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Digital Resources for Teaching About Media. How to Make Dynamic Video Experiences with Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker is a free online tool for creating enhanced web-based video experiences.

Digital Resources for Teaching About Media

It is part of the ‘Webmaker’ set of tools from Mozilla that are designed to help everyone be able to make dynamic work on the web. Popcorn Maker allows you to do simple edits, remixes and mashups of online videos, and to enhance them with images, text, popups, links and info from Wikipedia and Google Maps. You can even incorporate 3D models, all in a layout that you determine and in sync with the video you choose.

Continue Reading How to Make a Popplet, a Collaborative Mind Mapping Tool Popplet is an online tool for visually organizing your ideas and projects. Continue Reading How to Make a Quick Video with MixBit Mixbit is an app and platform for making and sharing videos. Continue Reading How to Create an Interactive Timeline with Timetoast Continue Reading How to Build a Wall Using Padlet Continue Reading. 213475F.pdf (Objet application/pdf)


Vocabulaire 2010 des techniques de l'information et de la communication (tic) - A B C D - Curiosphère. Data Visualized: More on Teaching With Infographics. A BBC documentary featured Dr.

Data Visualized: More on Teaching With Infographics

Hans Rosling, a founder of Gapminder, which uses data animation to educate the public about gaps in health and wealth. Go to related article » “In an uncharted world of boundless data, information designers are our new navigators,” begins a recent Times article, “When the Data Struts Its Stuff.” Last summer we did a popular series of posts on classroom uses for data visualization — the graphs, charts, timelines, diagrams, flowcharts, interactive slide shows and maps also called “infographics.” You can find all five posts linked from the first one, “Teaching With Infographics | Places to Start.”

Today we add to our collection with some new resources inspired by this latest Times article. Key Questions What are the purposes of visual displays like the charts, maps, graphs, timelines, tables and other features known as “infographics”? Teaching About the Creation and Interpretation of Infographics Why Visualize Data? How Do They Do It? Cool Infographics Flowing Data. BBC Learning - Open Lab - About. For those who don’t know me, I’m a researcher for BBC Research & Development.

BBC Learning - Open Lab - About

For the last fifteen months I’ve been on attachment with BBC Scotland learning about how R&D interfaces with production divisions. Prior to my attachment I worked closely with Ian on Backstage events such as the Edinburgh Un-Festival and Over the Air so now I’m back in the fold I’ve been asked to work with a small team on the closedown and migration of BBC Backstage. A few weeks have passed since the announcement that Backstage is due to close.

It’s taken a while to get up to speed but recently we’ve really started to get a clear idea on what we need to do to close down Backstage in a way that preserves its legacy and continues to support its community. Here’s a brief rundown of what we’ve been up to. At the moment we’re working our way through the current website to working out which projects are still live. To help commemorate Backstage we’ll be producing a retrospective ebook at the end of the year. Fabrice Fontaine (watcherman) sur Twitter. E B (Tice_anglais) sur Twitter. Rthibert (rthibert) sur Twitter. Connecting English (ConnectingEng) sur Twitter.