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Monterey Bay Academy

Monterey Bay Academy is committed to excellence in communicating Jesus Christ while teaching young people to balance academics with everyday living in a clear and practical manner, so they will be equipped to grow in wisdom, integrity, and service.

ESL High School Program - Learn it All Composed By Scarlett Iversen. English is a widely spoken language all over the world.

ESL High School Program - Learn it All Composed By Scarlett Iversen

There are vast opportunities present for people with good english speaking skills as english is spoken as a first language in many areas. So, it is crucial that you have proficiency in this language. If english is not your first language, it is essential that you start learning it as a second language early, say from your high school days for better grip over it. There are lot of high school ESL programs to help you with this. Application Process for International Students. To begin the application process, please set up an account and complete an online application Here.

Application Process for International Students

By creating an account you will be able to work on your application throughout the admission season, save your work as you go, verify your application status, track which application materials the Admissions Office has received, and submit the application online.A Skype interview will be scheduled after the application is submitted. A link will be sent to your email in order for you to select a date a time to schedule the interview.International students please see the International Student Page. For more information about attending MBA please contact Kevin Bowen , our Recruiter. -----Will add this bullet point later. The following supplemental documentation can be uploaded in the online application: Once the application has been submitted you will receive an email confirmation along with next steps.

Application Process for Domestic Students. Monterey Bay Academy. Monterey Bay Academy Advanced Placement Program Growing. MBA AP Program Growing Monterey Bay Academy is making sure its strong tradition of academic excellence will continue with the addition of a growing Advanced Placement (AP) program for its high achieving students.

Monterey Bay Academy Advanced Placement Program Growing

“For many years students, parents, board members, constituents, faculty and staff have been pushing MBA to add AP courses,” Principal Tim Kubrock said. English Second Language high school Mighty Cypress Athletics. Succeed With the TOEFL EXAM - private schools in california. What is the TOEFL?

Succeed With the TOEFL EXAM - private schools in california

The TOEFL is an English language assessment exam that is taken by non-native English speakers. The TOEFL test is a requirement for admission into programs, private high school, colleges, and universities. The TOEFL exam is a requirement for entrance into private high schools in bay area. International students that are planning to apply for admission into an educational institution or program should prepare themselves to take the TOEFl exam. The TOEFL is a requirement for entrance at more than 8,000 academic institution in over a 100 countries including Canada and the United States.

Why Should Potential Student’s Take the TOEFL? Scoring well on the TOEFL exam demonstrates that a student is proficient in the English Language. The TOEFL is not just for students. Study for the TOEFL. Questions To Ask When Checking Out Boarding High Schools. September 27, 2016 You may want your child to go to boarding school to gain some independence or you may want your child to straighten up their act.

Questions To Ask When Checking Out Boarding High Schools

When checking out boarding high schools, the most reliable source would be to ask other parents that have children in boarding schools. In order for you to tell if these schools are right for your child, then there are certain questions that you may ask. You may want to ask about the kinds of courses that are offered, if the school helps them find a job after graduation, the amount of students in the classrooms, and even transportation that will help your child get to school. What Kinds of Courses Are Offered? The Faculty Directory Of Monterey Bay Academy That Wins Awards. EMR Instructor - Plant Services Safety Officer.

The Faculty Directory Of Monterey Bay Academy That Wins Awards

Alumani And Friends At Monterey Bay Academy. Do Boarding Schools Help Students Better Prepare for College? Defining a Boarding School The boarding high schools are a popular choice for many students.

Do Boarding Schools Help Students Better Prepare for College?

A boarding school will offer their students a place to live while they are obtaining an education. This is a school that includes the following: * lodging * meals * learning * activities A student will live at the school part of the year. Here Are The Benefits Of A Private School Education. Monterey Bay Academy RAKs Up Community Service. MBA RAKs Up Community Service Monterey Bay Academy has many great traditions, from beach activities to the music program to academic achievement.

Monterey Bay Academy RAKs Up Community Service

There is one tradition though, that reaches MBA students, faculty and the greater community all at once. That tradition is Random Acts of Kindness Day. On Tuesday, September 14 the entire MBA student body and staff ventured out into local towns performing a variety of tasks from trimming trees to painting a pier to visiting shut ins. “We worked really hard,” Raymond Hong, a freshman from San Francisco said. The different teams from MBA reached a variety of people, working at 12 different locations throughout the Monterey Bay area. “This is a great group of kids,” Charlie Clancy, a Santa Cruz County work crew supervisor who oversaw the San Lorenzo River clean-up said. Not every job involved cleaning up a park or painting over graffiti, several students had the chance to work with people one on one.

Monterey Bay Academy Students Serve in Peru. MBA Students Serve in Peru A group of 21 people from Monterey Bay Academy decided to take a different approach to their spring break this year.

