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The Eight Stories of Y’ffre and the Eight Promises of the Bosmer : teslore. Argonian Copulation - A Manual. [size=17]Argonian Copulation - A Manual[/size] by the honorable scholars [size=12](in no particular order)[/size] Left Rotten Deadite Etadachiel. Tam!RUGH! Revolution : teslore. Apocrypha. The Coronation of Eplear : teslore. Eplear and Pelinal : teslore. The Bite of the Menders : teslore. An Alternate View of the Tribunal : teslore. Moon Meeting with Vivec : teslore. Moon Meeting with Tiber Septim : teslore. Moon Meeting with Pelinal Whitestrake : teslore. The noisy serpent Loves his war speech. Alkosh, his children and Lorkhaj's tricks. : teslore. The Songs of Jurgen the Calm.

The House is salvation. Raid on Pyandonea. This has been waiting to be posted for the longest time.

Raid on Pyandonea

I still don't think it is tip-top, but I had to post it for a deadline today, so I may as well spread it everywhere else, too. Notes: The snippet preceding the rest of the text is one of the Black Books from Dragonborn. There are various flavor links throughout the text; for the video links, either stop and listen to them after reading the sentence on which they are linked, or skip them entirely. Don't read while listening. Untold Legends The Other Lives of Ysgramor As the great ships of men crawled the waves to their destinies, there were, after long years, a number of tales lost in the mists of morning. Raid on Pyandonea A Tale of Some Popularity Among the Pirates of Skyrim, as Recorded by Atticus Plinius. Author’s Note: Raid on Pyandonea, a tale of mythic piracy told in an informal style, is well and truly obscure. This lack of a definitive source places the tale in a dubious light.

“Where in the blasted seas is he!” “See? “But—” Hjalti Eats a Horker: a Tale of Tiber Septim - Elder Scrolls Lore. Hjalti Eats a Horker A Tale of Tiber Septim In His Younger Days Told by Yorulf Bear-[Untranslatable] of Solstheim Honorable Cultural Attache of The Bard's College, College of Winterhold, College of Whispers, [List continues for some time, including several places and institutions that not only do not exist but could never be in any universe.]

Hjalti Eats a Horker: a Tale of Tiber Septim - Elder Scrolls Lore

Hjalti Early-Beard strode up the wide stone path at the head of his Red Legions and stopped as he crested the hill. In his path, too close to have been missed as he walked up, was an old crone, shrunken do the height of his waist and wrinkled as the sock in the trousers of Hrunding High-Shout (who was secretly a woman). She looked up at him, only she did not. "How now, hag? " "I am merely a lonely old woman, fearful of wayfarers. " Vivec and the Ashlander - Elder Scrolls Artwork and Fan Fiction.

Vivec and the Reed Flute Vivec and the Ashlander An Ashlander once came to the holy city wishing to challenge Lord Vivec's rule.

Vivec and the Ashlander - Elder Scrolls Artwork and Fan Fiction

He said, "Thief, your superstitious and craven worshippers bow to your will, but true Velothi like myself never shall. How can a mer who recognizes your perfidy ever obey you? " Many of the faithful started up with anger, some drawing weapons, but Vivec waved them back. Vivec and the Reed Flute - Elder Scrolls Artwork and Fan Fiction. The Whispered Web: An Introduction : teslore. The Whispered Web : teslore. Fragments of the Lost Doctrines of Indl Neht : teslore. The Zero-Sum Of Zhiro - Elder Scrolls Lore. I have written these letters to see how TES:O can fit with some apparent contradictions with other games.

The Zero-Sum Of Zhiro - Elder Scrolls Lore

The Crux and the Hanged Man come from here. Now, the letters ; enjoy, and react. The Zero-Sum Of Zhiro Erasure of the Pattern of Possibility dreamsleeve transmission by Dance of the Serpentine Dragon. Hegathe18 Sun's Dusk, 4E 74 To Baladas Demnevanni, Master Wizard. I apologize for the forms of this message, I am not used to Memospore Discussions. I'm asking for you help, Master, because I've just been promoted apprentice neo-paleonumerologist, and have started with a research on the status of Crusader and it links with mythopoetic history.

It is only possible to understand their origins by coupling this sentence with another "'The sword is the cross and ALMSIVI is the Triune house around it. " ; The Cross would represent a Sword, and it is by their figh that Crusaders would hold the triune House and fight off the House of Troubles. Sincerly, Yours Zirho, apprentice neo-paleonumérologist. The First of First Mate’s Void-Navy Conscription Speech : teslore. Serminuxia: The Marukhati Sermons. This Many Goblins Left the Cave - Elder Scrolls Lore. So this one time there was these goblins in a cave.

This Many Goblins Left the Cave - Elder Scrolls Lore

These goblins...How many goblins was there? It don't matter. Anyways, there was these goblins, okay, and so then this one goblin says...What goblin was it? It don't matter. This one goblin says "Why we don't go out the cave a second? "