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7 Architectural Marvels in Europe! by Monica. If there is anything on every traveler’s wish list, then it is a complete Euro trip.

7 Architectural Marvels in Europe! by Monica

Explore the Most Exquisite UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. With more than 75,000 years (500,000 years, if you also consider the Homo erectus remains found in the country) of history, and a vast and diverse topography, India is widely regarded as a cradle of civilization.

Explore the Most Exquisite UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

Not surprisingly, the country is densely populated with world heritage sites — 35 listed by the UNESCO — which are essential viewing for travellers eager to explore India’s ancient roots and cultural heritage. Where to Go on Your Second Game of Thrones Holiday. The blockbuster television show that has captured so many hearts was shot in a variety of drop-dead gorgeous real-life locations that make for essential visiting for any true-blooded fan.

Where to Go on Your Second Game of Thrones Holiday

While most of these locations were based in Northern Ireland and Malta, several other crucial plot moments were shot in a variety of destinations spread across Europe. In this post, we take a look at some of these locations that you should definitely travel to, on your second Game of Thrones-themed holiday packages. Croatia Croatia is a country that seems like it has just stepped out of a Mediterranean fantasy, with its balmy weather, sapphire waters and ancient walled towns. Located between the Balkans and Central Europe, this country’s strategic importance for many powerful kingdoms of yore has shaped its rich cultural legacy.

Fort Lovrijenac. Wanderlust — Top Tips for Your Europe Trip! 10 most beautiful tourist destinations in north east India by Monica. North East – The Pride of India The northeast of India comprises eight states and union territories that are the pride of India.

10 most beautiful tourist destinations in north east India by Monica

The Thrilling Water Sports Scene In Sri Lanka. Advertisement Sri Lanka is a beautiful island that will give you a complete experience of its local island life.

The Thrilling Water Sports Scene In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tour packages also have a special category call “water sports package” that will satisfy all your adrenaline rush. Beautiful beaches and clear water in Sri Lanka also goes hand in hand with the various water sports options. 10 Destinations for a Fairy-Tale Honeymoon in New Zealand. Outstanding scenery and stunning locations place New Zealand among the best honeymoon destinations of the world.

10 Destinations for a Fairy-Tale Honeymoon in New Zealand

There is a long and worthy list of options to choose from but a honeymoon only happens once in a lifetime and newly-weds are always looking for the best of the best when it comes to booking their New Zealand honeymoon packages. To help all the honeymooners in making this choice, we have put together a list of 10 destinations in New Zealand which promise to provide you a Fairy-Tale honeymoon experience. Auckland – Auckland is great for shopping and houses many designer showrooms along with some cafes, open air street markets, happening clubs and restaurants. Dine at the Orbit Skywalk which is a revolving restaurant, experience bungee jumping from the Sky Tower and trek to the Rangitoto Island. Coromandel Peninsula – Great hospitality, relaxed vibes, forests and stunning beaches make this place a great destination for honeymooners. 6 Gorgeous Trails for Trekking in Munnar.

If you have always been an adrenaline junkie at heart and love the exhilarating feeling of climbing the top of a mountain or traversing through untravelled path, you will find solace in God’s own country, in the town of Munnar.

6 Gorgeous Trails for Trekking in Munnar

So grab your trekking shoes and head for the hills on these 6 gorgeous trails that are sure to make your Kerala holiday package worth a lot more. 1. ChummarIf you are new to the world of trekking, the hills of Chummar make for a perfect initial expedition. International Holidays That Will Cost You Less Than An iPhone. The Indomitable Land of the Thunder Dragon: Bhutan. Towards India’s eastern side lies Bhutan, a small yet significant country, tucked away in the mountains and emanating natural beauty in bounties.

The Indomitable Land of the Thunder Dragon: Bhutan

Bhutan lives on happiness and a trip to the country is nothing short of happy memories. We have gathered places that you must visit in Bhutan to explore the known, as well as the unknown side of this beautiful rocky country. PunakhaDzong Bhutan’s most majestic Dzong and the second-oldest and second-largest Dzong, Punakha Dzong is rightly called the Palace of Great Happiness.

It is easy to reach this place by road, and the journey is a scenic delight. Situated between two rivers of different colours, Punakha Dzong is joined to the mainland by an arched wooden bridge. Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Things to Do In Mauritius That Would Take Your Breath Away! Mauritius is nothing short of Paradise on earth.

Things to Do In Mauritius That Would Take Your Breath Away!

This island is in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is the favorite destination for honeymooners and retirement couples alike. White sand and clear blue water, Mauritius has one of the best beaches in the world. If you ever dreamt of a dream holiday, Mauritius and its local attractions will turn it into a reality. Yeah! Dreams do come true and Mauritius holiday packages will take care of that. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. All You Need To Know About Travelling To Singapore. Advertisement Singapore is a modern luxurious city-state of Southeast Asia.

