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Seed Bead Quantities. The Seed Bead Information You Need. Here is the seed bead information you need.

The Seed Bead Information You Need

To outsiders, all the little beads look pretty much alike. Insiders know that there are crucial differences between types of seed beads. And the type of beads that worked so well in your last project may not be the best for your next. We'll sort through the differences and talk about how and where each type can be useful. This can both help you make good choices for your next project, but also to think of what sorts of projects would be good places to use up some of your stash.

Do As I Say, Not As I Did. . . . Like many beginning seed beaders, I decided to make a little peyote stitch pouch. I found a design of a crescent moon and some stars in one of Sigrid Wynne-Evans books. I had a terrible time making this! Use the Right Beads! But it wasn't really the stitch's fault. The next time I tried peyote stitch, it was with nicely even delica beads. Seed Bead Weights. Knowing about bead weights helps you decide how many packages of beads to buy.

Seed Bead Weights

How do they sell seed beads at your local bead store? Are they in tubes? Boxes? Bags? Those beads may have been bought from the wholesaler in the same packaging you are seeing at your store, but if they sell a lot of seed beads, they probably buy them by the kilo or half-kilo. Seed Bead Sizes and Hole Sizes. MIYUKI Co.,ltd. 09 14 10 color chart2a. Simple Crochet with Beads Video Tutorial.

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DIY Seven layered Bracelet. Free Ideas: - You Are My Sunshine. You Are My Sunshine Bracelets InstructionsDesigned by Cheri Carlson Brighten up your days with these eye-catching bracelets.

Free Ideas: - You Are My Sunshine

These bracelets are a fun project for you and your little one to do together. Your child will appreciate the joyful colors and you'll be able to teach them a cool and easy beading technique. Learn how to make these bracelets and add some sunshine to your style! Child Bracelets Step one:The child-sized bracelets use bright 6/0 beads and each bead is a party! Step two:Help the child warp the Ricks Beading Loom according to the manufacturer's instructions. Step three:Follow the pattern in this PDF diagram. Step four:To make the button of the bracelet, add three seed beads coming out of the center of one end. Step five:Now your needle should be coming out of the top of one of the columns. Adult Bracelets Step one:Set the loom approximately 6 1/6 inches apart for 55 rows of 8/0 seed beads. Stitching the Rainbow: Learning How to Use Color in Your Bead-weaving.

One of the best things I ever did for my bead-weaving was to learn about color theory.

Stitching the Rainbow: Learning How to Use Color in Your Bead-weaving

I was always envious of my artist friends back in college who spent their days mixing colors of paint and learning the secrets of color theory and use. When I learned how to do bead-weaving during my last few years of college, I usually just went with the colors of beads specified in the beading patterns I was making and didn't really bother too much with picking out my own colors. Once I started designing my own beading projects, however, all that changed -- I realized that I needed to learn for myself how to use color effectively, and that meant studying basic color theory.

Learning how to apply basic color theory to my beaded jewelry designs made my finished projects bolder, and more like, well, me. Learning about color theory made me aware of what colors I felt confident in using, and which colors I avoided. Bead Happy, Jennifer. BNBX1504. Size Info for Beading Thread - Global Beads, Inc. How Many Beads Do I Need to Bezel a Rivoli? There are a few things you need to know in order to stitch a good, secure peyote stitch bezel around a Swarovski crystal Rivoli.

How Many Beads Do I Need to Bezel a Rivoli?

Delica beads are probably the easiest beads to use in order to stitch a peyote bezel around a Rivoli. Their cylindrical shape make it easy to stitch in peyote stitch, and if you use size 11 Delicas, this allows for the addition of rows of smaller size 15 beads to tighten the bezel a bit. It should be noted that these amounts can be adjusted according to how tightly or loosely you like to stitch. But you should always begin with an even number of beads in order to have the "step up" at the end of each round and to make the rows of the bezel even as you go. If you don't have the table handy, you can always figure out how many beads to use by stringing on an even number of Delica beads to make a ring that fits around the back edge of the Rivoli.

All About Nylon Beading Cord: S-Lon, Superlon, C-Lon - Kumihimo Disk & Plate. What is S-Lon, Superlon, C-Lon?

All About Nylon Beading Cord: S-Lon, Superlon, C-Lon - Kumihimo Disk & Plate

S-Lon, Superlon, and C-Lon are brand names for the same product, a plied and bonded nylon string that is very popular for use in kumihimo and other jewelry braiding. S-Lon and Superlon are the brand names used by The Beadsmith/Helby bead distributors, and C-Lon is the brand name used by Caravan Beads bead distributors. Both companies supply bead stores around the world, so your local bead store probably buys from one or the other and that determines which brand they stock.

The product is made at the same factory, on the same equipment, and to the same specifications; the only difference is that C-Lon is a taller spool than S-Lon/Superlon and C-Lon has more yardage on each spool. Blog - inspire learn Blog. Seed Bead Sizes, Conversion charts for your seed beads. Beads Per Inch Chart.

Use the chart below to determine how many of a certain size bead it takes to cover one inch of a beaded strand.

Beads Per Inch Chart

This can help you plan out a bead stringing design, or calculate how many beads you'll receive when you purchase beads by the strand. To estimate how many beads make up a strand of a certain length, multiply the beads-per-inch (from the right-hand column, below) by the length of the strand in inches. Here's an example. Seed Bead Q and A. Jewelry Making Article - How Many Beads per Strand? Seed Bead Sizes and Hole Sizes. Bead Hole Sizes. Beading projects with preciosa twin beads - Google Search. Jewelry Making Article - How Many Beads per Strand? Beads Per Inch Chart. Summer Soiree.