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Hattifant’s 3D Paper Christmas Trees. You all know my passion for Pop Up Cards and these cute delicate 3D Paper Christmas Trees are very closely related to that idea!

Hattifant’s 3D Paper Christmas Trees

If you love them as much as I do and would like to create a set of your own then read right on… Hattifant’s 3D Paper Christmas Trees I have prepared for you 3 printables… …the first one contains the biggish trees that I suggest is best to start off with. Pensarte e Artesanato com Sandra Gobert: COMO FAZER BALÃO MULTICORES DE PAPEL. Yarn and PVA Glue CHRISTMAS STARS. Here is a special collection of Christmas ornaments by KROKOTAK – a limited edition of only 7 stars for our new house, which is almost a hundred years old… and will welcome us for the first time this Christmas They are easy to make.


You need fine white and red yarn, some PVA glue and a suitable surface to stick the tacks on in the shape you need. We used a bulletin board which we wrapped in clingfilm to prevent the glue from damaging its surface. We wound the triangles one by one. Christmas Advent Calendar – Paper Bag Houses. We have used paper bags from the shop, but if you do not have some you can make them.

Christmas Advent Calendar – Paper Bag Houses

See how: You will need: A4 sheet of paper. Fold and glue the sheet as shown on the picture to make a “pocket” open from both sides. Follwoing the instructions, you will make a small bag as on the picture. Fold the bag in the top end and round the edges. And finally, to transform this paper bag into a house you have to add roof, chimney and door. CREATE STUDIO: Petal Pusher Pockets. Holidays Fit for the King is coming up this weekend!

CREATE STUDIO: Petal Pusher Pockets

I'm SO excited! This year our committee is wearing petal pushers made by Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy. When I was trying to decide how to give these yummy little goodies to our group I was stumped. How do you wrap this up? I discovered this tutorial that I really wanted to try, but for the life of me could not figure it out... humph!

Fókuszban az articsókatechnika - Színes Ötletek Blog. Egy kevésbé elterjedt, de rendkívül látványos és szerethető technikával ismertetlek meg ma titeket, ez pedig ahogy a címből is kiderül, nem más, mint az articsókatechnika.

Fókuszban az articsókatechnika - Színes Ötletek Blog

Remélem, ti is megkedvelitek majd, gyönyörűséges mindenféléket alkothattok, nem egy nagy wasistdas, és rengeteg variációt rejt. Az articsókatechnika nevét az ismert zöldségről kapta, mert a kész tárgyon a feltűzött kis háromszögek az articsóka csészeleveleihez hasonlóan borulnak egymásra. Cindy deRosier: My Creative Life: Christmas Card Ornament. We're finally starting to receive 'real' Christmas cards in the mail.

Cindy deRosier: My Creative Life: Christmas Card Ornament

For a couple of weeks, all we've been receiving are the preprinted ones from the newspaper carrier, chiropractor, dentist, and insurance agent. I usually don't display these. Instead, I use the most beautiful ones to make ornaments. All you need is a Christmas card, scissors/paper trimmer, some glue, and a piece of yarn or ribbon. Step 1: Cut the card into a square. Step 2: Fold the card in half from top to bottom with the right side showing.

Over 50 Santa Crafts & Recipes for Kids. Otlet-Sziget. Christmas. Handmade-kursy ,wzory ,tutoriale: Świąteczne ozdoby z papieru-mikołajowa girlanda. To już ostatni dzwonek,żeby porobić świąteczne ozdoby.

Handmade-kursy ,wzory ,tutoriale: Świąteczne ozdoby z papieru-mikołajowa girlanda

Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments - Fireflies and Mud Pies. Christmas Tree Crafts from Sticks. SNOWFLAKE BALLERINAS for Little Hands. We decided to follow up on the previous article with similar ballerinas that would be easy enough for children.


