If you have no idea what I am talking about I would suggest you check out THIS post at Crafterhours because that explains it all. Simple Gored Skirt. A "gore" is simply a triangular panel of fabric.

Simple Gored Skirt

For a skirt the tip of the triangle is nipped off, resulting in a sort of long trapezoid. This eliminates excess fabric at the waist while still providing fullness at the hem. Just a bit trickier than a basic gathered skirt, gored skirts are a good choice when the fabric you wish to use is too bulky to gather easily (or flatteringly) at the waist. (Note: If the skirt is for a growing girl, I recommend using the easy gathered skirt instead. If she really must have a gored skirt and you wish to add more length and let it down as she grows, add the necessary length but be aware it will take a bit more work to hem.)

Gored skirts may also use less fabric to produce the same hem circumference, nice if you've chosen a more pricey piece of material. Once you have the desired finished length, add an inch and a half for the top casing and about 3/4 to one inch for the hem. Bottom panel width and doubling it. Press seams open. Draft A Skirt With Godets. If you want to make a 6 panel skirt with godets but do not have a pattern, you can use your straight skirt pattern to make a new pattern.

Draft A Skirt With Godets

For example I drafted a straight skirt with a side zipper. This skirt pattern example is 70 cm ( 27,5 inches) long and I want to add godets with a length of 35 cm ( about 14 inches) and a hem wide of 20 cm ( 8 inches). You should trace your straight skirt pattern and divide the skirt front and back pattern by 3, marking a line 1/3 the width away from the center front and center back panels on your pattern (see the drawing below). Mark the desired godet length on the panels and side seams. Move the waist darts towards the panel seams. Mark on the pattern: center front on fold, center back on fold, side front part and back side part . The new panel skirt pattern looks like this example, The new panel skirt pattern parts, Drafting a godet is easy. Start with a vertical line which indicates the length of the godet.

Super Easy Paper Bag Waist Skirt Tutorial. Yesterday I posted a tutorial for how to make what I think of as the classic paper bag skirt—pleats, belt, beltloops.

Super Easy Paper Bag Waist Skirt Tutorial

Today, I want to show you the easier option, for those of you who don't want to mess with zippers and pleats. The Miranda Skirt Pattern. Here's how to make the pattern for a skirt with soft pleats on a waistband like my Miranda Skirt: The pattern pieces are simply rectangles, so with a few measurements you can chalk it directly onto the cloth, but you can make a paper pattern first if you prefer. It is worth doing a quick calculation to make sure your fabric is wide enough first, I needed fabric about 100cm wide for mine. Let's start with the waistband: Waistband length = waist circumference + 1cm ease + 3cm underlap + 2cm seam allowances. Eg if my waist is 73cm, my waistband length = 79cm Waistband width = finished width x 2 + 2cm seam allowances. Now for the skirt - the front and back pieces are exactly the same.Skirt length = 1cm seam allowance + finished length + hem allowance. With 18.5cm, I have enough space to include 3 pleats of 5cm (15cm total) with 3.5cm remaining.

Once the seam allowance is added, you can square down to the hem, and you're done! Make A Wrap Skirt To Fit Any Size: 9 Steps (With Pics) Edit Article. Wrap Skirt Praise and Yardage Info. First, I have to thank Bethany for the excellent wrap skirt tutorials–pattern drafting and construction. I whipped it up the other night, with great results. I love it and got oodles of compliments on it.

Ten reasons you should try this: Custom fit the way you like it. Fit it to your hips or your waist, make it long or short.2 skirts in one! Now, after speaking to Bethany, we changed the fabric recommendations. Determine your bottom skirt width. For an example, I’m about 5’7″ and a size 14. So, to figure out the yardage, I use the width#.