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Know How Mutual Funds Work in India. Mutual funds are subject to market risk – This is the line that has been keeping many away from investing in mutual funds for the longest time.

Know How Mutual Funds Work in India

But long investments in mutual funds have proven to be nothing but profitable. Mutual funds are a variety of different investment schemes that bring together investors’ money. Know How Mutual Funds Work In India. Know When is the Right Time to Hire a Financial Advisor. Money matters, financial planning, investments, all of this might seem like hefty work to many.

Know When is the Right Time to Hire a Financial Advisor

While there are special professionals to help you with it but the question that lingers in many people’s minds is when exactly is the right time to hire a financial advisor. And to answer that for you, we have listed down a few reasons which might lead you to seek professional advice. Know When is the Right Time to Hire a Financial Advisor. Easy Financial Planning Tips for Beginners. Whenever something related to finance comes up, we instantly refer to it as boring or complicated.

Easy Financial Planning Tips for Beginners

However, financial planning, if understood, is not as complicated as it seems to many, especially those who are not from the finance background. One just needs to give it some time. There are several financial consultants in Mumbai and across the country whom you can reach out to for advice. Easy Financial Planning Tips for Beginners. Myths About Mutual Funds Debunked. In today’s fast-paced life, with an increasing rate of inflation and job uncertainties, financial or investment planning has become an important wheel that helps drive our otherwise financially complex lives smoothly.

Myths About Mutual Funds Debunked

Financial Independence and security do not necessarily come from earning and saving but also by investing in the right instruments which can be made with the help of a financial advisor in Mumbai or in any other part of the country. But in India, when it comes to investment planning, people are inclined towards bank deposits, insurance, etc. Other financial instruments like mutual funds are often overlooked primarily because of a lack of awareness and the presence of several myths surrounding mutual funds.

Myths About Mutual Funds Debunked. 5 Advantages Of ELSS Mutual Funds. Moneyspring. Financial planning is extremely important, and in modern times, it has become an essential requirement.


Regardless of how much money you earn, saving and investing are significant steps to achieving your financial objectives and goals in life. ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Schemes) is an ideal scheme for you to save taxes and gradually create wealth as well. Tax saving tips for salaried professionals. Moneyspring. When the end of the financial year comes near, and the process of tax filing begins, all of us get panicked and stress out.


Especially when you realize that you have not done proper tax planning efficiently. Different people advice differently when it comes to tax planning, and that can leave you in a lot of confusion. To avoid this situation of stress and to clarify your confusion, you must talk to a financial planner in Pune or any other city which suits you. The expert will give you the right advice based on your financial scenario and keeping in mind your future goals. Tax planning is not only important to make sure this situation never arises, but it also lets you take essential efforts for your financial plans, it gives you an opportunity to consider various investment options available in the market. Moneyspring. Most of the working professionals today are struggling hard to save money and make plans for their future, which is not a good way to lead your life.


You work hard for the money you earn, and you do have all the right to spend as you want, but not giving a thought to your future is not a wise thing to do. When you have plans and goals for your future, you open plenty of doors for growth, success, happiness, and a lot more. Since the fast-paced lifestyle of today does not allow individuals to focus on how to save and how to find out effective solutions for the same, you can always get in touch with a financial consultant in Pune or any other city for the same. A professional will understand your monetary scenario and will accordingly recommend the best for you. Mutual fund investment will bring financial discipline in your life.

Why Should Working Professionals Invest In Mutual Funds? 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Investing In Mutual Funds. 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Investing In Mutual Funds. When people think about beginning an investment, there are a thousand questions that loom over their heads.

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Investing In Mutual Funds

It is like you are out there in the market with a purpose for which solutions are available, but you have no idea which one to choose. An investment is a crucial step in anybody’s life, as it involves hard-earned money and savings, and nobody would want anything to go wrong in that case. 5 Common Types of Mutual Funds That Can Bring You Lucrative Returns. The convenience of mutual fund investment has made it a popular investment channel among individuals looking to gain access to a diversified range of asset classes such as equities, bonds, fixed income securities, etc.

5 Common Types of Mutual Funds That Can Bring You Lucrative Returns

However, choosing an ideal option for yourself from an extensive range of mutual fund options depends on your investment goal. To facilitate the process of mutual fund investment, you can take help from a mutual fund advisor in Mumbai or any other city suitable for you. 5 Common Types of Mutual Funds That Can Bring You Lucrative Returns. 5 advantages of investing in Mutual Funds.

Moneyspring. Do you plan to buy that car?


Or own a house of your own? Would you like to send your child abroad higher for education? Do you dream of living the life you want to after your retirement? Moneyspring. Do you have financial goals, but your investment journey has not commenced yet? One of the most prevalent dilemmas first-time investors face while deciding to invest is where to invest and how. When you go online and search for investment options, you will find plenty of options and varied results. Many people are attracted to investing in stocks, especially the ones who want higher returns. Why should you choose Mutual Funds instead of Stocks? Mutual Funds vs Fixed Deposit for Smart Investment.

A fixed deposit is a financial investment instrument that offers a higher rate of interest to the investors until the decided date of maturity compared to a savings account. A fixed deposit has pre-decided returns that remain the same throughout the tenure of investments. Whereas, a mutual fund is an investment instrument that uses money from various investors to invest in stocks, bonds, etc. Mutual Funds vs Fixed Deposit for Smart Investment. Mutual Funds vs Fixed Deposit for Smart Investment. All you need to know about Mutual Funds as a first time Investor.

Do you plan to buy that car? Or own a house of your own? Would you like to send your child abroad higher for education? Moneyspring. A mutual fund refers to a pool of money in which various investors have put in their money. These funds are usually handled and managed by Asset Management Companies, and there is an expert assigned to advise investors and guide them through the process.

The expert suffuses the pooled money in essential investments, like the stock, debentures, bonds, etc. Applicants would fill forms and submit other required documents and details physically at fund houses or collection centres. People have been investing in mutual funds like this for a long time but those days are gone now.

Moneyspring. Financial goals are a part of every individual’s life and to pursue these goals, you should not have to wait for a long time and no matter how big or small your SIP amount is, it does work in your favor. Systematic Investment Plan is referred to as a SIP. Through a SIP, an individual can invest a fixed sum regularly in mutual fund schemes chosen as per the decided goals. A fixed amount is deducted from the savings account every month and is forwarded to the selected mutual fund for investment. Balanced Funds - Meaning and Benefits. Big Or Small - SIP will definitely work for you & your financial goals.

Why should you invest in mutual funds through an online platform?