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Behance. Creating From a Grain of Sand. Pour favoriser la guérison et la paix mondiale, un groupe de moines bouddhistes tibétains réalise des oeuvres d’art à couper le souffle en utilisant des millions de grains de sable.

Creating From a Grain of Sand

Un travail spectaculaire, de par la précision, le temps et la patience consacré à installer chaque grain de sable coloré jusqu’à ce qu’il devienne une pièce spectaculaire. Gaks. A weekly illustrated atlas. We're getting married! 25 Beautiful Stamp Designs. I’ve always wanted to have a stamp with my logo on it and use it for client work.

25 Beautiful Stamp Designs

Even if it’s the ‘paid’ invoice stamp. Having a stamp gives people a personalized feeling. The thought of you having to literally use the stamp, means you carefully worked on the project and overlooked everything. Today we decided to showcase some beautiful stamp designs. Typography. 20 Beautiful iOS Icon Design for Your Inspiration. Monstruonauta : Más #arte e #inspiración:... Monstruonauta: Chiara Biancheri on Behance. Monstruonauta : Y para comenzar un Sábado... Tanya_tk. Candygears. Manic Pixie Dream. There’s something about antique Victorian chairs which make antique sellers and fanatics jump for pleasure each time it’s pointed out included in the roster.

Manic Pixie Dream

Possibly it’s due to the wealthy background and background that’s usually connected with anything Victorian, and, most likely, the truth that the stated era was probably the most sophisticated and affluent periods seen to guy. Not only chairs, but anything Victorian is recognized as very classy. The time itself already suggests that everything that’s been produced throughout its heyday and anything that’s associated with it or bears it title is of good quality. That’s, sufficiently good to be considered a complement to affluence as well as royalty. Thus, if you need to antique Victorian chair, you’re considered within the top tier of society. And also, since you’ve with you this kind of resource, extreme safeguards ought to be taken. Just like anything organic, wood also offers an expiry date.

Dream World – Mind Blowing Paintings by Jacek Yerka. Beer Package Inspiration - 38 Brands. Los personajes de Hiroshi Yoshii. Miniature Artists Books: Eleven Things to Do. Title: Eleven Things to Do.

Miniature Artists Books: Eleven Things to Do.

Materials: fabric, paper, ink, acrylic paint. CMYK Up by Dennis Parren. Earlier this year we showed you the CMYK Lamp by Dennis Parren, who now created a floor/table lamp version of it!

CMYK Up by Dennis Parren

These magical CMYK Up floor/table lamps use LED technology to project cyan, magenta, and yellow shadows on the objects and surfaces surrounding it. The lamp is shaped like a graphic outline and casts 3D shadows. The experimental lamp sets out to display the mystery of light and what it can be, and now it’s available as a table and floor light! Fantasy Illustrations by Scott Altmann. Scott Altmann is a professional illustrator from Big Apple who divides his time between illustration commissions and gallery work.

Fantasy Illustrations by Scott Altmann

Graduating from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Scott pursued illustration and fine art simultaneously. His work has been featured in Spectrum, Society of Illustrators, Gothic Art Now, Expose, D’artiste / Digital Painting2, and Exotique. We made sure to handpick 46 of the BEST illustrations from his portfolio. Get inspired guys. Monstruonauta : #Inspiración: Hermosa tabla... NTU Postcards : Andrew Townsend. 38 Beautiful iOS App Icon Designs For Your Inspiration. Editor’s note: This article is contributed by Dmytro.

38 Beautiful iOS App Icon Designs For Your Inspiration

Dmytro is an SEO-specialist and entrepreneur from Sevastopol (Ukraine). He is co-owner of Land-of-web ( the website that is aimed to make the life of web designers and web developers easier. The icon is on one of the first thing a user sees of a new mobile app. There isn’t much space to play around so this tiny picture has to do all the work, giving an intuitive representation of what users are going to get with the app. Different operating systems impose different specifications. The iOS platform, for one, is known for placing a higher premium on aesthetics and a zealous attention to detail, keeping designers on their toes with the icon design process. The collection below lists some of the amazing iOS icon designs that were sketched and modeled after mundane, ordinary stuff.

100 Cardboard Project by Berni Valenta. My Design Stories The books of art. Book artist Thomas Allen just published a dozen new works in advance of his forthcoming show, Beautiful Evidence, at Foley Gallery in New York opening September 9th, 2012.

My Design Stories The books of art

Allen pours through old encyclopedias, primary readers and science books to extract figures for these perfectly composed illustrations. See the rest over on his blog. Via this is Colossal Have you enjoyed this post? Photo by monstruonauta. 20 Illustrative Websites to get Inspiriation. AMAZING ILLUSTRATIONS BY FAB CIRAOLO. {*style:<i> </i>*} Transforming pop culture deities like Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana into hyper-current hipsters, Chilean illustrator Fab Ciraolo’s work blends realistic portraiture and indie rock name dropping into a series of pastel-hued pastiches. Though Ciraolo grew up in Santiago, and lives there still, his illustrations are pulled from a world where the archetypes of vintage Americana rep international dance pop acts as varied as CSS, Vampire Weekend, and Justice.

Character Design. Rob Shields el arte de la ilustración digital. Otto Schmidt: violencia, sensualidad y dulzura ilustradas. Posteado: mayo 12, 2012 En: ilustracion, otto schmidt Comentarios: No Responses Otto Schmidt es un ilustrador ruso que me engancho completamente desde que vi una sola de sus “chicas”, por que así es Otto Schmidt, un ilustrador que siempre representa gráficamente una gran carga sexual y violenta pero a la vez algo de dulzura y belleza.

Otto Schmidt: violencia, sensualidad y dulzura ilustradas

Les dejo algunas de estas imágenes para que disfruten del trabajo de este gran ilustrador europeo. Si quieren ver más de Otto dense una vuelta por su blog, o búsquenlo en Google.