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Mock Trial and Law

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Mock_Trial_Manual.pdf. Microsoft Word - LRE-MT-CompetitionHandbook.DOC - LRE-MT-CompetitionHandbook.pdf. Mock Trial Handbook. Mock Trial Handbook Baliff: Please Rise.

Mock Trial Handbook

The Court of Markville is now in session, the Honourable Judge ______________ presiding. Judge: (to baliff) What is today’s case? Baliff: Today’s case is Crown versus Prime Minister _______________________________ Judge: Is the prosecution ready? Attorneys: Yes, your Honour (always say “your Honour” when speaking to Judge) Judge: May give instructions to the jury. Attorneys can create any opening statement he /she would like. Sample Opening Statement “Your Honour, members of the jury, my name is ________________________________ and I am representing _____________________ (crown or defendant) in this case.

All witnesses are sworn in before thy begin answering questions. Baliff: Please raise your right hand. The attorney calls his/her witness to the stand and asks clear and simple questions that allow the witness to tell his or her side / account of events in his/her own words. Sample Questions Helpful Hints for Examination and Cross Examination. ACT Characters in the Classroom - allrise_ACTCharacters.pdf. Mock Trial Vocabulary Words Flashcards. International Justice. A Global System of Justice Amnesty International is working together with thousands of other organizations to lobby governments worldwide to create an international system of justice that complements and reinforces national justice systems. Such a system is essential to deter those contemplating human rights crimes, to enable survivors to obtain justice and redress, and to support post-conflict reconciliation.

More info Amnesty campaigns for an effective system of international justice by calling for: The International Criminal Court (ICC): The ICC is the world's first permanent, international judicial body capable of bringing perpetrators to justice and providing redress to victims when states are unable or unwilling to do so. International justice is the cooperation between countries to hold accountable individuals accused of grave human rights abuses, such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Less info. Welcome to the District Attorneys Office. Sample Opening Statement. Mock Trial Handbook. Mock Trial Opening Statements for The Prosecutor. « Mock trial blog. December 25, 2010 by mocktrialblahblahblah Volunteering to present the opening statement for your mock trial team poses a challenge.

Mock Trial Opening Statements for The Prosecutor. « Mock trial blog

It may mean that you are the first to speak in the entire competition. To review, let’s go over the order of a trial again. First the prosecutor gives an opening, then the defense, then the prosecutor calls her witnesses, the defense calls witnesses, the prosecutor does the closing argument, the defense closes, then the prosecutor gets to speak one more time in rebuttal. So if you volunteer to present the opening statement you will be speaking first. So that is basically how a prosecutor does an opening. Now, students in a mock trial competition often want to know how to score the most points in an opening statement.

Also, it seems like judges will score you on making good eye contact with the jurors, and delivering the opening with some level of feeling or emotion. We have samples in our ebook. Like this: Like Loading... Famous Trials - UMKC School of Law - Prof. Douglas Linder. Ited Nations Global Issues. The world is in the midst of a unique and irreversible process of demographic transition that will result in older populations everywhere.

ited Nations Global Issues

As fertility rates decline, the proportion of persons aged 60 and over is expected to double between 2007 and 2050, and their actual number will more than triple, reaching 2 billion by 2050. In most countries, the number of those over 80 is likely to quadruple to nearly 400 million by then. Older persons are increasingly seen as contributors to development, whose abilities to act for the betterment of themselves and their societies should be woven into policies and programmes at all levels. Currently, 64 per cent of all older persons live in the less developed regions — a number expected to approach 80 per cent by 2050. To begin addressing these issues, the General Assembly convened the first World Assembly on Ageing in 1982, which produced a 62-point “Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing”. Mock Trial – Classroom Law Project. The mock trial has proven to be an effective learning tool for students of all grade levels.

Mock Trial – Classroom Law Project

It helps them understand the law, practice critical thinking, and gain greater confidence with public speaking by assuming the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a fictional criminal or civil trial. Participants experience first-hand the difficulties that judges, lawyers and juries face in determining which facts are relevant and what legal arguments are effective. See below for more information about: High School Competition Each year, more than 70 teams, totaling some 1,200 students, compete at regional, state and national levels — with support from more than 500 attorneys, educators and other community representatives acting as coaches, judges and coordinators. Mock Trial Past Cases. Free Mock Trials. NHBA - Mock Trial Resources. State V.

NHBA - Mock Trial Resources

Parsons (w/Caselaw) (PDF) The defendant is charged with speeding, DWI, possession of marijuana and cocaine and operating with an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle. JAMIE B. FOOTE, a minor, by Pat Foote, the next best friend, et. al. v. TransMedia Objection Series. Make Your Case. Mock3.pdf (application/pdf Object)