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Going to + Infinitive - Easy English Lesson - Planning Your Weekend. Olympic Mascot Slideshow: From Cute to Crazy - HowStuffWorks. The first Olympic mascot was named Schuss.

Olympic Mascot Slideshow: From Cute to Crazy - HowStuffWorks

Visitors at the 1968 Grenoble Games could commemorate this tiny skier with small toys and pins. ((c) IOC) Next up was Waldi, a little dachshund at the 1972 Munich Games. He was intended to express important athletic characteristics such as resistance, tenacity and agility. ((c) IOC) The mascot for the 1976 Montreal Olympics was named Amik, and he was a beaver.

The 1980 Moscow mascot was a bear named Misha. In 1984, the Olympic mascot was an eagle -- not surprising since the games took place in Los Angeles that year. Seoul, South Korea, chose Hodori, a tiger, as its mascot for the 1988 Games. Poor Cobi, a dog, wasn't an immediate success at the Barcelona Games in 1992. 2014 BEST EPIC FUNNY SPORTS FAILS COMPILATION!!!!- BLOOPERS. I Can Has Sports Balls Replaced By Cats? Because the internet is fueled by cats, this is Sports Balls Replaced With Cats.

I Can Has Sports Balls Replaced By Cats?

It’s a Tumblr page filled with pictures in which sports balls have been replaced with cats. Oh. Ohhh. Okay, well, that makes more sense! See, when I first read the title I thought it was gonna be something compleeetely different. Via: Conjunto De Ícones De Esporte No Design Plano Com Longas Sombras Parte 1 Banco de ilustração vetorial 156917210. Top 5 Stadium Rocking Songs in Sports. How Women Are Changing Sports.

Earlier this week, 15-year-old CiCi Bellis defeated Dominika Cibulkova in her first round US Open tennis match, making Bellis the youngest player to win a US Open match since 1996.

How Women Are Changing Sports

Unsurprisingly, Bellis’ victory gave a boost to the women’s US Open, capping off what has been an excellent month for women in sports. On August 5th, former WNBA player Becky Hammon made history when she was hired as an assistant coach for the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, making her the first female coach in NBA history. Later this month, 13-year-old Mo’ne Davis contributed some dominating pitching performances during this year’s Little League World Series, earning herself a spot on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Bellis, Hammon, and Davis represent glimmers of hope to female sports fans worldwide, and very likely find themselves inspiring countless young athletes. It is also important to note how women’s tennis led the way in LGBT rights and acceptance. The 7 Craziest Winter Sports Ever. The Top 25 Sports Movies of All Time.

Hoops, pigskin, the sweet science and the beautiful game.

The Top 25 Sports Movies of All Time

Our full list. Sports Illustrated's Predictions for the Future of Sports (in 1991) "I am here to tell you that I am pretty pleased with life in the 21st century.

Sports Illustrated's Predictions for the Future of Sports (in 1991)

" Those are the words of "Ulysses S. Spectator," the fictional 50-year-old postman who serves as the narrator for "2001: A Fan's World," a Sports Illustrated cover story written by William Oscar Johnson. The piece, which was published in 1991, predicts what the future of watching sports will be like. MAP: The most popular sport in every country (soccer is really popular) About 3.2 billion people watched at least a minute of the World Cup in 2010, and preliminary numbers from this year all say the 2014 Cup's numbers are going to be way higher.

MAP: The most popular sport in every country (soccer is really popular)

That means about half, if not more, of the world's population will have watched this year's cup. But, after taking a look at this map of the most popular sports around the world, that shouldn't surprise us all that much. Soccer dominates the global sports scene, in a way that's almost impossible to appreciate in the abstract. 6 Completely Insane Sports. If Teachers Were Football Players.

The 10 Most Bizarre Athlete Superstitions. If any group has a reason to be superstitious, it's professional athletes.

The 10 Most Bizarre Athlete Superstitions

Since their livelihoods rely on their abilities to consistently replicate physical motions, it's hardly surprising that they often don't want to change anything about their routines once they find success. However, some stars take these rituals beyond their logical extremes. Jumping over the baselines when taking the field in baseball? Pretty standard. List of Best Cheerleader Films. The 25 Most Viral Action Sports Videos of the Year. A Guide To American Football. 40 maps and charts that explain sports in America. 29 Early Sports Rules - mental_floss List Show (Ep.223) Soccer For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Celebrities and their Pets on Pinterest. 65 Animal-Inspired Halloween Costumes. Halloween is THIS WEEK and that means it’s time to party like animals, guys.

65 Animal-Inspired Halloween Costumes

This is one holiday when it’s totally appropriate to show off your wild side without worrying about having your sanity questioned. Finally, an excuse to dress up as something you’re not. So we say forget trying to pin down that perfectly creative and easy-to-execute costume and just go a little wild. 35 Animals Hanging Out With Miniature Versions Of Thems.

Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]