[19-11-2007] Discours de Viviane Reding The Justice portfolio is new – it was only created with the start of this European Commission, under the leadership of President José Manuel Barroso, in 2010. I am thus the first EU Justice Commissioner who is also responsible for citizenship and fundamental rights. My department, the Directorate General for Justice, deals with a wide range of areas such as civil and commercial law, consumer protection legislation, data protection, criminal law, free movement of citizens and equality legislation. Read more Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights must be more than concepts. [19-11-2007] Discours de Viviane Reding
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[24-10-2008] Réponse des industries des TIC à Mme Reding
Réception en UE de la réponse des industriels
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[Mars 2009] Workgroup 7 "Open Source" , ébauche du rapport
Les lobbies de Microsoft et le Workgroup "Open Source"

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