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Funglish: My daily routine - memory game. Nouns - countable and uncountable. Examples I’ve got some books.

Nouns - countable and uncountable

There isn’t any cheese. Can you see any apples? Remember! Use ‘some’ with plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns. 'Like' and 'don't like' Examples I like chocolate.They like the zoo.We like vegetables.

'Like' and 'don't like'

Remember! Add an 's' for she, he and it.She likes apples.He likes the park.It likes warm water. Have got. Examples I have got a brother.

Have got

They have got a swimming pool. He has got a cat. Adverbs of frequency. English Test on Simple Present 1. School subjects. Prepositions of place. Daily routines. Months of the Year Song. Nursery Rhymes - Months of the Year Song. Are you a good friend? - Google Slides. Clothes 2. Clothes 1. Numbers 11-20. Numbers 10-100. Numbers 1-10. Places in town 2. Places in town 1. School things 1. School things 2. School subjects. Teddy dresser. What's the time? Have got. Possessives. Examples I have a pen.


My pen is red.We have a car. Our car is fast. She has a cat. Prezentacja bez tytułu - Google Slides.