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Front End Development Guidelines. Accessibility What's Up, DOCTYPE?

Front End Development Guidelines

The absence of a DOCTYPE is a crime punishable by death. You may have relied on the following DOCTYPE in the past, but it's important to know that this is now being superseded by a leaner and meaner snippet. Ideally, the HTML5 DOCTYPE should be used. It's supported in all modern browsers, and throws IE6 and IE7 into standards mode. Write Valid Semantic Markup Writing websites with clean, semantic HTML is something we wish we could always do. Headings should be heirarchically created from <h2>onwards, paragraphs should always be in <p> tags and so on and so forth. Which do you think looks cleaner, this? <span class="sectionHeading">A Heading</span><br /><br /> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. ... Or this? <h2>A Heading</h2><p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. ... Fallbacks for Middle Mouse Clicks One of the most frustrating accessibility and usability flaws of the modern web stems from the remapping of hyperlink click functions.

Use Microformats For more information: 40 Innovative UI Concepts from Dribbble. Innovative concepts, whether practical or imaginative, can help progress creatives and their work to the next level.

40 Innovative UI Concepts from Dribbble

By breaking rules, ignoring common conventions, and testing the limits of design, we can create opportunities that allow us to enhance and improve our work. Take a look at some of these brilliantly designed interactions from Dribbble, and let them inspire creativity in your own work today. The Side Nav Revisited Appointment by Paresh Khatri Browse Shows – iOS App by Umar Irshad Dialoggs – Collapsible Menu by Drew Wilson Dashboard – Realtor Project by Brian Waddington Zendesk Project Lotus by Jason Wu Page Curls and Peels Qiwy iOS app curl test by Mikael Eidenberg.

(27) What are some good projects/ideas in web development that a beginner can start with. (27) What are good resources which teach complete beginners Javascript.

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Webdesign. 45 Incredibly Useful Web Design Checklists and Questionnaires - Smashing Magazine. Designing websites can be a long and complicated process.

45 Incredibly Useful Web Design Checklists and Questionnaires - Smashing Magazine

Dealing with clients, designing prototypes, coding, programming, and testing – there’s a lot to keep track of and a lot to make sure gets done. That’s where checklists can make your life a whole lot easier. With lists of points covering multiple areas from content to usability to accessibility to standards, you’re a lot less likely to overlook important parts of a site. Below are 45 checklists to make your design process easier and more organized. Consider using these checklists as a jumping off point for creating your own customized list, based on your own needs. Also consider our previous article: 15 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website1 lists some important things to check before you make your sites public. 1. These questionnaires and checklists are focused on making your relationships with your clients better. Comprehensive Web Design Checklist5 This is another client-focused questionnaire. 2. 3. 4. Dr. 5. 6. 60 points à vérifier avant de mettre en ligne votre site web.

How To Streamline your Website Building Process. Call me odd but I find that being robotic in my approach to work seems to have the best results when faced with repetitive tasks or the need to replicate results across the board.

How To Streamline your Website Building Process

From the very beginning of planning a website to its creation – I believe you can streamline the process to cut out wasted time, ensure you’re working on content that sells, and creating a step-by-step blueprint (for your own records) that allows you to knock down websites in a single swoop. This is how you can blitz your way into a new website this afternoon. Blitz Task #1: Website Planning A basic website, these days, will have the same common elements: Home PageBlogMoney Posts (Reviews)Value Posts (Tutorials)Filler Posts (Opinions)Product Pages (Optional)Contact UsAbout MePrivacy/ToS Home Page Here, your goal is to either share your latest information or reveal the purpose of a website; ideally, it’s the later. Blog Product Pages (Optional) Contact Us Simple – need not of explanation. About Me Privacy/ToS Production.

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