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Nouvelle chaîne dans ma boîte mail, nouvelle analyse de mème sur ce blog (après la F-list, et fait-ou-pas) : le "Scrabble International". Il s'agit d'une liste de mots de 6 lettres, à laquelle on doit ajouter un mot français : - de 6 lettres pas encore présent dans la liste Je véronise... Je véronise...
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Replicated Typo I’ve just found a new online game called the museum of parallel art (thanks to my friend Robin). The info on the trailer reads as follows: Visiting the virtual Museum of Parallel Art is a very special experience you’ll share with someone. You’ll express your thoughts and feelings towards art with cards, or try to view the world as your peer and guess the cards he or she has played. Comparing cards will prompt conversation and is sure to connect you two.This game was originally made in 48 hours by Neverpants (Dom2D, technobeanie & seventysevian), featuring art both classic and new, with contributions by many amazing artists like Anthony Clark, Justin Chan, Nic ter Horst, Tom Eccles, Aliceffekt and way more! Randomly generated from a database of over 200 “paintings” and a multitude of cards, the Museum of Parallel Art is different every time you visit. Replicated Typo
Linguistic Diversity = Poverty. Razib Khan basically argues, correctly in my opinion, that linguistic homogeneity is good for economic development and general prosperity. From the perspective of a linguist, however, I do like the idea of really obscure linguistic communities, ready and waiting to be discovered and documented. [before 2010] A Replicated Typo [before 2010] A Replicated Typo