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Les 3 blogs indispensables & le Framapack

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Framapack - L'installeur de logiciels libres. Framapack : le logiciel libre a son marché en ligne - Numerama. Qui a dit que le logiciel libre n'était pas une alternative crédible aux logiciels propriétaires ?

Framapack : le logiciel libre a son marché en ligne - Numerama

Conscient que certaines solutions sont moins connues que leurs homologues commerciaux (dans la plupart des cas), Framasoft a mis en ligne une sorte de boutique en ligne où l'internaute peut découvrir et récupérer en quelques clics n'importe quel logiciel libre. Intitulé Framapack, ce projet vise à faciliter le téléchargement et l'installation des applications sélectionnées. Le réseau espère ainsi faciliter la diffusion des logiciels libres en démontrant que pour chaque besoin spécifique, il existe une solution gratuite et de qualité. Huit grandes rubriques sont proposées, allant de la bureautique au multimédia, en passant par les jeux, l'éducation ou encore le graphisme. Du côté des logiciels, on retrouve quelques applications réputées, comme OpenOffice, Notepad++, Gimp, Firefox ou encore VLC et Thunderbird.

Information aesthetics - Information Visualization & Visual Comm. A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. 40 Useful and Creative Infographics. Six Revisions Menu Main Categories CSS HTML JavaScript Web Design WordPress Web Development Design Inspiration UX Design UI Design Freebies Tutorials Tools Links About Contact Advertise RSS Twitter Facebook 40 Useful and Creative Infographics By Jacob Gube Information graphics (or infographics) are graphical depictions of data and information.

40 Useful and Creative Infographics

In this collection, you’ll find forty beautiful and educational infographics, displaying the uncommon spectacle of "art meets science". 1. The proportion of ingredients for popular coffee drinks and their pronunciation keys. 2. This infographic showcases the history of the Swine Flu, starting from 1976. 3. 4. 5. The top breweries and beers in the U.S. 6. 7. 389 Years Ago A rundown of the historic events in African-American culture. 8. 9. 10. 11. An illustrated guide at how the Global Warming phenomenon works. 13. A packed visual piece on tobacco chemicals and tobacco trade worldwide. 14. 15. 16. A graphical representation of consumer spending across the globe. 37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About. You might not know it, but there are actually a ton of data and visualization blogs out there.

37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About

I'm a bit of a feed addict subscribing to just about anything with a chart or a mention of statistics on it (and naturally have to do some feed-cleaning every now and then). In a follow up to my short list last year, here are the data-ish blogs, some old and some new, that continue to post interesting stuff. Data and Statistics By the Numbers - Column from The New York Times visual Op-ed columnist, Charles Blow, who also used to be NYT's graphics director.Data Mining - Matthew Hurst, scientist at Microsoft's MSN, also the co-creator of BlogPulse.Statistical Modeling - We might disagree on certain things, but Andrew's blog is one of the few active pure statistics blogs.The Numbers Guy - Data-minded reporting from Carl Bialik of the Wall Street Journal.Basketball Geek - Like statistical analysis and basketball?

Statistical/Analytical Visualization Maps Design & Infographics Others Worth Noting. Journalistiques.

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Le "densitomètre" Le "scanographe" Outils Froids. Christophe Deschamps (crid) Une mindmap pour mettre Outils Froids au service des veilleurs.