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Technika - umiarkowane i lekkie

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Sample Art Activity 8. Making a bright textured tree by using coloured buttons to create the foliage.

Sample Art Activity 8

Students pick a colour range of buttons to glue to the tree silhouette they have painted in black. Mount on card to support the weight. Black paint or ink White card Button collection (craft stores) Craft glue Thick card to mount it on. Paper Finger Puppet Craft for Kids. This household always saves paper scraps.

Paper Finger Puppet Craft for Kids

In fact, we have a paper scrap bin that is easily accessible in the craft room for the littles. All the left over scraps from my paper crafts and DIY invitations and cards get placed in there. Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer. The other day, I had a random playdate with a couple of my best friend’s daughters.

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

When they come to spend time with me, we always do a craft together. I wanted to do something seasonal, with items I have in my craft closet, so we ended up making these toilet paper roll reindeer. Materials: One Paper Towel Roll or 1.5 Toilet Paper Rolls per ReindeerScissorsSticks and Twigs The first thing we did was went on a hunt in the back yard for sticks and twigs.

Next, we broke the twigs into 2 antlers, four legs, and one neck. DIY Accordion Paper Butterflies with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers. Thank you to ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers for sponsoring this post , DIY Accordion Paper Butterflies With ASTROBRIGHTS®, as a part of ASTROBRIGHTS® COLORIZE campaign.

DIY Accordion Paper Butterflies with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers

All opinions are 100% my own. This year, for my daughter’s fifth birthday party, she chose Cinderella as the theme. She specifically told me, “No mama, not the book. How to Make Paper Pumpkins for Fall. These little pumpkins are so much fun to make.

How to Make Paper Pumpkins for Fall

It’s a fun Fall craft you can do with your kids or a great adult craft to spruce up your mantel or table decor. You can try it with different colored papers in different patterns as well. Here’s my step by step tutorial for how to make paper pumpkins for fall. Materials: Colored or patterned paper of choicePaper CutterDouble Sided TapeHot Glue and Glue GunSticksTwineScissors I chose these colorful Astrobrights papers.

Cut each piece of paper vertically into five 1.5” wide strips. Then cut each strip into one 7”, two 9”, and keep the remaining two at 11”. Plastelinowe bombki. Ozdabianie choinki sprawia dzieciom zawsze wielką frajdę, więc na pewno dzisiejsza prosta propozycja zabawy się im spodoba, zarówno młodszym jak i starszym.

Plastelinowe bombki

Potrzebne będą: zielone kartki z bloku technicznego, szablon choinki, plastelina To jest bardzo prosta propozycja zabawy dla najmłodszych dzieci, odpowiednia też do przeprowadzenia w grupach, np. w przedszkolu. Pisanki wyklejane plasteliną. Mam dla Was kolejne pomysły na wielkanocną zabawę plastyczną z wykorzystaniem szablonu jaja.

Pisanki wyklejane plasteliną

Jesienne drzewa – stempelkowa zabawa. Piękne, jesienne drzewka można wykonać za pomocą stempelków.

Jesienne drzewa – stempelkowa zabawa

Kids Get Crafty: Walnut Mouse Racing. Welcome to Kids Get Crafty!

Kids Get Crafty: Walnut Mouse Racing

We have this little craft up our sleeve ever since the 6th December: Saint Nikolaus Day, when the children get nuts, raisins and Satsumas from St Nic during the night. Gently open the walnut shells and save the whole ones for crafting! Today we made some very easy Walnut Mice, that you can actually RACE! The book Von der Stadtmaus und Der Landmaus by Katrin Scharer. I had my copy sent from as it was a little expensive via!! Elke dag een ontdekking. Zespół Szkół nr 16 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi w Toruniu im. Wandy Szuman - Text. 61-program-zajec-edukacyjnych-pp.pdf. KONSPEKT LEKCJI DLA UCZNIA Z UPOŚLEDZENIEM UMIARKOWANYM. Cardboard Playhouse: How to Make a Fold-Up Terrace. This simple cardboard playhouse is just oh so perfect for popping up on the kitchen table, the sitting room floor or folded up as a take-along play prop for traveling and keeping the kids engaged when you’re out for dinner.

Cardboard Playhouse: How to Make a Fold-Up Terrace

It’s three part construction makes it self-standing whether folded inward or in a zig-zag terrace. All you need to make is corrugated cardboard, a craft knife, paint, a hole punch and some twine! Simple cut the cardboard into basic building shapes, and punch holes on the sides, as shown, to join them into a terrace. Crafts for Kids Archives - Page 3 of 25. {Kid Craft!} DIY Marble Maze. Your kids will love making this fun and easy marble maze. The only thing more fun than making it is playing with it! How to Make a Witch Hat. Quick 'n Easy Giant Paper Pinwheels. Summer Crafting Fun With The Kids Summer is fast approaching, and we are giddy with anticipation in our house. I can’t wait to spend some extended hours outside with my daughter, after the endless cold, wind and rainy this spring, and with that in mind am making lists of fun diy garden games and Summer Crafts to keep us both entertained.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without colorful pinwheels spinning in the breeze so to get us Summer Fit we’ve started making Giant Color Popping Paper Pinwheels, ready to plant in the flower beds as soon as Sammy Sunshine decides to visit and stay awhile! And yes Sammy we want you to stay for a long while! – The essence of these color popping pinwheels is the strong color contrast. Begin by downloading the pinwheel cutting template here Reduce or enlarge the template for a variety of pinwheel sizes, palm size or giant…. you decide. Cut diagonal lines in from each corner as shown (don’t worry the guidelines for the length of line are on the template) Day of the Dead Party - Make Your Own Pinata. Welcome to more fun crafts for Halloween – today we are doing something a little different and sharing our Day of the Dead party ideas with you. We love this slightly different take on the usual Halloween celebrations going on.

The Day of the Dead is a celebration originating in Mexico on 31st October, 1st November and 2 November. It is a time to pray for and remember friends and family who have died. The Day of Dead is becoming more and more popular in other parts of the world and makes for a great party theme. Travel Memory Game {Road Trip Fun!} This simple handmade travel memory game is a great activity to bring on your next road trip. The biggest challenge of traveling with kids is keeping them occupied.

The more fun things there are to do and play the less you have to hear the dreaded “Are we there yet?” Salt Art Fun - Process Art For Your Little Ones. Since my daughter was a preschooler, we’ve thrown ourselves head over heels into process art. We do our best to focus on the process, the fun of doing, instead of the finished artwork, although it’s absolute magic when the two come together!. Last weekend it was just too wet and cold to venture out so Molly got busy in the kitchen with some salt art experimenting.