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MomentsApp is a perfect wedding social platform for sharing your wedding journey with others. Our app will make your occasion more exciting as it acts as a bridge between guest and family, sharing wedding story, pictures and videos all in one place.

Wedding Journey — 5 Things You Must Prepare Way in Advance For Your... Let Make Your Journey Memorable Using Wedding Planner App. Everything is done.

Let Make Your Journey Memorable Using Wedding Planner App

The bride is ready to take the plunge and so is the groom. Happy ending already, Is it? No! Far from it. Wedding are a really sweet communion of two human beings who love each other and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. Here is all that will make you go nuts during the preparations if you don’t have a wedding planner app. RSVP That really close uncle who is your niece’s cousin’s aunt’s brother can’t be missing your wedding. Book a hotel for them all Weddings in our country are a lavish affair with everyone joining the celebrations. The number of events There will be a sangeet, engagement, wedding day, reception and all the additional frills that make our guests happy and turn this one union of two souls into a happy celebration. After all this you remember the invitations Invitations need to be extremely beautiful and attractive.

Creating memories The photos! Like this: Like Loading... Capture Your Precious Moments And Share Using Wedding Photo App. By Aashka Parikh Wedding Planner Wedding is a big occasion, which needs advance and on-time preparation.

Capture Your Precious Moments And Share Using Wedding Photo App

Right from booking the venue to choosing the dishes, calling up the caterer, deciding upon the venue, selecting the perfect invitation card from an array of choices- everything needs to be done with perfection. But the most important part of the wedding is sending out the invitations. Because wedding is as social event so you certainly don’t want anyone to be left out. Sending wedding invitation has become easier nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology, you now no more have to stand in queues at the post office or wait at the courier office to get your job done.

Choose Your Wedding App Which Has All The Latest Features. The big fat Indian wedding has its own charm and completely unique.

Choose Your Wedding App Which Has All The Latest Features

The sheer grandeur mesmerizes you in ways you can only imagine. The decor, the number of guests, the beautiful ceremonies and everything else about them is a fairy tale in more than one way. On the flipside, organizing these weddings is a mammoth of a task. Sending invites, coordinating with guests, the vendors, selecting each element on the cards and what not; all of this combined with the intricacies of the process can easily fry your brains. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an assistant who takes care of most of things for you? Apart from using specific wedding invitation apps you can easily utilize applications that let you manage almost everything in one go. Manage Your Wedding Ceremany Using Best Wedding App. Weddings are supposedly the most precious event in a person’s life.

Manage Your Wedding Ceremany Using Best Wedding App

Thus, it is of paramount importance for the bride /groom and their families to ensure that everything goes fine on that very special day. However, there is a difference in saying things than getting them done. A wedding involves so many activities and detailing that at times it becomes really mind-boggling for the person who is responsible for the planning and execution. Preparing list of guests, sending out invitation cards, finalising the venue, discussing the menu with the caterers/decorators, negotiating the prices, and most importantly going for shopping are activities which not only take up time, but are very vital.

Make Your Wedding Digitalised With Best Wedding Apps. Five years back nobody would have thought digital media can be the integral part of wedding and can also reduce the budget.

Make Your Wedding Digitalised With Best Wedding Apps

Moments App- Best Wedding Countdown App With Customizable Features. Tell Your Own Love Story With Moments Wedding Invitation Apps. Tell Your Own Love Story With Wedding Invitation Apps By Aashka Parikh in Marriage | Published 2016-12-20 07:45:31 | 47 Reads | Unrated Summary Weddings are a huge part of anyone’s life.

Tell Your Own Love Story With Moments Wedding Invitation Apps

Not just the couple that’s bound to be tied in a sacred relation, but the entire families of both, the groom and the bride. Full Content Weddings are a huge part of anyone’s life. Ves that they chose for themselves. Save Your Memories With Best Wedding Apps. Wedding Invitation App That Makes Your Wedding Plan Simple And Success. Trusting the technology game with this one Everyone is involved in this large chaos that goes on for days at the stretch.

Wedding Invitation App That Makes Your Wedding Plan Simple And Success

They call it a wedding. It actually is a chaos, with everyone running awry running errands and making sure that things go as planned; taking care of guests, ensuring proper F & B service and pleasing each other. Weddings can be nerving sometimes and if you’re not properly geared up for it, this could be a nightmare right in front of your eyes.

After all, entertaining a thousand people over the course of 4-5 days can never be an easy task. So, proper planning is required. And the makers and believers of science and technology have taken this seriously and have come up with a mobile application that is completely dedicated to weddings and what goes into planning one, efficiently. Different Types of Wedding Apps and their Uses. The typical Big Fat Indian Wedding is nothing short of a carnival, or best, an extravaganza of sorts.

Different Types of Wedding Apps and their Uses

And making through the whole wedding alive in one piece is no short of an accomplishment on its own; after which, you are so tired that you can’t even enjoy at your own wedding. This concern gave birth to event planners (wedding planners, specifically) and organizers, who face at planning the stream of events for you. But sometimes, an external input kills the vibe you want at your wedding and sounds too much. The way you want the flowers to be, is the way you want them; which, probably an external entity won’t understand. This gave rise to the mobile wedding applications. 1. You can share this website or application with your family and friends so they tag along with your dates and themes play along. 2. A Feature called ‘manage guests’ lets you keep a tab upon your guests, their itineraries, their transfers and accommodation. 3. A New Trend in Wedding with Wedding Countdown App. A New Era of Digital Wedding Invitation. Preparing for the D-day They say, your wedding day is the one you will remember for the rest of your life.

A New Era of Digital Wedding Invitation

Well, whosoever said it, was utterly right! MomentsApp – An Ultimate App for Your Wedding. Features Provided by Wedding Countdown App. Dance, loud music, relishing food, enchanted guests, a mesmerizing bride and a mighty groom is what defines a wedding.

Features Provided by Wedding Countdown App

It is a grand day, not only for the bride and the groom but for the families as well who witness the couple taking the oath to be beside each other until eternity. While this all shows how rosy the wedding day is, there is another side of the celebrations, the preparations. Weddings are usually spread over multiple days of celebrations. Organize Your Wedding in Your Own Way with Best Wedding Apps. The world has gone digital, and wedding planning is not untouched by this digital change. Managing everything for your wedding can get tiresome, but technology has helped make this an easy cup of tea.