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Design right and registration. Intellectual property is something you create that’s unique.

Design right and registration

It includes copyright, patents, designs and trade marks, and can be: something you invent, like a new product a product’s design or appearance a brand or logo written work, like content on a website or in a brochure artistic work, like photography or illustrations film recordings or musical compositions computer software You can’t protect an idea but you can often protect what you do with it, eg you can’t protect an idea for a book but you can protect the words you’ve written. Who owns intellectual property. Kapor Capital. Mission: Small Business℠ Who are the TaskRabbits? In order to become a TaskRabbit, you must be over 21.

Who are the TaskRabbits?

Refer to our City Directory to ensure we are active in your area. How to get started: Log in with Facebook or sign up with your email address. Social Media, Digital and Internet Marketing Training and Consulting : Social Media Training – Training & Marketing in social media. Tech Insight and News for Small Businesses. Venture Fair experts: The timing is right for mHealth entrepreneurs. It's a great time to be an mHealth entrepreneur, experts said at Tuesday's Mobile Health Venture Fair, presented by mHIMSS, at the mHealth Summit in Washington, DC.

Venture Fair experts: The timing is right for mHealth entrepreneurs

With about 100 people in attendance, the event gave the opportunity for 20 emerging mobile health companies to present their products to potential investors. [See also: Sebelius lauds smartphones at mHealth Summit]

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