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Documentation — OpenStack. Documentation is community-oriented and available for different audiences on several websites - this wiki is for project or release documentation, the developer documentation for the projects is on for example.

Documentation — OpenStack

For official documentation, see To log a bug against the documentation, go to or. End User Guide  - havana. Command-Line Interface Reference  - trunk. 7 OpenStack, SDN & futur de la virtualisation réseau + Assemblée générale - OpenStack France (Paris. Nous faisons intervenir les experts du Software Defined Networking pour faire le point sur l'utilisation actuelle et future du SDN dans OpenStack.

7 OpenStack, SDN & futur de la virtualisation réseau + Assemblée générale - OpenStack France (Paris

Participation gratuite. Programme : 18h45 : Introduction. 7 OpenStack, SDN & futur de la virtualisation réseau + Assemblée générale - OpenStack France (Paris. Nous faisons intervenir les experts du Software Defined Networking pour faire le point sur l'utilisation actuelle et future du SDN dans OpenStack.

7 OpenStack, SDN & futur de la virtualisation réseau + Assemblée générale - OpenStack France (Paris

Participation gratuite. Chapter 1. Overview - OpenStack Networking API v2.0 Reference  - API v2.0. The Neutron project provides virtual networking services among devices that are managed by the OpenStack compute service.

Chapter 1. Overview - OpenStack Networking API v2.0 Reference  - API v2.0

The Networking API v2.0 combines the Quantum API v1.1 with some essential Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) capabilities from the Melange API. These IPAM capabilities enable you to: Practical Considerations for Monitoring Openstack Cloud. September 4, 2012 There is an old saying in IT: “Tough guys never do backups.”

Practical Considerations for Monitoring Openstack Cloud

While this kind of thinking doesn’t prevent infrastructures from functioning, it’s definitely asking for trouble. And the same goes for monitoring. Having gone through all the pain of polishing an OpenStack installation, I can see why it might seem like a better idea to grab a couple of beers in a local bar than spend additional hours fighting Nagios or Cacti.

In the world of bare metal these tools seem to do the job—they warn about abnormal activities and provide insight into trend graphs. With the advent of the cloud, however, proper monitoring has started getting out of hand for many IT teams. Proper methods of dealing with this mess are in their infancy – and could even be worth launching a startup company around. Problem statement. Chapter 4. API Operations for Client Developers - Cloud Identity Client Developer Guide  - API v2.0. Comparison between VMware and Open Stack Cloud. Chapter 16. Upstream OpenStack - OpenStack Operations Guide. Chapter 16.

Chapter 16. Upstream OpenStack - OpenStack Operations Guide

Upstream OpenStack OpenStack is founded on a thriving community that is a source of help and welcomes your contributions. This chapter details some of the ways you can interact with the others involved. There are several avenues available for seeking assistance. The quickest way is to help the community help you. High Availability Guide  - master. OpenStack High Availability Guide OpenStack ManualsOpenStack High Availability Guide - current OpenStack High Availability Guide Florian Haas hastexo.

High Availability Guide  - master

Chapter 4. Compute - OpenStack Cloud Administrator Guide  - havana. Cloud Administrator Guide  - havana. OpenStack Cloud Administrator Guide OpenStack ManualsOpenStack Cloud Administrator Guide - current OpenStack Cloud Administrator Guide.

Cloud Administrator Guide  - havana

Advanced Networking operations - OpenStack Cloud Administrator Guide  - havana. H.2 : Cisco Openstack. This release contains all upstream stable branch patches for OpenStack core components including Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Glance, Keystone, Horizon, Heat, Ceilometer, and Swift as of 2013.2.2.

h.2 : Cisco Openstack

This release also features Puppet automation updates from StackForge. Getting the Source and Installing the Release -------------------------------------------------------------- Information about how to install Cisco OpenStack Edition - Havana can be found here: Note that the instructions provided will install the latest stable maintenance patches for Havana, which may be newer than those in the h.2 release. If you need to specifically install the versions of the packages released in h.2 even though newer maintenance updates are available, you can modify your apt configuration to point to our h.2 snapshot repository. OpenStack in Launchpad. Openstack/openstack-manuals. Documentation — OpenStack. Trove — OpenStack.

The OpenStack Open Source Database as a Service Mission: To provide scalable and reliable Cloud Database as a Service provisioning functionality for both relational and non-relational database engines, and to continue to improve its fully-featured and extensible open source framework.

Trove — OpenStack

Trove is Database as a Service for OpenStack. It's designed to run entirely on OpenStack, with the goal of allowing users to quickly and easily utilize the features of a relational database without the burden of handling complex administrative tasks. Cloud users and database administrators can provision and manage multiple database instances as needed. Initially, the service will focus on providing resource isolation at high performance while automating complex administrative tasks including deployment, configuration, patching, backups, restores, and monitoring. Trove is designed to support a single-tenant database within a Nova instance. Will be in OpenStack Icehouse. The preferred mechanism orchestrating Docker in OpenStack is via Heat, rather than treating Docker as a form of hypervisor in OpenStack Nova. Our initial path towards enabling the use of Docker in OpenStack was to create a driver for Docker in OpenStack Compute (Nova), which enabled a Docker container to be used as if it were a virtual machine.