All You Need To Know About Travelling To Singapore

Even though it is a tiny city, it has a lot to offer to the travelers. Hence, it is one of the popular tourist destinations in Asia. It is a travel destination for the young and old alike! Many Singapore tour packages are available from all over the world. 1. Countries That Offer Visa on Arrival to Indians: monicafern. Rajasthan Desert Safari. The Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert, is a large, arid region, but is not bereft of warmth or hospitality. The golden sand dunes, camels, clear night skies, and colorful attires, and hospitality that locals render, make Rajasthan one of the most frequented tourist destinations in India. If you are planning a Rajasthan tour package, be sure to include a desert safari or two in your itinerary. Jaisalmer Desert Safari Jaisalmer is well-known due to its diverse geographical features.

It spreads over 126.28 square kilometers and is home to the perfect desert sand. What to Pack for Your Trip to New Zealand?: monicafern. For most Indians, New Zealand tops the list when it comes to zeroing in on the most exotic destinations. Not only does this destination offer a unique opportunity to explore life in the southern hemisphere, but also allows one to revel in the astounding scenic beauty and incredible landscapes that this country houses. Explore the 'World's 8th Best Beach' & Other Offbeat Things to Do On Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Advertisement The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are your getaway to paradise. Not only do they leave you with incredible opportunities to explore, unravel and create memories for a lifetime, but the islands are distinctly different from all other places in India too. Beach holidays to explore in Australia. Since Australia has a long coastline to its credit, there are uncountable beaches in the country.

Hence an Australian tour package can also be synonymous to a beach holiday. From pebble beaches, to the rocky ones to the silky sandy shores, Australian beaches will show you what variety is, when it comes to a beach holiday. Peace and quiet to fun and frolic, the Australian coast line will enthrall you with its vibe every place that you visit as a tourist. 1. How about a ski trip to Australia? by Monica. Is Skiing Possible in Australia? People in Switzerland must be wondering how Australians can ski when it is summer in Switzerland.

Well, the earth is divided into the northern and southern hemispheres and the seasons in the southern hemisphere are exactly opposite of the seasons in the northern hemisphere. Still, it is difficult to imagine skiing in a continent such as Australia, which is not blessed with high mountains. The highest mountain in Australia is the Mount Kosciuszko, 2228 meters above sea level. Super Awesome Monsoon Getaways  Near Delhi For A Quick Break by Monica. Hollywood Blockbusters that Were Filmed in Indian Destinations. India’s unparalleled topography spans forests, mountains, deserts, plains and islands. Add to this the fact that each region has its own distinctive identity, culture and aesthetics, and it’s easy to see why India has been a Hollywood shooting favourite for very many years. bets big on online visa services. Best Locations for Hot Air Balloon Rides in India. Castles You Won’t Want to Miss in South West England! - THAT BACKPACKER. There are few places in the UK with as much variety as the South West of England. From rugged coastlines to windswept national parks, there’s something for everyone in the region, and that something includes castles – lots and lots of castles. Yes, not only is the South West of England famous for good food and even better photo locations, but it’s also full of ruined castles, functioning castles and everything in between. 10 of the best beaches … that you’ve probably never heard of. Vault Beach, Cornwall, UK Around nine miles from St Austell, which has plenty of its own beautiful bays and beaches that can be reached by the coastal footpath, you’ll find Vault Beach.

21 Trending Destinations to Visit in 2017. 6 Locations As Weird As The Bermuda Triangle. HomeSpecial FeaturesWorldwide. A Quick Guide to Fes Morocco. Stepping through the gate into the walled Fez el Bali (old city) medina is like walking into an ancient world, almost untouched by time. In search of the Best Macarons in Paris. After the cupcake craze that swept America (and beyond) what now feels like an eternity ago, it began to seem as if the idea of a full sized cake would forever rest in peace to give way to these mini cakes made popular by New York bakeries.

Destinations for Solo Travelers on a Budget: 2017 Shortlist. 13 Places to See the Bluest Water in the World. Cheap Flights - Musafir. Top 5 theme parks in the world for your next trip. You must read this if your family comes first for you. 10 Impressively unique bars in the world. Universal Studios to open the Super Nintendo World in Japan. Chennai to Delhi cheap flights - Musafir. 9 Strange facts you didn't know about Malaysia. Splendid Singapore. Take a sneak peek into one of Mumbai's most premium properties. 6 Risky snow sports that can be played in India. 7 Most beautiful sunsets in India. 10 best campsites near Mumbai to celebrate New Year. 10 After-effects of Modi’s demonetisation on travel industry. 7 Most populated cities in the world's largest countries.