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A 3D Nature Suncatcher for Kids. ЦВЕТЫ. Необычная поделка.


Indoor RAINDROPS. … or how to invite back that sunny weather… You will need 7 cardboard stips in different colors.


The longest one is 30 cm, or the length of an A4 sheet. Each strip is about 1.5 cm shorter than the previous one. Stack the strips and staple them together at one end. Cardboard basket. Spring baskets made by the kids attending the get together of KREATIVNOST organisation .

Cardboard basket

Cut a longer tape and other five equal tapes out of a piece of brown cardboard. The longer tape will be used for a handle. It’s ice cream time. It’s ice cream time!!!!

It’s ice cream time

You will need: a piece of wrapping papersome toilet paperdifferent coloured yarn a piece of brown pastel chalk glue Draw several horizontal and vertical lines on the wrapping paper. Spider web from thread and dry branches. Gather a few dry branches from the park.

Spider web from thread and dry branches

They will help you make such a spider web. You will need: three dry tree branchesthreadand three metal fibers – for the spider’s legs Tie the three branches in the center as shown on the picture. Use the thread and make your web. Blossom Tree with Prints. Print the template on a blue sheet of paper.

Blossom Tree with Prints

With the help of a small piece of cotton held with a peg and a couple of acrylic paints you can make this beautiful blossom tree. Flower Panels. These are the flower panels of the 1st grade pupils from the Yordan Yovkov school, Tutrakan.

Flower Panels

Their teacher is Rumyana Angelova. Children activities, more than 2000 coloring pages. Szablony do druku. Рисуем рыбку. ИЗ ЯИЧНОЙ СКОРЛУПЫ. РИСУЕМ ДОЖДИК. Сова из пластиковой бутылки. Подснежник. Весенняя поделка подснежники.


Ocena opisowa uczennicy z upośledzeniem umysłowym w stopniu umiarkowanym. Wiktoria N.

Ocena opisowa uczennicy z upośledzeniem umysłowym w stopniu umiarkowanym

Ocena końcowa Rok szkolny 2014/2015. Oligofrenopedagogika - P.S. Portal dla Nauczycieli. Summer. Spring. A spring picture from Turkey. А vase with flowers. Children activities, more than 2000 coloring pages. Na rewalidację. Апликация великден вода година динозавър дракон дядо есен заек зима картичка кола коледа коте куче лято маска мече момиче море моторика най-малките нова парти повтори принцеса пролет професия пунктира риба сняг съедини сърце точките транспорт-с фина хартиени хелоуин храна подреди първо най-популярните страница: 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 14.

na rewalidację

Крокотак. POP-UP Flower Card. POP-UP Card A Bouquet Collage for Mommy Never mind about the weather -we are on a spring wavelength. Flowers, flowers and …flowers… winter, go away at last! To make this flower, you will need a square piece of paper which you should fold diagonally. BOUQUET for Mom. Flowerbed CARD. Don’t worry – this card is not hard to make at all – but it’s very impressive. When you open it, it becomes three-dimensional. You need two A4 sheets of paper and various cut-out flower and leaf shapes. Fold the green paper in two. Start cutting from the side of the fold. When you are starting, leave a narrower strip at both sides (to glue to the lower sheet).

Крокотак. HANDPRINT Card. Paper STARS. We used colored printer paper. It looks so different and festive when embellished with glitter paint! And the stars themselves turned out quite beautiful indeed Make two four-beamed stars then glue them together. When they are completely dry, add some festive embellishments. The Flower of Life – with a Pair of COMPASSES. “Mommy, what does ‘compasses’ mean? …It turned out that we have no compasses at our house (blame it on the computers!) After I showed my almost 7-year-old daughter how to work with them, she spent two days drawing circles.

I think she drew almost a hundred good ones… and some which were not so good. Paper HYACINTHS. From paper, cartons and boxes. Egg Carton HENS. Chicken from kitchen gloves. 3 Toilet Roll EGG STANDS. A basket and a butterfly, a grassy meadow and a bright-colored hen – toilet paper rolls can turn into beautiful egg stands. Don’t throw out the empty rolls after you’ve used up the toilet paper - they can turn into so many beautiful things. Cut and fold the bottom аs shown so your egg stands can be easily moved and can hold different-sized eggs.

It’s important to fold the edges well to stabilize the shape. The four parts overlap so that should be enough to hold the shape together but we added some glue – just to be on the safe side. Еaster Bunnies and Chicken for the Very Young. The shape is very easy to make – take an A5 sheet of paper (half an A4 one). The kids can manage easily, because all they have to do is cut a few straight lines. Еasy color-in bunny – after you fold down the cut-out part, draw the eyes and the mouth on the reverse side. Color-in chicken- fold in the part that you cut on figure 4 and make a beak. More Easter ideas: Printables for kids. 3 Easter ideas from our mail. We may consider the teachers from Prolet kindergarten in Sevlievo as part of the KROKOTAK team. They have always been very creative, always sending high resolution pictures showing the main steps, close ups and distant pics, and the most important pics of the kids.

It is not easy to do this when there are so many kids around you. The camera is the last thing you think of I want to thank you the entire team of kindergarten Prolet and specially Violeta Vasileva and Nadya Mihaylova. Now have a look at the Easter ideas sent to us by group 4 of kindergarten Prolet in Sevlievo: 1. Easter Egg Stand. Крокотак.

PAPER BIRD. I had almost forgotten to post these colorful birds in KROKOTAK – I’ll blame it on the snow outside. They were standing on my desk and gently swaying with every movement around me. Luckily, Dobrin noticed them again and reminded me to write about them. I took the idea from here but as I don’t have enough thick cardboard, I used thin wrapping paper and some colored A4 sheets. (This means I cannot hang the cage or it will lose its shape). How to Make a Mask using Handprints. Easter. How to make Woven Easter Baskets. Design for Kids: Paper Houses. Stained Glass Easter Eggs Window Art. Paper Plate Garden: a Fun Letter "G" Craft. Paper Plate Bird Craft for Kids - Easy and SO Cute!

Egg Carton Crafts - Chicken Egg Cups. Paper Plate Chick & Bunny Purse. Cardboard Box Crafts: Alligator.