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Quel modèle économique pour le web ?

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Médias à but non lucratif // Nonprofit medias

[FR] Aides à la presse en ligne. [2009] Context is King ! - AFP-MediaWatch. [2009] Will the Huffington Post strategy pay off? - Arianna Huffington says of the Huffington Post: "Our site is not built… (Kristian Dowling / Getty…) Driving to Brentwood a week ago, I resolved not to lose focus.

[2009] Will the Huffington Post strategy pay off? -

I would press Arianna Huffington about her website: Is the Huffington Post's brand of mostly unpaid journalism depressing writers' wages? Why the endless photo galleries of Hollywood sexpots? Most importantly, oh much-heralded It girl of the new journalism, isn't it about time your website started turning a profit? Arriving in front of Huffington's expansive, gated home, I recalled the story of one man determined to challenge Huffington on a journalism panel about her triumphalist view of citizen journalism. Just out of the rain, I reached for a handshake and received a kiss on the cheek. Down to business, I asked my hostess whether users lingered long once they arrived at the Huffington Post.

The world will surely know, I thought, that the Huffington Post reached new heights of popularity in 2009. [2010] [FR] Qui veut encore financer la presse ?, par Marie Bénilde. Invité en 2006 au congrès de la Fédération nationale de la presse française à Strasbourg, un banquier de BNP Paribas fit sensation en déclarant que les journalistes se trouvaient dans la situation des sidérurgistes des années 1970 : ils étaient voués à disparaître mais... ils l’ignoraient encore. Les chiffres semblent lui donner raison. [2010] [US] L’information hyperlocale peut-elle être viable ? » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism. Alors que se développe en France des sites d’information hyperlocale, on peut se demander sur quelle économie ils reposent.

[2010] [US] L’information hyperlocale peut-elle être viable ? » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism

Aux États-Unis, le temps de l’expérimental est passé, sous l'impulsion de puissants groupes de médias. [2010] El Mundo : quand 26 millions de visiteurs uniques ne suffisent pas! - AFP-MediaWatch. Souci, quand le premier site mondial d’informations en espagnol s’interroge publiquement sur son futur en faisant un détour par Hamlet: "être ou ne pas être sur le web, telle est la question", résume pourtant le directeur général adjoint d' El Mundo , deuxième quotidien espagnol.

Car, même avec 26 millions de visiteurs uniques -- atteint cet été grâce à la Coupe du Monde de Football et une audience croissante en Amérique Latine--, El Mundo connaît, comme tous les autres quotidiens ibériques, des difficultés, pas seulement dues à la sévérité de la crise économique en Espagne. [2010] Combien tu m’'aimes ? When people are willing to pay for “almost nothing”: The economic and emotional logic of web paywalls.

Marco Arment is the developer behind Instapaper, the devilishly useful time-shifting tool for reading.

When people are willing to pay for “almost nothing”: The economic and emotional logic of web paywalls

Just as a DVR allows you to watch Mad Men when it’s convenient for you — say, at 6:45 p.m. Thursday instead of 10 p.m. Eastern on Sunday — Instapaper lets you read long-form prose when you’ve got the time and attention to devote to it. Come across a long interesting magazine piece in your daily web travels, but don’t have time to read it just then? Click Instapaper’s “Read Later” bookmarklet and it’ll be pulled into your iPhone (or Kindle or whatever) for offline reading when you’re on a plane or train. But rather than just praise a terrific app, I want to point out a couple tweets of Marco’s that might tell us a little something about the paywalls we’ll see news organizations start erecting in greater quantities soon.

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The paywall experiments // And what paywalls ? [2010] Is the Guardian beating its head against a paywall? - Business Analysis & Features, Business. To easyJet personnel, discomfited by the loss since 2009 of their chairman, finance director and serving chief executive, Ms McCall's arrival is cause for nervousness.

[2010] Is the Guardian beating its head against a paywall? - Business Analysis & Features, Business

Deeper worries lurk at The Guardian. There staff fret that the departure of a leader who has been with the company since 1986 implies a lack of confidence in its strategic direction. At The Guardian strategy is led by the editor, Alan Rusbridger. He envisages a future in which the newspaper will harness the internet to provide quality reporting, commentary and analysis to millions of readers. No longer just a newspaper for British social democrats, The Guardian will become a global brand. In his 2010 Hugh Cudlipp Lecture, Mr Rusbridger said: "On the web [The Guardian] is, by most measurements, the second best-read English-language newspaper in the world. But while its online journalism has brought The Guardian an expanded audience, it has not brought revenue to pay for the journalism they consume.

[2010] Meet MediaPass, the platform that wants to put pores in your paywall. In a post over at Poynter yesterday, Rick Edmonds analyzed the paid-content experience of Spokane’s paper, the Spokesman-Review — and made, in the process, a case for a mixture of paid content and free living together on a media website.

[2010] Meet MediaPass, the platform that wants to put pores in your paywall

A case for, essentially, a porous paywall. Like a number of industry analysts I have spoken with recently, [digital operations director Shaun] Higgins sees a business model in which news and special, online-only features (like a columnist singing his song parodies) is used to draw an audience. Once on the site, users can then buy archived articles, click on contextual ads and search local business listings. So the site essentially acts as a free marketing tool that can be used to pitch an assortment of products. [2010] Politico Adds Subscription News Service. Politico lance un service payant ? 1500$ / an ? La Social Newsroom.