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Harry Potter Fan Fiction

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Home - Sycophant Hex. The Petulant Poetess. Hawthorn and Vine. RZZMG. Amazing Grace. When Love and Hate Collide. Dayang Lucilla. I read and write for fun, and there's been precious little drama or angst in my portfolio of creations and faves (thus far).

Dayang Lucilla

And then came this shiny! Distinction with its absolutely delicious and devastating duty of reccing four stories. Four! *sputter* To prevent further sproings and fizzes in the cranium before said cranium burst, I decided to pick from the Drama and Angst categories. Calliope and Thalia and Their Inspiration. BittyBlueEyes. Aurelian. Break Me Down. Riptey. Summary: [ Sometimes you want to punch somebody.


Other times, you're the one getting hit. ] After an unfortunate bar fight, Hermione Granger accidentally invites Draco Malfoy to live on her couch indefinitely, but at least she's got his wand. She's struggling to hang onto her sanity and pleasant disposition, despite those nasty thoughts that keep popping into her head, but he's already given up on his. Meanwhile, the rest of the wizarding world is investigating his mysterious disappearance, he's inventing his own whole new reality from the comfort of Hermione's bed (not that she wants him there), the gravity's broken in the kitchen, Harry and Ginny won't stop trying to get her back together with Ron, Ron's sleeping with Lavender, Hermione wants to lay him out, Astoria Greengrass is mourning her not-so-dead fiancé, and everyone's so buried in lies that they might as well just forget about the whole concept of truth.

Sucker Punch. To bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses.