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Financial Planners' Keys to a Happy Retirement. You want to boost the money you are stashing away for your retirement years.

Financial Planners' Keys to a Happy Retirement

But now you face tough choices: Should you invest in a traditional individual retirement account (IRA)? How about a Roth IRA? There are so many types of investment vehicles, choosing the right one for your retirement savings can seem overwhelming. But here's a tip from financial advisors: Don't focus so much on the savings accounts and investment options available to you.

Instead, focus on setting goals for your own retirement. This kind of retirement planning is the most important step in securing happy golden years, these financial pros say. "What investment vehicle you save in is much less important than determining if your current level of saving and spending are going to allow you to achieve the goals you've set out," says Neal Slafsky, managing director at United Capital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The point here? Review current spending and saving habits. 5 Perks of Health Savings Accounts. Do you have a health savings account?

5 Perks of Health Savings Accounts

The odds are high that you have no real idea of how it works. An Alegeus Technologies study found more than 70 percent of consumers who have health savings accounts can't pass a basic proficiency quiz on how these accounts work. Respondents often believed they'd lose money in their accounts if they didn't spend it each year. Others thought they could only use the accounts to pay for co-payments when they visit a doctor.

Both assumptions are incorrect. "Health savings accounts are one of the best-kept secrets for consumers," says Steve Auerbach, health insurance expert and Alegeus CEO. How to Recover from the 3 Biggest Credit Score Busters. You lost your job and could no longer afford your monthly mortgage payments.

How to Recover from the 3 Biggest Credit Score Busters

You stopped making them and lost your home to foreclosure. Maybe you've made so many financial missteps that you filed for either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection to get a fresh start. These are big financial disasters. Each will send your credit score plummeting by 100 points or more. And don't expect to qualify for credit cards, a mortgage loan or auto financing anytime soon. Understand key factors - Personal finance checklist at age 50. In a youth-oriented culture, it is easy to feel a little over the hill by the time you turn 50.

Understand key factors - Personal finance checklist at age 50

Best Savings Accounts for 2017. What makes for the best savings account or money market account?

Best Savings Accounts for 2017

High bank rates are certainly a plus, but since savings and money market rates are subject to change at any time, consistency is also a key factor. After all, customers don't want to jump to a bank offering the best savings rates only to see those interest rates go away in a month or so. To point customers towards the best savings account options for 2017, looked at a combination of high rates and consistency. By identifying the accounts that consistently offered attractive rates over the past year, has identified the best savings accounts and money market accounts of 2017. Best and Worst States for Bank Health 2016. How safe is your money?

Best and Worst States for Bank Health 2016

If you have checking and savings accounts or certificates of deposits (CDs), your funds could be at risk if they're not properly protected and banks fail. The financial crisis that sparked the Great Recession is starting to fade into the background, and bank closures have slowed from a torrent to a slow drip. Does that mean the banking system has been fully restored to health?

It depends on where you look. A analysis of banking conditions in all 50 states found that overall bank health varies from one area to the next. Trends in Bank Health and Failures Analysis of FDIC data showed several key trends in banking: Best States for Young People from Best and Worst States for Millennials 2017 Each generation is different, and is shaped to a large extent by its circumstances.

Best States for Young People from

For members of the millennial generation, those circumstances are a mixed bag of persistent economic problems and unprecedented access to information technology. The way these differences may be shaping the millennial generation's priorities can be seen in some demographic information. For example, North Dakota these days has a proportionately larger young adult population than New York or California. Trends like that may seem surprising, but only if you are judging millennials by traditional standards. Methodology To get a handle on some of the factors that may be driving decisions about where millennials choose to live, looked at the following eight factors: 8-types-of-cd-accounts. What is the best way of earning interest on savings while keeping them completely safe?


In many instances, the answer is a certificate of deposit, or CD. What is a 'Savings Account'(1) Compare Jumbo Money Market Rates. Jumbo money market accounts, like jumbo savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs), require a high minimum to earn a higher rate of interest, usually $100,000 to open.

Compare Jumbo Money Market Rates

While you need a higher opening deposit for a jumbo money market account, you'll likely be rewarded with higher bank rates to grow your money. Another added benefit is deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Money market accounts are have FDIC insurance coverage up to $250,000 per depositor, per institution. The national rate for jumbo money market accounts is 0.11%, according to the FDIC in the latest weekly rate update Jan. 3, 2017. Types of savings accounts: 12 options to save money. Best Checking Accounts. Checking accounts are built for every day use, more so than any other type of bank account.

Best Checking Accounts

These accounts are designed for heavy use, with daily transactions frequently numbering in the dozens. Because of the nonstop relationship most consumers have with their checking accounts, choosing the right account is a key financial task. Find the best checking accounts At their worst, checking accounts come with high service fees, exorbitant overdraft charges and few additional perks.

These bank fees could chip away at your accounts each year. At their best, they come with no monthly fees, top-notch money management tools and perhaps – if you’ve really sought out a special account – some level of rewards or interest. Best States to Make a Living from Is your career failing to provide you with the opportunities you want or can't find a job out of college?

The problem might not be you or your profession, but your location. The latest MoneyRates study found strikingly different conditions for making a living from one state to another. What do you think it takes to make a good living? A nice income helps, but how valuable that is depends on the cost of living. Of course, the degree of difficulty in getting a job is a factor that varies depending on where you live, as does the tax rate.

MoneyRates combined all of the above factors to figure out which states are the best places for making a living - and which are the worst. Best States to Make a Living from Living Off Investment Income in Retirement. Funding your retirement with investment income has traditionally been thought of as a very conservative way to manage savings. Unfortunately, today's low-interest-rate environment may make the goal of paying for retirement out of income alone unattainable for many people, and in any case it may not be as safe an approach as people think. Circumstances today call for a more flexible approach to funding retirement. Here are five things you should know about trying to live off investment income. 1.

Living off income is not as stable as it sounds The notion is that if you only spend the income your savings and investments produce, you'll never tap into principal and thus you won't draw down your portfolio. Best States to Retire from Best and Worst States for Retirement 2017 Are Americans looking for something other than sunshine when they retire?

New England states actually tend to have higher proportions of older residents than warm-weather states. Has the challenge of saving for retirement has forced retirees to choose cost-effectiveness over the beach? Certificate of Deposit. By MoneyRates Team | Money Rates Columnist Searching for the highest yield possible on a certificate of deposit, or CD, is essential to maximizing your savings. CD rates for similar terms can vary widely and that translates into money earned or potential savings lost. For example, compare a 5-year CD with a deposit of $30,000 and a 2.28% annual percentage yield (APY) to a similar CD for the same term and deposit amount, but with a 1.75% APY. (Two current offers, updated Jan. 23, 2017.) In this example, the interest is compounded annually. Over the terms of the CDs, the difference in return can be substantial: * doesn't include fees Of course, rates vary and any early withdrawals can cost you, but who wants to turn down almost $900?

To help make finding the highest CD rates easier, we've compiled a searchable database of rates across the country. Best savings account rates. Choosing a savings account is one of the first and longest-lasting financial decisions a person makes. Before you simply walk into the nearest bank branch and settle for the latest offer, know more about your options. 6 reasons to rethink where you bank. Certificate of Deposit. Money saving tips for the tech savvy(1)