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Wolfram Demonstrations Project. DataMasher. DataMasher: Visualize and Share data.gov Data - information aest. DataMasher [datamasher.org] helps citizens creating mashups of data pulled from data.gov to visualize them in different ways, and to analyze how states compare on important issues.

DataMasher: Visualize and Share data.gov Data - information aest

Users can combine different data sets in several ways and create their own custom rankings and color-coded maps of the US states. Already available maps include comparisons of obesity rates in children and how much is spent on their education (per capita), the most unhealthy states (cancer rate times infant mortality rate), or right brain versus left brain (or, in other words SAT Scores - Mathematics divided by SAT Scores - Reading).

Tasty Data Goodies - Swivel. Le Centre de développement de l'OCDE et Swivel.com s’associent p. OECD Development Centre - Swivel. Social Visualization Software Review: Swivel - information aesth. As Google (Public Data Explorer) and Microsoft (Pivot) are getting into the mix of online data visualization tools, it is evident that this is a realm to carefully watch.

Social Visualization Software Review: Swivel - information aesth

Public data is de rigeur and blogs in this field are becoming ubiquitous, hence the perfect storm for online visualization. While public data is not necessary for online viz, it certainly makes it easy for the masses to enter the fray of data analytics. Relief » Swivel : partage de données et graphiques. Swivel: I'm Intrigued...and C. Blog de Swivel. iCharts. TC50: iCharts Wants To Be The YouTube For Charts. Today, you will find 900 billion charts offline but only 40 million charts online.

TC50: iCharts Wants To Be The YouTube For Charts

Because of that, iCharts believes it currently must be too difficult to bring charts online. So it has developed an easy way to create, share, and embed interactive charts. iCharts: YouTube for Interactive Charts. Yet another competitor of Many Eyes, Swivel, Track-n-Graph, WidGenie and Trendrr (which will be discussed in the next post): iCharts [icharts.net] aims to optimize the creation, sharing and embedding of interactive charts in online websites, as well as in offline PDF and PowerPoint documents.

iCharts: YouTube for Interactive Charts

As an additional feature, users are also able to add audio comments to the charts to convey the informational message more clearly. The interesting TechCrunch50 demonstration video featured below shows how the founders consider the iCharts portal to be: "The YouTube for interactive charts". However, it seems that, in contrast to the YouTube example, the combination of the social web with data visualization does not really produce many (if any) "viral" information graphs, nor does it inspire a flood of lively comment discussions. Timetric: Making data useful. Timetric Blog. Timetric: Graphing and Sharing the Movements of Data over Time - The "Data Visualization 2.0" space happily occupied by services as Many Eyes, Swivel, iCharts, Trendrr, Widgenie, Track-n-Graph welcomes a new member: Timetric [timetric.com].

Timetric: Graphing and Sharing the Movements of Data over Time -

The web service aims to make it as easy to upload, represent and analyze time series data. Its unique feature, next to its minimalist design, consists of updating the graphs whenever the data they are based on are updated. Next to the ability to upload personal data, the website already contains a large (actually quite overwhelming) number of datasets, situated in the economic, social and environmental realms, such as ECB exchange rates: Euro vs. USD, UK crimes: theft or unauthorised taking of a pedal cycle or global average surface temperature anomaly.

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    Ce dossier figure également dans la section "Outils de recherche" , car ils permettant de faire des recherches parmi les représentations hébergées et rendues publiques par leurs auteurs.
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    Sites permettant de créer des représentations graphiques, mais également de les mettre à disposition de la communauté pour des recherches publiques.