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How pop art influenced fashion. Creative industries typically need each other to survive - art feeds on music, music feeds on art, fashion feeds on both and advertising eats everything it can get its mouth around.

how pop art influenced fashion

The bond between fashion and art is currently as strong as ever as evidenced everywhere from Prada's Spring/Summer 2014 commission of six graffiti artists, Bottega Veneta's work with Ryan McGinley and the modern-art-museum-worth of Louis Vuitton collaborations with artists like Yayoi Kusama to Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince. This commercially fruitful partnership goes back to the first half of the 20th Century, when Salvador Dali placed a giant-sized lobster on a white Elsa Schiapparelli dinner dress. Speaking to Wayne Tunnicliffe, the charismatic curator of Sydney's Pop to Popism exhibition, he explains that the relationship has been intensifying ever since. 2015 Animal Experiment Statistics Released By Home Office Show Rise In Animal Testing In British Laboratories. Tabboo! - Meet the Artist Behind the Marc Jacobs FW 2016 Collection. Plugged-In Over Preppy: Teenagers Favor Tech Over Clothes.

Photo For some teenagers, wearing last season’s jeans will always be unthinkable.

Plugged-In Over Preppy: Teenagers Favor Tech Over Clothes

But a growing number consider texting on a dated smartphone even worse. Intelligent machines: Will we accept robot revolution? Image copyright Thinkstock Would you share your home with a robot or work side by side with one?

Intelligent machines: Will we accept robot revolution?

People are starting to do both, which has put the relationship we have with them under the spotlight and exposed both our love and fear of the machines that are increasingly becoming a crucial part of our lives. In Japan they grow so attached to their robot dogs that they hold funerals for them when they "die". Sony, the firm that began making the popular Aibo toys in 1999, decided to stop offering repairs in 2014, meaning once they broke down they were fit only for the scrapheap. But people weren't willing to throw them in the rubbish bin, wanting instead to say goodbye to them in the same way you would to a human or pet. Could reinvention solve our shopping addiction? Image copyright EpicStockMedia, Thinkstock Swedish retail giant H&M seems an unlikely poster child for ecological living.

Could reinvention solve our shopping addiction?

The High Street group, which owns brands including Monki and Cos and has more than 4,000 shops across the world, is one of the best known proponents of fast fashion. It's a cheap and reliable source of trendy clothes which can be discarded as soon as another trend comes in. WMO: Five hottest years on record have occurred since 2011. Image copyright WMO New data released by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) shows that the five years from 2011 to 2015 were the warmest on record.

WMO: Five hottest years on record have occurred since 2011

The report, published at global climate talks in Morocco, strongly links human activities to rising temperatures. David Bowie exhibition breaks V&A record. A retrospective exhibition of the life and work of David Bowie has become the most visited show in the V&A's history.

David Bowie exhibition breaks V&A record

More than 1.5 million people have visited David Bowie Is across eight venues around the world so far, the museum said. About 312,000 of those visitors were to the exhibition's debut in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2013. The show will complete its international 10-stop tour next year. It is currently in its final weeks at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologne and will open in Tokyo in January before completing its tour in Barcelona in May. Until now, the V&A's most successful touring shows included Art Deco, (which received 1.17 million visitors) Vivienne Westwood (844,000) and Surreal Things: Surrealism & Design (881,000). Brexit is a disaster for British fashion. Hadley, you’ve written on Brexit elsewhere in the paper, but not in your style column. Why is that? Robert, by email You’re right, Robert! What President Trump means for retailers. How will the Trump victory impact other industries?

What President Trump means for retailers

Here's what we know about the President-elect. After a long election night that defied many pollsters' predictions, Donald J. Trump is set to become the next president of the United States, beating out Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by razor-thin margins in key battleground states. The specifics of what this election means for the retail industry will become clearer once Trump and his team produce a budget and lay out their policy agenda.