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The Color Wheel. Ever wonder how some of your favorite fashionistas put colors together to create eye-catching and fabulously colorful outfits?

The Color Wheel

Well so does Fashion Bombshell Kendra who wrote in asking, “As a recessionista engineer, I cannot afford to buy a new wardrobe for the spring/summer. I have great pieces in my wardrobe already so I want to know how to make the most of my wardrobe by playing around with different color combinations. My mom gave me a color wheel as a gift. Venetian Engagement Rings. VENETIAN-5008-4 engagement ring from the new Venetian Collection, featuring 0.25ct of pave' set round brilliant-cut diamonds to enhance a round diamond center.

Venetian Engagement Rings

Available in Gold and Platinum. Starting Price: $2,750 * Center diamond is sold separately.