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How to Make a Crocheted Hammock (with Pictures) Stamping With Blue Moon Creations. Jesienne dekoracje z szyszek na 13 sposobów. Egg Carton Crafts - Penguins. Gotta love those upcycled crafts!!

Egg Carton Crafts - Penguins

Nothing better than taking something old and turning it into something new.. like these adorable little Egg Carton Penguins!! Aren;t they just the cutest. A great egg carton craft for sure and perfect for all Penguin lovers. A prefect addition to any artic play scene this Winter.. or make them JUST BECAUSE. 22 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes. I admit it.

22 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes

I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to cardboard tubes. I just can’t bring myself to part with them. I have a huge stash in storage room.


Wyszywane kamienie. Fir Tree from Colored Paper Strips. You need: a piece of cardboard paper for basewooden stickcolored ribbons – mostly green and whiteglue Glue the ribbons onto a triangle-shaped piece of paper.

Fir Tree from Colored Paper Strips

Inside the cardboard put the wooden stick which will serve as a stem. When you are ready with the glue job turn round the cardboard and cut the extra ribbons with scissors. Pin the fir tree on a hard base. Painting paper. Podaj.To. Sowy i inne rzeczy na technikę. I thought I would feature some textile work this week....first up these woven owls.

Sowy i inne rzeczy na technikę

I've been trying to come up with projects that incorporate circular weaving. You may have tried my woven eye projects: Frogs or Bats I like these owls as you only have to do 1 round and you can work larger. If you haven't tried weaving in the round it is a good starter project with younger grades (Grade 1-3).

I'll give you the full owl tutorial in a minute. This week's giveaway is brought to you by Weavy Loops. I was recently asked to give this kit a try. It comes in a large box and it's more of a macrame knotting type weaving. Woven Owls #2. This is the second weaving project for this week.

Woven Owls #2

Staying with the owl theme, this is a more traditional weaving technique. It's a good project for Grade 3 and up. Don't forget to enter the Weavy Loops giveaway. Check out the previous post for details. 12+ Owl Crafts - What a Hoot! We love this time of year.

12+ Owl Crafts - What a Hoot!

Even though it often comes with WET and WINDY weather it is a great time to head indoors, get cozy and get crafty. Also, Autumn and Fall Crafts for us are all about the wonderful woodland creatures you find out there… in particularly OWLS! We’ve been itching to do an Owl Craft round up for AGES, and this time of year, just seems so appropriate. Handmade-kursy ,wzory ,tutoriale: Kwiaty z krepiny. Dzień dobry;) Dzisiaj post poświęcony autorce najlepszego nowego bloga .

Handmade-kursy ,wzory ,tutoriale: Kwiaty z krepiny

Rękodzieło z pasją: tutorial. Ponieważ kilka osób pytało jak robię te kwiaty, postanowiłam się podzielić wiedzą tajemną ;) To mój drugi kursik na quillingowe kwiaty, wcześniejszy znajdziecie TU.

Rękodzieło z pasją: tutorial

Pokazałam w nim jak zrobić kwiatki tego typu: Moje pasje i wybory - rękodzieło: Kursy. Leaf Craft Idea. Fall is all about decorating and preparing for the holidays.

Leaf Craft Idea

The leaves, the colors, the tastes; they all lend to gatherings, and sharing food and drinks with friends and family. As much as I like to decorate, I won’t lie, I tend to do more fall DIY projects because…well, it’s cold! Don’t get me wrong, I’m out enjoying the leaves and smells of the season every chance I can get, but this project is a fun and festive craft that you can make on those chilly days you’d rather enjoy from indoors. There’s nothing more beautiful than the fallen leaves.

Why not preserve some of that beauty? Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Leaf Relief. Hey guys!

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Leaf Relief

This post has been very popular...if you are interested in other leaf related projects, be sure to look at this Leaf Printing post and my Leaf Press Project. Thanks! While second grade was completing that project, I was working with my third graders on these Leaf Reliefs. It's a very spring/summer kind of project, so I thought I'd share it with you. I like that I can talk about all of the elements of art when looking at something as simple as a leaf: the shape of the leaf; the lines and texture of the veins; the varying colors of each leaf; the cylinder form of the tree that the leaf came from.

Origami, kirigami, kumihimo

Technika - umiarkowane i lekkie. Pom Pompony z torebek plastikowych. Pom poms made from plastic bags are so very festive and they look so great its very hard to believe that they're made from plastic bags! So start saving those plastic bags, and put them to great use the next time you need an artistic gift wrapping solution, or some great party decorations.

And as for the size of your pom poms, well you decide, since plastic bags work well for large pom poms as well as fairly small ones. While one certailny can make plastic bag pom poms from strips of plastic bags, I recommend making plarn, (seen above) namely plastic bag yarn, from your hoard of bags, and using that to make pom poms as you would with regular yarn. Folding 5 Pointed Origami Star Christmas Ornaments. These 5 pointed origami stars are easy to fold and make beautiful Christmas decorations. You can make them from magazines, scrapbook papers or sheet music, whatever you happen to have lying around. We don’t have our tree up just yet so for now I’ve put these Christmas star decorations on our mantelpiece.

