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Mobile Roundup: App and Mobile Insights & Stats Q2 of 2015 - MonetizeMore. Today we’ve scoured the major online research centers and news sources for 2015’s Q2 industry statistics and updates for Mobile and App Marketing.

Mobile Roundup: App and Mobile Insights & Stats Q2 of 2015 - MonetizeMore

What’s in it for Publishers? This information can help mobile and app publishers in developing their marketing strategy, as well as their monetization options to maintain long-term mobile app revenue. Check out what works and what doesn’t? What makes an app click? Which marketing channels to tap? 67% of Consumers won’t pay to block ads, at any cost! Google Play leads iOS in downloads by 85%, but iOS apps is still ahead of revenue levelsVideo-streaming apps lead the revenue game in Q2 of 20156 out of 10 top apps used worldwide are message appsChromecast delivers higher visits, engagement, and monetization for appsAlmost 90% of users discard an app if it failed to engage them.Related Read: App Monetization: First 30 Days Crucial for User EngagementApp usage and revenue peak on Sundays Related Reads: Kean Graham.

Targeted Online Pop-under Advertising Service. Monetize your Twitter Profile. Twitter has become an important part of most of our lives – in 140 characters or less, we can let our friends, family and the world know where we are, what we are doing and what we are thinking!

Monetize your Twitter Profile

Magpie is an option for Twitter monetization that seems to annoy a lot of Tweeps , but it is very popular with some Twitter users. Twitter account holders sign up through the Twitter API and allow Magpie to post ad tweets among their tweets. Users can set the number of Magpie tweets to be posted, and there is an option to label them with the hashtag of #magpie or other text. TwittAd is an alternative option to the intrusive tweets from Magpie. Twitter account holders sign up and list their profile for “rent” over a certain period of time to advertisers. Improving SEO with Customer Engagement. The online foreign-exchange (forex) market is one of the most-competitive online sectors.

Improving SEO with Customer Engagement

The pursuit of inbound users who are interested in those types of currency-trading services is extremely vigorous. Especially for what is called “organic traffic” – those individuals who actively search via search engines and then reach your website. Organic traffic is considered to be a high-quality source of traffic that converts at a relatively high rate. As a result, the push to rank in the top ten (the first search-engine results page) in Google search results for forex-related terms has always been intense.

But focusing only on pre-click marketing (SEO in this case) is not good enough – not anymore, especially after Google’s latest Panda and Penguin updates, which shifted a lot of the ranking’s weight to the post-click performance of websites. So, how do we improve search-engine rankings? When you look at the issue from Google’s point of view, the reasons are numerous. Free SEO Tools & Search Engine Optimization Software. 43 Penguin Friendly SEO Tips for Page One Google Rankings. 5 New Ways to Monetize Your Content in 2012. This week’s Pinterest content monetization ‘scandal’ has taught us a lot about the naivety of the modern-day web user.

5 New Ways to Monetize Your Content in 2012

Yes, platforms like Pinterest (and Pocket-Lint and WIWT) use a tool called Skimlinks to generate revenue from subtle referral links. As Skimlinks CEO Alicia Navarro so aptly explained: “It’s not a secret. We do monetize social discovery, and it’s great”. For those of you about to fall off your high horse, how else can these sites exist without such revenue streams? Banner ads are ugly, un-engaging and hated by users, so solutions like Skimlinks are a win/win/win/win (publisher, service provider, advertiser, user). New ways to monetize your content In the four years my personal blog has been around, I’ve never made a single pound or dollar directly from it, but I have often thought about the various approaches I could take if I wanted to monetize it. Let’s take a look at 5 new products that can help you monetize your content. Where to from here? App Monetization: First 30 Days Crucial for User Engagement - MonetizeMore.

Are you an App Developer or Marketer?

App Monetization: First 30 Days Crucial for User Engagement - MonetizeMore

How long did it take you before you send out that first push notification to your users? It appears, you’ve got only 30 days to make or break user engagement! Kahuna, a mobile marketing automation company reveals in its recent study of more than 39 million mobile consumers: That app marketers can greatly influence the loyalty of their app users by sending the right messages on the first 30 days after installation. The study was taken from across 16 different verticals such as: travel, sports, music, finance, education, etc. Data on opt-ins and retention rates were analyzed from mobile consumers during the months of January to May 2015.

Push Notification and App Retention They also found out that delivering push notifications can increase app retention rates longer than 30 days – up to 90 days.