Monterey Bay Academy Students Serve in Peru

Instead of going on vacation or just hanging out at home, this group decided to volunteer for the school’s mission trip to the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Iquitos, Peru. From March 22 to April 3, the volunteers, including 16 students, four staff and one parent, spent their time working in a small village just outside of Iquitos called Santo Tomas. Working with a local humanitarian organization called People of Peru Project, MBA’s mission aries split their time between working construction in the mornings and providing a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program in the local Seventh-day Adventist church each afternoon.

“This was such a cool experience,” Tyler Breitigam, a senior from Ridgecrest, Calif., said. The group was introduced to that culture their first day in Peru. Monterey Bay Academy Students Make The Grade. MBA Students Make The Grade.

Monterey Bay Academy Students Make The Grade

Monterey Bay Academy Welcomes 240 Students and New Staff. MBA Welcomes 240 Students and New Staff Monterey Bay Academy has welcomed 240 students and seven new staff for the 2006-2007 school year. The student body includes 104 new students, with several new faces coming from out of state and a few from other countries. The new staff on campus is a combination of new and old faces, with some alumni and former staff returning and some enjoying their first MBA experience. 7th year in a row! Teacher of Excellance Award. MBA English Teacher, Cheri Gregory, Named “A Teacher of Excellence” Cheri Gregory, AAF Award Cheri Gregory, BA, Monterey Bay Academy English instructor, received a 2009 Excellence in Teaching Award from the Alumni Awards Foundation (AAF).

The award has been given annually for the past 14 years to Seventh-day Adventist teachers in the North American Division. The foundation exists to recognize excellence in academies, teachers, and among the alumni of all our SDA schools. Mrs. “Mrs. “In each work of literature, we explore the timeless Great Controversy theme: the fall and redemption of mankind.

Back To Back Awards for MBA's Master Teachers. Back To Back Awards for MBA’s Master Teachers When Betty Baerg, Monterey Bay Academy’s veteran math teacher of 38 years, was named a Teacher of Excellence by the Adventist Alumni Association (AAA) in 2003, it was clear that MBA’s science teacher of 38 years, Bob Baerg, would not be far behind. Throughout their distinguished careers Betty and Bob have received many awards together, including the Zapara Excellence in Teaching Award and being named La Sierra University’s co-Alumni of the year in 1985. As pioneers of integrating technology into the classroom, the Baergs have presented at several denominational and national teaching conventions. So it was no surprise when AAA named Bob a Teacher of Excellence for 2004. How To Choose Private Boarding School:The Highest Level of Education.

It is important that you choose the right private boarding school if you want to know that your child will receive a good education and good care. It is important that you put time and effort into making this decision if you want to have peace about the choice that you make. So, in order for you to know that you are doing the right thing in regard to your choosing your child's boarding school, you are going to have to find a school that has been reviewed well. Look Into All Of The Reviews That You CanFind out all that you can through looking at reviews of the different private boarding schools in your area, and beyond that, and you will feel great about the things that you will learn from the reviews.

From them, you will see which schools you cannot trust. Why You Should Send Your Child to Seventh Day Adventist School. There are numerous of reasons why sending your child to Seventh Day Adventist school is beneficial. Being cultivated in a Christian School, provides a learning atmosphere like no other. Students are taught Biblical concepts have access to passionate instructors and a conducive atmosphere, able to get closer to GOD, taught meaningful lessons and many other benefits. Knowledge is Power At a Seventh Day Adventist school, children are taught the bible and concepts are expanded upon. One cannot know fully what it means to be closer to GOD without first knowing HIS message.

MBA Teacher Receives Award of Excellence. MBA Teacher Wins Award of Excellence Steve Walls, AAA AwardFor the fourth year in a row, an MBA teacher has been named a Teacher of Excellence by the Adventist Alumni Awards Foundation (AAA). Monterey Bay Academy Welcomes New Students and Staff. MBA Welcomes New Students and Staff Monday, December 31, 2007. Community, Seniors, Football, Prayer, Oceanaires. Community, Seniors, Football, Prayer, Oceanaires. Unequaled Record of 9th Teacher of Excellance awarded to MBA. MBA Music Teacher, Kristian Leukert, Named “Excellent” MBA Library Undergoes Complete Renovation. Monterey Bay Academy. Fine Art Electives Chorale Symphonic Band Oceanaires (select choral ensemble) Westwinds (select instrumental ensemble) Individual music lessons Impressions (drama) Art (practicum and history) - click here to go to exhibits!

Photography Music Performance Activities Oceanaires & Chorale | MBA September 12, 2015. Monterey Bay Academy. We believe in God: pure and simple. Europe Trip Gives MBA Students Access to History. MBA Students Sail for Science Europe TripThe Waldensian Valleys in Italy and the Museum of the Desert were highlights of MBA’s 2007 European trip. History of Monterey Bay Academy.