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Knittingfool Home. Swirled Ski Cap. (courtesy of Caps for Kids) Materials (see note): 3.5 ozs. 4-ply worsted-weight yarn, Main Color 3.5 ozs. 4-ply worsted-weight yarn, Contrasting Color Size 8 Knitting Needles Cap Cast on 30 (child) or 40 (adult) stitches: Row 1: Knit.

Swirled Ski Cap

You may pick up stitches on double pointed needles or a circular needle to knit the rib on the bottom of the cap. Note: This amount of yarn will make 2 caps. . ©2007 Craft Yarn Council of America. Main Page. Biscuits and Jam. Hand Painted Yarn from The Unique Sheep. Knit & Crochet Patterns. Knitting. Knitters Bookshelf · Elements of Design. Knitting reinvented: Mathematics, feminism and metal. 20 August 2012Last updated at 00:38 ET By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, BBC News Knitting can be used to illustrate topology - the study of mathematical properties preserved when an object is twisted, stretched or otherwise "deformed" For some people knitting is an ancient art, one they saw their granny do and one, because it takes so much time, that seems to have little relevance for the modern age.

Knitting reinvented: Mathematics, feminism and metal

But there are growing numbers of people reclaiming the craft and trying make it evolve. Dr Sarah-Marie Belcastro uses knitting to explore the mathematical concepts that she uses, encounters and thinks about every day. She is not alone. Many knitters try to reproduce mathematical concepts in wool to stretch their skills. Why? "Sometimes," she added, "turning a concept or object into a knitting pattern is often a mathematics problem on its own. " Take, for instance, the job of knitting a surface. Each colour of this knitted shape represents a different projective plane Metallic knits. Sandra bolero - Clothing.

Hobby. Meet Your Knitters. Purl of wisdom '' love - don't go looking for it, it will find you when you least expect it '' when and how did you start knitting i started knitting when i was pregnant with my eldest daughter, i wanted all the lacy little matinee jackets but my mother was too busy knitting arans for a company to do them for me so i taught myself what is your earliest memory?

Meet Your Knitters

Visiting my great great aunts dressmakers studio & being awe of all the beautiful dresses she made describe your ideal Saturday night now and in your twenties. in 20's - getting glammed up & going clubbing, now, a dvd, glass of wine, kids in bed & feet up with my knitting :) describe your worst fashion mistakes/ ra-ra skirts & leg-warmers with orange stilettos!! Think back and describe your first kiss rather clumsy, sloppy & not very pleasant when was the last time you laughed until you cried?

Yesterday actually, my 4yr old has such an infectious laugh that starts everyone off. Manos en Estados Unidos – parte 2 « TNNA siempre es para nosotros una gran oportunidad para encontrarnos con nuestros clientes y recibir sus comentarios e ideas sobre nuestros hilados.

Manos en Estados Unidos – parte 2 «

El pintoresco mundo de TNNA es el de personas seriamente adictas al tejido y los hilados (se llaman a si mismos “yarnies”) y es genial encontrarse con el entusiasmo que un color en particular o la suavidad de un hilado pueden generar. En la muestra todo el mundo viste sus propias creaciones (sobre todo chales, por el calor del verano) y aprovechan cada momento libre para agregar algunas carreras a sus tejidos. Encontramos un ambiente muy efervescente, ávido de novedades, que parece haber dejado lo peor de la crisis atrás. Estuvimos conversando con algunos clientes y diseñadores sobre los próximos lanzamientos de hilados y la expectativa es muy grande, todos nos pidieron nuevas versiones de los hilados que tanto quieren.

At Manos booth with the sweet Cambria shop owners. Hooks & Needles. TECHknitting.

Receitas e Tutoriais

GREAT DESIGNERS. Tutorials. Knit. Modelos.