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Outils d'organisation et de classification

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ABC du Mind Mapping - Cours de cartes conceptuelles, cartes heu. Une carte conceptuelle (ou schéma conceptuel, concept map en anglais), dont les variantes sont la mind map, carte des idées ou carte heuristique, est un diagramme qui représente les liens entre différents concepts.

ABC du Mind Mapping - Cours de cartes conceptuelles, cartes heu

Elle peut être également appelée schéma de pensée, carte mentale, arbre à idées ou topogramme. La différence entre une carte heuristique et une carte conceptuelle est que cette dernière relie un ensemble de concepts entre eux par des lignes orientées et qualifiées (est un composant de.., favorise). De plus, elle prend la forme d' un graphe alors que la carte heuristique est un arbre. Ces cours en diapositives animées, vidéo, ppt, pdf et ces cartes conceptuelles sont distribués sous licence Creative Commons : à condition de me citer et de mettre un lien vers cette page, vous pouvez les réutiliser ou les modifier dans un cadre non-commercial, mais vous devez ensuite les publier aux mêmes conditions. - Cours de mind mapping en vidéo - En pdf et pptx En analyse fonctionnelle :

Qu'est ce que le Mind Mapping ? Mindmapping. Mindmapping. Cartes d'idées - "mindmapping" Quick Screen Capture tool. Take Screenshots, Edit and Share them. Twine - Organize, Share, Discover Information Around Your Intere. Twine: la petite histoire. Dipity. Trailmeme.

Collect, Process and Share Your Online Research with Trailmeme. Social bookmarking sites like Delicious are useful for collecting bookmarks, but they don't allow users to really draw connections and tell stories.

Collect, Process and Share Your Online Research with Trailmeme

That's where curation-focused services like Pearltrees and Trailmeme come in. Trailmeme, which we first looked at in December, was incubated at Xerox and launches at DEMO this week. It allows users to bookmark sites and then organize them in tidy diagrams, making it easy to highlight the relationship between different items and for readers to browse these links. While Pearltrees only allows users to display connections in a relatively simple tree structure, Trailmeme offers its users more flexibility. Earlier this week, the projects manager Venkatesh Rao showed us a number of nifty examples for what users can do with this flexibility. Besides allowing users to create their own trails, they can also browse and search other users' trails.

A New Kind of Publishing Will Users Care? Trailmeme creates retraceable, social Web history. SANTA CLARA, Calif.

Trailmeme creates retraceable, social Web history

--When it comes to bookmarks, most browsers use the same system for organization: folders and tags. A new Xerox-incubated company called Trailmeme is taking a different approach by putting Web pages in a nested hierarchy that can show how they're related. The goal is to create a browsing experience with context, and one that can be shared with others. Trailmeme, which launches as part of the Demo conference taking place here this week, is not a replacement for your browser's bookmarking system though. It's more of a tool for creating self-guided trips of Web sites. As part of the 400-some person beta test, users have created some pretty interesting things. Pearltrees. Pearltrees. Pearltrees in the French Medias. Forum feedback pearltrees.