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Pytho's Mask. 5 star: 4 star: 3 star: 2 star: 1 star: Average Rating: Number of Reviews: 4 Write a review Most Helpful Member Reviews 11 of 13 people found the following review helpful: , January 30, 2009 It strikes me that Emily Short came to IF implementation by the wrong way round entirely. Is one of her earlier efforts, and so is very much conversation-focused, often at the expense of its world-model. The game has the flavor of a romantic fantasy of the sort generally targeted toward teenaged girls and sold in the Young Adult area of the bookstore. You, the aforementioned beautiful and capable young woman, are actually a member of a secret order assigned to protect the King from some people who hope to harm him at a special party that takes place just once every hundred years in honor of the arrival of a certain comet in the sky. But speaking of conversation systems, Ms.

Still, what Ms. (I re-played this recently using the Z-Code version that was still on my harddrive. See All 4 Member Reviews. Masquerade. Baf's Guide A romance in the spirit of Plundered Hearts, though the scope is somewhat narrower--it's closer to being a series of connected scenes.


At the end, however, there's suddenly quite a bit of branching--there are at least 10 possible endings. There aren't many puzzles, but the story is entertaining and reasonably unpredictable. The best thing about the game, arguably, is the PC, who is far more vividly characterized than most (again, somewhat in the spirit of Plundered Hearts, whose PC had much more personality than those of most Infocom games). A good entry in an underpopulated IF genre. -- Duncan Stevens "Masquerade" is an excellent work of story-based IF in a little-used genre (romance, specifically, Civil-War era romance). It's interesting. But it wouldn't have held if the game wasn't so extremely well constructed.... -- Tina SikorskiSee the full review >VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page [This review is based on the competition release.]

Very fun! Related Games. Heartwild Solitaire - Official Site. PassionFruit Games- News, updates, and previews for our games. Nora Roberts to release a downloadable game based on her work. In the last few years, electronic and computer gaming have become increasingly popular, opening up to previously untapped markets (like my grandmother), so it makes sense that the industry would eventually turn to books as a source of inspiration.

Nora Roberts to release a downloadable game based on her work

Now, while some books provide perfect fodder for gaming activities, like solving the Masonic mysteries of The Lost Symbol, others might not, like, say, virtual butlering in The Remains of the Day. The romance genre, with its built-in encouragements of reader identification and beach daydream role-play, seems a perfect fit. That’s one of the reasons why I-play, a computer gaming company that has already worked to make the work of James Patterson and Agatha Christie interactive, has teamed up with Nora Roberts to fashion a downloadable casual-play game out of her 2009 novel Vision in White. “I think it’s great that there are so many kinds of media to play with,” says Roberts. Harlequin Presents ™: Hidden Object of Desire Game Download for.

Harlequin Presents: Hidden Object of Desire 3.5 5 20 20 More Hidden Object And Less Puzzle..

Harlequin Presents ™: Hidden Object of Desire Game Download for

This was just screen after screen of hidden object with very little else going on/not a lot of puzzles between the hidden object scenes. I didn't think it was too short or so easy that it was boring. It is just very relaxing. Cute romantic theme. Lovely HOG! Love is in the air And I am sure you will love this HO game! Glad i didnt follow the reviews the reviews I read for this game almost had me not try it. Romantic Hidden Object Game First, let me say that I enjoy reading romance novels. For classic HO fans I enjoyed playing the game and reading the bonus romance e-novel that came with the game (although the e-novel had a different plot and heroine from the game albeit a similar setting). Harlequin Presents: Hidden Objects of Desire - A Lovely Romance Story Graphics: The graphics were nice and clear so you didn't have any trouble.

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