One of the 5 pointed origami stars is folded from a dictionary scan that I printed from the Graphics Fairy , while the other stars are made from scrapbook papers. How to Make Paper Beads. Sowy.

Festive Jam Jar candle holders - Mum In The Madhouse. I love candle light, especially during the Autumn and winter months when the dark nights are upon us. There is something warming and comforting and these festive jam jar candle holders are so easy to make. All you need is a selection of jam jars, things to decorated them with and some glue or double sided tape. We used lace (that was my mums), sheet music paper (which I sourced via Pinterest and have saved on my free printables board) and some scraps of ribbons. - Forum Rękodzieło Artystycznego. Felt Heart Craft - Gifts Kids Can Make. We love it when our craft session ends in gifts that kids can make… these adorable little felt heart crafts are just that – turn them into key rings or zipper pulls on your school bags and you have a lovely little gift to give to a relative or a friend.

We are craft mad here at Red Ted Art HQ so, crafts that can double up as something useful or as a gift for friends are especially popular (with The Englishman… hehehe less to store!). I also like this little felt heart crafts, as it is again a great way to introduce sewing to kids. It uses the simplest of sewing stitches – the running stitch – and there is actually only a little to sew for each key ring! Perfect. Materials: felt in different colours, a heart cookie cutter (or create a paper template), embroidery thread, ribbon for hanging to the key ring, a key ring, needle, scissors, stuffing, lavender (optional) 1) Use your cookie cutter to draw out the shape of your heart.

The kids decided their own colours for the hearts and threads. 5 Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Children to Make - Festive Friday! - This week’s Festive Friday features a guest post by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art. I’m delighted to have her here sharing some ideas for Christmas ornaments which children can make. If you have any ideas for crafts, gifts, traditions, decorations or anything else Christmas related do pop it on the Festive Friday linky at the bottom of this lovely post!

So lovely to be here today and get a chance to talk about one of my FAVOURITE crafting season of the year: Christmas! I just love everything about Christmas! The lights, the food, the time indoors and above all time spent with friends and family. Easy Homemade Christmas Wreath and the Return of Festive Friday! Today I bring you a simple and beautiful homemade Christmas wreath and the news that Festive Friday is back! This is the third year that I have indulged myself with a weekly blog post about all things Christmas and it will run every Friday from now until 18th December – this makes me VERY HAPPY INDEED!

This week we have been busy crafting away, the teens are already moaning about the glitter situation and DG already has a massive pile of creations. Mnóstwo pomysłów. I am excited to feature this DIY project to make a beautiful paper snowflake. It is very easy to make. Even if you are not good at crafting, with some cutting and twisting, you can still make this stunning snowflake to decorate your home. But be careful when you are twisting the paper because the paper is very thin and easy to break. Szycie w wielkim mieście czyli blog o szyciu, przeróbkach i projektowaniu: DIY-jesienne drzewo. Pomysł znaleziony w internecie. Moje drzewko namalowane jest na kartonie po pieluszkach. Autumn Tree Door Decor. DIY Handmade: Torebka z papieru. Bibułkarstwo Kwiaty z bibuły.

Gwiazda Betlejemska z bibuły. Zachęcam do zapoznania się z nowym kursem na stronie. Tym razem wykonamy Gwiazdę Betlejemską zwaną również poinsecją. Zapraszam. Róże z liści na Kurs wykonania słoneczników z bibuły. W związku z licznymi prośbami Czytelników zamieszczamy instruktaż wykonania słoneczników z bibuły. Mamy nadzieję, iż zamieszczone informacje pomogą Państwu w własnoręcznym wykonaniu bukietu z tych pięknych kwiatów. Jesienne dekoracje z papieru na Szyszki w śniegu (wata) Fall Leaves Bunting Kit Printable Craft - 100 Directions. 34 Fun Fall Printables. Today I’ve gathered piles of fall printables to color, cut and create into fun crafts, activities and learning happiness.

DIY Confetti Bowl. How to Make Paper Pumpkins for Fall. DIY Accordion Paper Butterflies with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers. 12 Easy Creative Table Prompts for Kids. Creative Ideas - DIY Cute Woven Paper Basket Using Newspaper. 12 Autumn Crafts Ideas & a Hangout. Portalibros reciclando botellas de plástico. Paper Crafts for Kids. Minnie-mouse-masquerade-paper-lanterns-printables-0312. Find Inspiration With Valentine's Crafts, Wall Art And Gift Ideas. (JPEG Image, 448 × 2188 pixels) - Scaled (45%) Heart-Shaped Yarn Basket - Happy Hour Projects. Jak zrobić bransoletki z rurek (słomek) do napojów?