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certified educator in personal finance

Looking for ways to save, invest, buy a home or pay for college? You make money decisions all the time – wouldn’t it be nice to have someone knowledgeable doing the research for you? Jordan Goodman’s Money Answers is full of great solutions and information about money challenges and decisions you make, whether it’s every day or once in a lifetime. Find the best personal finance management tools for you.

Choosing the Best Entity and State When Incorporating Your Business. Making Good Sense of IRAs. Cathy's Column, Investing, Personal Finance || Staff Blog: Cathy Cagle || Saving for retirement isn’t optional, though it can feel that way.

Making Good Sense of IRAs

You are the only one who can make the decision to invest some of your hard earned precious income instead of spending it. Finding the bandwidth in your budget to set aside funds can be a struggle! The good news is that the immediate pain of dedicating part of your income to future needs may be offset by a reduction in the amount of tax you’ll pay provided you put your money in an Individualized Retirement Account or IRA. IRAs were created in 1974 and have been called ‘the biggest tax break in history’. The 3 Basic Principles Of Sound Family Financial Planning. Investing, Personal Finance || Guest Blog : Jim McKinley || Financial planning is a basic part of being an adult, but things really do go up a gear when you start thinking about having a family.

The 3 Basic Principles Of Sound Family Financial Planning

Raising a child is expensive – around $233,000 on average from babyhood to 18 years old – and bigger long-term costs like college can make the future look dizzying. The good news is that planning does make a difference and that it doesn’t have to be too complicated. In this article, we break down the basics of family financial planning into three main categories: budgeting, saving, and preparing for the worst.

Budgeting. How To Grow Your Credit During COVID-19. Debt & Credit, Personal Finance || Guest Blog : Hugo Morris || The COVID-19 pandemic keeps evolving every single day.

How To Grow Your Credit During COVID-19

Why Gold Makes The Most Sense During Debt Crisis. Crypto, Precious Metals & Hard Assets, Investing Guest Blog || Keith Weiner || The price of gold is rising, but that’s not the most important thing.

Why Gold Makes The Most Sense During Debt Crisis

People who just want to speculate on gold’s price are missing the boat. Let me explain. The baseline budget deficit—this is how fast the US government is sinking deeper into debt—is around $1.7 trillion. But it gets worse. The debt was already unpayable, trillions of dollars ago. Alas, children and many other people do not produce anything. Smart Ways To Save On Healthcare. Guest Blog || Shireen Jafri || Healthcare is expensive and unavoidable, which makes it one of those things that the average individual has to worry about constantly.

Smart Ways To Save On Healthcare

Most people struggle to pay their medical bills, and this includes even those who have health insurance. When you have health insurance, you have to pay an annual premium to get the coverage you need under your desired insurance plan. Depending on the plan you choose, this isn’t always too light on the pocket. Some people are fortunate enough to work for employers who pay a proportion of their insurance premiums. Chose The Right Insurance Plan When choosing your healthcare plan, don’t simply go for one that has the lowest premium or the first one recommended by your insurance provider. Shop Around For The Best Price The price of different treatments can vary significantly among healthcare providers. Be Mindful of Tiers Many health plans feature several tiers. 7 Things That Can Give Your Home-Based Business an Edge.

Guest Blog || Jim McKinkley || Running a home business can allow you to set your own terms for your life and your work.

7 Things That Can Give Your Home-Based Business an Edge

Still, even home-based entrepreneurs need the right skills, determination and information in order to succeed in business. If you’re thinking of founding a business out of your own home, having these home-based business essentials can also help fuel your success. A Home Workspace. How Blockchain is Changing the Financial and Business Sectors - Money Answers. Crypto, Precious Metals & Hard Assets Guest Blog || Artur Meyster || In the past, most financial transactions were done manually, so even simple things like money transfers could take a long time.

How Blockchain is Changing the Financial and Business Sectors - Money Answers

Today, things are very different—almost everything is handled digitally. What are the factors disrupting the financial and business sectors these days? Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics have the potential to change the financial industry forever. Blockchain: An Overview When we send an email, we’re not actually sending the original message; we’re sending a copy. In its most basic definition, Blockchain is a distributed and public ledger of information.

Each block differentiates itself from others by using different “hashes”. Smart Contracts Today, we also have smart contracts from Ethereum. When someone creates a smart contract, there’s a shared record, so that if someone makes a change, it’ll automatically be reflected in the other persons’ record. How Blockchain is Changing the Financial and Business Sectors - Money Answers. Yes, The Best TIme to Start Financial Planning is Now. Guest Blog || Jim McKinley || When you’re young and earning an income, it can be difficult to think too far into the future.

Yes, The Best TIme to Start Financial Planning is Now

After all, you have more than ample time to grow your assets and prepare for eventualities, right? However, if you have a growing family, financial planning is something that you definitely shouldn’t put off. In fact, it’s a must to get started as soon as you can—not only to make headway on your savings, but also for your own peace of mind and, by extension, your family’s financial welfare. The key is to learn the basic principles of sound family financial planning and then take solid measures to grow your family’s security and wealth—something Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answers Man, can help you with. Gain considerable assets. In the same vein, assets can be more tangible, too, such as your own home.

Get life insurance. When My Friend Died Without A Will or Trust - Money Answers. Staff Blog || Cathy Cagle || Noe never meant to die and leave her children to grow up without her.

When My Friend Died Without A Will or Trust - Money Answers

And Noe certainly never meant for her children to grow up in a home where she herself had been abused. Certified educator in personal finance.