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Albert Robida. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Albert Robida

An Excerpt From John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's 'Game Change: One early evening in February 2006, John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator then gearing up to launch his second presidential campaign, was hanging out in the bar of the Regency Hotel on Park Avenue with one of his donors and his young traveling aide, Josh Brumberger.

An Excerpt From John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's 'Game Change:

A woman sitting at a nearby table with some friends walked over and introduced herself. “My friends insist you’re John Edwards,” Rielle Hunter said. “I tell them no way—you’re way too handsome.” “No, ma’am. I’m John Edwards,” the candidate replied. “No way! Brumberger saw this kind of thing all the time. Racisme, adultère: les poubelles de la campagne américaine 2008. Lire un livre sur une campagne électorale une fois qu’elle est terminée, c’est souvent aussi intéressant que de se plonger dans un Lonely Planet une fois rentré de voyage.

Racisme, adultère: les poubelles de la campagne américaine 2008

Mais Game Change, consacré aux tueries politiques qui ont précédé l’élection de Barack Obama en 2008, fait saliver qui aime les feuilletons politiques. Résumé. Des bonnes feuilles et des extraits du livre de Mark Halperin (d’ABC News, auteur du blog The Page) et John Heilemann (de New York Magazine) provoquent déjà des remous aux Etats-Unis. Ce qu’on y apprend : Hillary Clinton a failli se présenter en 2004. Game Change provides more evidence of the Clintons' shocking beh. The inevitable grumbling and grunting about the use of unattributed quotations in Game Change, the engrossing new campaign book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, has been accompanied by a more or less grudging general admission that nobody cited in these pages has so far complained of being misrepresented.

Game Change provides more evidence of the Clintons' shocking beh

To this suggestive point I would add, from comparatively limited experience, that where the authors discuss anything that I know about, they have it right. In fact, what they say is often less sensational than what they might have said. Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) was a columnist for Vanity Fair and the author, most recently, of Arguably, a collection of essays. Surely this is particularly true of the most notorious rapid-response operation in modern political history: the infamous Clinton team and its eager outriders and propagandists. I am astonished at how relatively little attention this has received. Clinton's staff was surprised; Ayers hadn't been part of her prep. January 13, 2010 - John Heilemann. January 13, 2010 - John Heilemann. Goffman - ritualisation de la féminité - ARSS 1977. Le syndrome de la bouche ouverte - Les Entrailles de Mademoisell. IVG « de confort » : les arroseurs arrosés.

Persée. Vasily Grossman's The Road. No living being in Italy remained untouched by the war.

Vasily Grossman's The Road

Giu, a young mule who worked in the munitions train of an artillery regiment, sensed many changes on 22 June 1941, even though he did not, of course, know that the Führer had persuaded the Duce to declare war on the Soviet Union. People would have been astonished how many things the mule noticed that day: music everywhere, the radio blaring away without a break, the stable doors left wide open, crowds of women and children by the barracks, flags fluttering above the barracks, the smell of wine coming from people who did not usually smell of wine, the trembling hands of his driver, Niccolo, when he came to Giu’s stall, led him outside and put on his breastband… Niccolo did not like Giu; he always put him on the left, to make it easier to whip him with his right hand.

And he whipped him not on his thick-skinned hindquarters but on the belly. And he had a heavy hand. Giu had no particular feelings about his workmate. Twilight set in. After Life and Fate: Vasily Grossman’s last stories. Several of Grossman’s last stories can be read as a response to the work of Andrey Platonov, the one writer among his contemporaries whom Grossman admired wholeheartedly.

After Life and Fate: Vasily Grossman’s last stories

Platonov was six years older than Grossman, but Grossman was the more established figure and there was at least one occasion when he succeded in being of real help to Platonov; in 1942 he asked David Ortenberg, the chief editor of Red Star, to take Platonov under his protection, saying that ‘this good writer’ was ‘defenceless’ and ‘without any settled position’. Ortenberg duly took Platonov on as a war correspondent. Later Grossman invited Platonov to collaborate on The Black Book; at some point in 1945 Platonov was given responsibility for all the material relating to the Minsk ghetto. Dicozone. Le Dictionnaire de la Zone Tout l’argot des banlieues La zone : autrefois, zone militaire qui s’étendait au-delà des anciennes fortificationsde Paris, où aucune construction ne devait être édifiée (zone non aedificandi) et occupéeillégalement par des constructions légères et misérables; aujourd’hui, espace, à la limited’une ville, caractérisé par la misère de son habitat. c Larousse.


La zone de Paris a vu depuis le milieu des années 50 pousser des tours de béton là oùautrefois s’étendaient des habitations faites de tôle ondulée et de vieilles planches debois qui formaient les bidonvilles. 2008 Cobra le Cynique. CIA’s Lost Magic Manual Resurfaces. Use your illusion. When the CIA tried its hand at magic. What goes on in the shadows?

When the CIA tried its hand at magic

First, consider what’s happening in the foreground. “The instant the performer sees the spectator take a cigarette, cigar, or pipe, he takes the packet of matches from his pocket, tears off one match, and holds packet and match ready to ignite the match,” the magician John Mulholland wrote in a manual in the 1950s. “He does these things openly because what he does can only be looked upon as a friendly and courteous gesture.” Mulholland’s instructions were written not for stage magicians, but for the covert operatives of the CIA. At the height of the Cold War - in the era of nuclear missiles and submarines, amid the tangled cloak-and-dagger maneuverings of espionage and counterespionage - the agency was also secretly doing something else.

The CIA hired Mulholland to explain techniques of sleight-of-hand and surreptitious signaling so that agents could use them in the field. Or instead of a pin, one could glue a small pill to the back of the matchbook. Literature_and_liberty_cantor. The Alpha Strategy, de John Pugsley. Chroniques de la guerre economique. Les éditocrates.

La Grande Terreur - La vie des idées. An American Engineer in Stalin's Russia. Assassinat, torture... : fallait-il publier le "Manuel" d'Al Qae. Le guide du parfait terroriste paraît en France, expurgé de ses passages les plus violents.

Assassinat, torture... : fallait-il publier le "Manuel" d'Al Qae

Extrait de 50 pages.