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"How do you add handwriting to photos?" People often ask how I add handwriting to my photos here on the blog.

"How do you add handwriting to photos?"

Some people even assume that this is a handwriting font! Nope... this is my real handwriting drawn with a digital tablet. I love using a tablet because it's super quick and convenient and I get to practice handwriting in a brand new way. Here's a little bit about what I use and why... I use the Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet (CTL470) with Photoshop CS5 to add handwriting to my photos. Learning to draw on the tablet takes a little bit of practice. Well, I hope that helps! Just Hanging Around Rainbow Funky Felt by therainbowroom. Tricks + Treats: Little Birdie Plush by Viviana Agostinho. Hi there!

Tricks + Treats: Little Birdie Plush by Viviana Agostinho

It's Viviana! Elsie asked me to share a cute plush DIY today for Tricks + Treats and I made this little bird just for you. Enjoy! A little birdie told me... Wanna know what this birdie is telling? The numbers in each birdie part correspond to the amount of pieces you will have to cut. To make your birdie you will need: - Felt and fabric of your choosing- 2 medium size buttons in any color- 2 small beads or buttons in black- Felt scraps in black and red- A handful of fiberfill- Thread, needles, pins...

Place each part of the pattern on the wrong side of your fabric and felt and cut all the parts you will need. You will begin creating your birdie's front section. Sew front and back sections (wrong face up!) Fill body with fiberfill. Keboniko. Duduá. Desenfoque gaussiano · Nice things, handmade, design & inspiration. U-handblog: Purse & Bag Tutorials & How Tos. Coo blimey!

U-handblog: Purse & Bag Tutorials & How Tos

Who will side with who in the UK General 2010 election. My packed suitcase is packed and ready in the hallway just in case. And yep I did vote. Whilst they squabble amongst themselves how about making this large and lovely purse? **UPDATE** the orginal purse frame for this bag has been re-designed - so this pattern has been updated accordingly (as have the instructions). DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF PATTERN HERE. Please pop your U-Handbag tute/kit/pattern bags in here - I love checking 'em out :) Click on the pics to enlarge. To me this Summery version oozes Madmen chic. Fabrics are from Amy Butler's Love range. This purse frame is oversized which means you can use it to make a good sized bag. Of course, the frill is totally optional, but it's sooo cute - and tad quirky no?

Inside my version I have added a good sized lined pocket with a mag snap closure. Me wearing the bag for scale. Right. Here's how I put Betty together You will need: 1. 2. 3. Homemade play dough recipe using Kool-Aid or Jell-O (preschool teacher and kid approved!) : Queen Bee Coupons & Savings. My friend Zene (a preschool teacher) makes the BEST play dough. It smells amazing. It’s the best texture. It’s easy to clean-up. And, it’s very FRUGAL and easy to make. So I had Zene write up a post for you so you could become a homemade play dough pro, too:As a preschool teacher, I make a few batches of play dough each year. Add color, smell or pizzazz to your play dough - Kool aid is the most inexpensive way to color AND add scent to your play dough. Play dough toys, tools - Play dough toys are a must, but they certainly don’t have to be bought.

Clean-up tips - If you are worried about the kitchen table use a plastic table cloth or cutting board, but play dough wipes off very easily. And all of it did come out. Play dough recipe 1 cup flour 1 cup water 2 tablespoons oil (vegetable, canola) 1/2 cup salt 1 teaspoon Cream of Tartar Food coloring, Kool Aid, Jell-O or other colorful mix (prefer two packages of Kool-Aid for best color) Home. Mmmcrafts. About A Beautiful Mess. Welcome to A Beautiful Mess!

About A Beautiful Mess

We're Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. We're sisters. Together we own A Beautiful Mess, a women's lifestyle company focused on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle. On this blog we share home decor projects, recipes, and crafts, as well as bits of our life here in Missouri. In addition to writing A Beautiful Mess, we created a bestselling photo editing app (also called A Beautiful Mess) and we teach online classes at Shop A Beautiful Mess. Cheers to doin'-it-yourself, always learning, trying, failing, dreaming big, enjoying the small stuff, and above all else ... embracing imperfection. So you wanna meet our staff? Elsie Larson (me!)

I started A Beautiful Mess in 2007, but didn't truly find my groove until I teamed up with my sister and business soul mate, Emma, in 2010. Spirit Animal: Chimpanzees, forever. Go-to road trip snack: Heath Mini Blizzards Favorite movie: Mean Girls for funny, The Tree of Life for beautiful, Zoolander for quotable. Plush Business.