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Monica wood lm

I am a certified midwife and after graduating from my college i have started my training in order to become a licensed midwife.

L.A. Midwife Collective. Infographic The role of a certified nurse midwife.

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Midwife. About Us - LA Midwife Collective. Monica Wood LM, CPM Co-Founder & Licensed Midwife After graduating college from UC Santa Barbara, Monica Wood, LM, CPM moved to Seattle in search of what she might do next.

About Us - LA Midwife Collective

It did not take long before she found herself on the path of midwifery, a direction that would merge many of her interests and passions while also satisfying her desire to make a difference in people’s lives and the world around her. Monica’s calling to midwifery was greatly influenced by her affinity for herbalism and holistic health and a desire to work with and among women. Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon offered a comprehensive curriculum as well as excellent clinical training making it her school of choice. RAH homeban main2 midwife. Waterbirth - LA Midwife Collective. Being in warm water during labor is a great tool for natural pain relief.

Waterbirth - LA Midwife Collective

A common reaction to the discomfort of contractions is to tense up, which may affect the rhythm of contractions and your experience of pain. The less tension you have the more likely your body is to have regular and effective contractions to help you open up. Welcome - LA Midwife Collective. Free Classifieds Website - , Classifieds. Contact Us - LA Midwife Collective.