They are just as beautiful as the others but much simpler to do. The basic shape is symmetrical, so you can fold the paper in two and only do half the cutting. Our house is already full of snowflake ballerinas… and I certainly didn’t cut any of them Print out the template. Fold in half on the dotted line and let the child do the cutting. The skirt is easier, too – you only fold 3 times (instead of 4) so there would not be too many layers that would make cutting difficult. After the skirt has been cut out, fold it in two and make a slip to insert the ballerina. Christmas Activities for Kids: Button Christmas Tree. Paper LACE.

These snowflakes are an easy and impressive way to decorate your home.

Paper LACE

We borrowed the idea from Страна Мастеров and added a few cotton balls and a golden contour You need an A4 sheet of paper. Cut into a square then fold up according to the instructions below. Сut and unfold, then fold up some parts to lend an extra dimension to your snowflakes. These are the basic templates you have to draw with a pencil on pre-folded paper. We used our snowflakes to decorate the children’s room. YARN Baubles. Тhese balls are so easy to make!

YARN Baubles

The only catch is that they need a day to dry properly. You need small balloons, some yarn or twine and PVA glue. If the glue is too thick, you can dilute it with water. You must cover the surface of the balloon well. Paper STARS. We used colored printer paper. It looks so different and festive when embellished with glitter paint! And the stars themselves turned out quite beautiful indeed Make two four-beamed stars then glue them together.

When they are completely dry, add some festive embellishments. We used decorative wax and glitter paint. DIY Christmas Wreath. This lightweight Christmas wreath can easily be hung on the front door. Kids can join in by gluing pieces of tissue paper or green paper napkins. Cut out the bottom of a plastic plate. Wrap green tissue around the resulting circle. Three easy winter ideas from folded paper. Have a look at three very easy and beautiful ideas for decoration. We have used only coloured printer paper and a stick. 3. Paper POINSETTIA. I couldn’t resist posting this paper poinsettia (though it is surely too difficult for kids to make). I borrowed the idea from HERE and as I had no such two-colored paper, I glued some glitter on the folded lines. You need two colored A4 sheets.

Fold each one lengthwise. Fir Tree from Colored Paper Strips. You need: a piece of cardboard paper for basewooden stickcolored ribbons – mostly green and whiteglue Glue the ribbons onto a triangle-shaped piece of paper. Inside the cardboard put the wooden stick which will serve as a stem. When you are ready with the glue job turn round the cardboard and cut the extra ribbons with scissors. Pin the fir tree on a hard base. DIY - Snow Globe Postcards - giddygiddy. What are DIY Snow Globe Postcards, you ask? Mailable art that will "SNOW" when shaken or flipped over. (Please scroll down for the tutorial). Creative Ideas - DIY Easy No-Sew Sock Snowman. The lady in the above images started by cutting an old white sock in half. When I see the end result, I can’t wait to try it!

Yes, it’s another wonderful sock craft. Making sock dolls are so much fun, no matter what season it is. Creative Ideas - DIY Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments. Decorating Christmas tree with your family is probably one of the most exciting things to do during the holiday season. Creative Ideas – DIY 3D Paper Snowflake Christmas Ornament. How to DIY Beautiful Paper Snowflake. Jak zrobić zakręconego anioła? - Zakręcony anioł - Nest: DIY 3D Geo Christmas Tree. Make your own 3D geo paper tree with the help of these fools in today's HGTV Handmade DIY video. For the template below, just save it to your computer, adjust the size to your preference, and print on card stock. 3D Geometric Paper Christmas Tree- HGTV Handmade. Jak zrobić wieniec świąteczny z talerzyka?

Make Mini Christmas Trees (For free!) Here's a super easy way to decorate your home for the holidays! Simple Christmas tree decorations for kids (+ templates) DIY & tuto ange en papier cupcake. 14 novembre 2012 3 14 /11 /novembre /2012 12:50 En ce mercredi, je vous propose un petit bricolage facile. {Handmade Felt Bulb Ornaments} - Wait Til Your Father Gets Home. Felt Forest Friends Keychains. DIY Pom Pom Ornament - Wait Til Your Father Gets Home. Christmas Ornaments Pictures, Photos, Images, and Pics for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.