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[2010] Pékin fait son nid en Grèce. La Chine, au secours de la Grèce ?

[2010] Pékin fait son nid en Grèce

En quelques mois, Pékin est devenu le troisième partenaire commercial de la Grèce, devant la France et derrière l’Allemagne et l’Italie, alors qu’en 2006, elle n’occupait que la huitième place. Surtout, elle y multiplie les investissements stratégique, manifestement attirée par un pays que les marchés financiers ont mis à genoux. La Grèce est désormais prête à vendre ses bijoux de famille au plus offrant, comme en témoigne le gigantesque programme de privatisation annoncé le 2 juin, et elle sait que l’investissement étranger est le seul moyen de sortir rapidement de la récession. La principale cible de la Chine? Les ports grecs. Les Grecs sont évidemment ravis de cet intérêt et ils souhaitent que la Chine s’engage davantage.

Louka Katselli, la ministre de l’Économie, s’est ainsi rendue à Shanghai la semaine dernière pour inaugurer le pavillon grec de l’exposition universelle et proposer d’organiser un salon avec les régions chinoises. [2010] Piraeus lance la consolidation bancaire en Grèce - Economie. Flash Eco : Piraeus: 701M pour 2 banques grecques. Piraeus a soumis une offre combinée au gouvernement grec pour prendre le contrôle d'ATEBank et d'Hellenic Postbank, dans le cadre d'une offre de 701 millions d'euros qui donnerait naissance au premier groupe bancaire grec en cas de succès, selon le P-DG de Piraeus.

Flash Eco : Piraeus: 701M pour 2 banques grecques

Piraeus s'attend à ce que cette transaction génère des synergies de 300 millions d'euros et réponde à l'appel du gouvernement en faveur d'une restructuration du secteur bancaire grec. "Il s'agit d'une offre pour l'acquisition combinée de 77,31% d'ATEBank et de 33,04% de Postbank, détenues par l'Etat grec", a déclaré le P-DG de Piraeus, Michael Sallas. TT Hellenic Postbank.

ATEbank. The Agricultural Bank of Greece was a commercial bank based in Athens, Greece.


The bank was founded in 1929. The bank proclaimed that it would focus on the Balkan bank market, with the business activities of supporting of the agricultural sector. ATEbank held a strong position at Athens Stock Exchange and has become a member of Piraeus Bank in the year 2013. The Bank's development of business activities called for a new name and corporate image as ATEbank. History[edit] The historical Sarpieri mansion, now building of the Agricultural Bank of Greece (ATEBank). 1929 / Foundation. 1950 Expansion of activities in the agricultural sector. 1990 Expansion of activities in the non-agricultural sector. 1991 Transition to S.A. 2000 Entrance in the Athens Stock Exchange. 2004 - 2006 Strengthening of the corporate image and positioning of the bank.

In particular: An increase in the Bank’s share capital took place, amounting to € 1.25 billion (June 2005). [2010] Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds. After about two hours I work up the nerve to ask him.

[2010] Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds

To my surprise he takes me seriously. He points to a sign he has tacked up on one of his cabinets, and translates it from the Greek: the smart person accepts. the idiot insists. He got it, he says, on one of his business trips to the Ministry of Tourism. “This is the secret of success for anywhere in the world, not just the monastery,” he says, and then goes on to describe pretty much word for word the first rule of improvisational comedy, or for that matter any successful collaborative enterprise. Take whatever is thrown at you and build upon it. I notice now that his windows open upon a balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea. “The whole government says they are angry at us,” he says, “but we have nothing. At that moment, out of nowhere, Father Ephraim walks in.

“Don’t you believe in miracles?” “I’m beginning to,” said the Greek M.P. When we are introduced, Ephraim clasps my hand and holds it for a very long time. [2010] Greece Is Almost Certainly “On Track” –But Towards Which Destination Is It Headed? “There is a difficulty that is widely recognized that the amount [of debt] to be repaid is high in 2014 and 2015,” Giorgios Papaconstantinou (the Greek Finance Minister).

[2010] Greece Is Almost Certainly “On Track” –But Towards Which Destination Is It Headed?

“We are confident that Greece will be able to return to the markets. But whether it will be able to return to the markets on a scale that allows Greece to pay off its European partners and the IMF, that is a question.”…”We have a number of options. If paying off the €110 billion loan proves to be a question, we stand ready to exercise some of those options” – Poul Thomsen, head of the IMF team in the ECB-EU-IMF troika delegation. “In the rushed last-minute deal to forestall certain bankruptcy, everyone missed one very important fact. That the memorandum created an unrealistic and immense borrowing squeeze on the feckless Greek state for the next five years.” Get On The Right Track Baby!

The key to payability is of course a resumption of economic growth, which at the present time looks even more distant than ever.