Summit Atlanta 2014 » OpenStack Open Source Cloud Computing Software. Schedule Live Posted: March 25 The OpenStack Summit agenda is now live, and we have some amazing content planned for Atlanta, including case studies, technical talks and workshops. Whether you are just getting started and want to learn more about OpenStack, or are an advanced user, there's something for you. OpenStack Atlanta Summit Announced! Posted: December 17.

RDO. HP et Numergy collaborent sur OpenStack. Comme son concurrent CloudWatt, Numergy a fait le pari d’OpenStack pour le développement de son offre cloud. Et comme son concurrent, l’opérateur fait face à un difficile travail d’intégration et de sélection des différents composants d’OpenStack tant la technologie est encore jeune. Cloudwatt qui prévoyait à l’origine d’ouvrir des services de compute sur OpenStack en Mars ne dispose toujours d’aucun service commercial huit mois plus tard, tandis que Numergy vit pour l’instant largement de l’infrastructure virtualisée sous VMware, héritée de son actionnaire SFR. Mirantis and IBM Set New OpenStack Benchmark, Standing Up 75,000 Live VMs in Multi-Datacenter Cloud. MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, Feb 27, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- Mirantis, the pure-play OpenStack vendor, today announced dramatic new benchmark numbers for running an OpenStack cloud at scale to feed the growing appetite for demanding workloads on enterprise private cloud.

The benchmark used the latest Mirantis OpenStack 4.0 (Havana) distribution running on CentOS 6.4, deployed in a high-availability configuration across distributed data centers -- from start to finish in about 8 hours. Using 350 physical servers on an IBM SoftLayer bare-metal multi-datacenter cloud, Mirantis OpenStack stood up 75,000 virtual servers, provisioned in parallel streams levels ranging from 100 at a time to 500 at a time. The benchmark was designed to show how quickly and reliably OpenStack could respond to on-demand, real world workload requirements for provisioning cloud resources, achieving a sustained a rate of 9,000 new virtual servers per hour for over 8 hours. Key takeaways: Technical Overview. Slideshare openstack in action 4! paris december.

OpenStack in Action 4! Sebastien Han - Ceph: de facto storage backe... oVirt. OVirt uses the Java binding of libvirt. oVirt is a free platform virtualization management web application community project started by Red Hat. oVirt is built on libvirt which could allow it to manage virtual machines hosted on any supported backend, including KVM, Xen and VirtualBox. However, oVirt is currently focused on KVM alone. oVirt is open source software with backing from Red Hat and it is the base for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. oVirt can manage multiple hosts. OpenStack in Action 4! Vincent Untz - Running multiple hypervisors ...

OpenStack in Action 4! Sebastien Han - Ceph: de facto storage backe... Ericsson solidifies carrier cloud strategy with OpenStack-based Cloud System. Ericsson has revealed its Cloud System, a product for orchestrating private cloud capabilities across the network that effectively ties together previously announced moves such as its membership of OpenStack and redefinition of the concept of software-defined networking (SDN). Ericsson Cloud System, which will hit availability in the first quarter of 2014, targets mobile operators in particular. It incorporates an upgraded Cloud Manager, which is Ericsson’s operations support system, alongside a new Cloud Execution Environment that’s based on OpenStack and the KVM hypervisor. This all runs on existing Ericsson Blade System (EBS) server clusters and Smart Services Routers (SSR), and the general idea is to enable virtualized environments across the network, from the base station to aggregation nodes and business support systems.

Ericsson’s take on SDN is key to this approach. “There are lots of advantages,” Magnus Furustam, the head of Ericsson’s Core and IMS business, told me today. The #openstack Daily. OpenStack in Action 4! Daniel Pays & Régis Allègre - Cloudwatt Publ... Session Videos & Slides. Hui Cheng China is often regarded as a huge but mysterious market. In the market of consumer Internet, Google, Amazon, Paypal and a long list of U.S Internet companies are almost all lost in China, leaving the huge market to their Chinese counterparts. By contrast, the traditional IT giants, such as IBM, HP, VMware and etc. have dominated the Chinese IT hardware, software and services business for a long time while the local enterprise technology and software companies have few chances to win. What exactly the background reasons behind these facts? How about the cloud business in China?

Watch Now Slides. OpenStack Foundation. OpenStack Havana Demo. RedHatCloud. Deployment topologies for High Availability (HA) with OpenStack Cloud. September 10, 2012 When I was designing my first OpenStack infrastructure I struggled to find information on how to distribute its numerous parts across the hardware. I studied a number of documents, including Rackspace’s reference architecture (which was once at but now seems to be mothballed). I also went through the design diagrams presented in the OpenStack documentation. I must admit that back in those days I had only basic knowledge of how these components interact, so I ended up with a pretty simple setup: one “controller node” that included everything, including API services, nova-scheduler, Glance, Keystone, the database, and RabbitMQ.

Under that I placed a farm of compute workhorses. When I joined Mirantis, it strongly affected my approach, as I realized that all my ideas involving a farm of dedicated compute nodes plus one or two controller nodes were wrong. At Mirantis we have deployed service topologies for a wide range of clients. Topology with a hardware load balancer.