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Live Long and Prosper. Self Sufficiency. SS DIY. Tesla Coil DIY. DIY wind turbine beats solar on price. You may have heard of William Kamkwamba, the Malawian teenager who built a wind turbine out of spare bicycle parts and scrap metal and wood.

DIY wind turbine beats solar on price

His turbine provided electricity in his home for the first time and allowed them to replace smelly, expensive kerosene lamps In 2001 his family couldn't afford the cost to send him to school, but he didn't let that stop him from teaching himself the basics of electrical engineering out of an old school book and building a wind turbine that powered four lights, two radios, and a cell phone charger. He built his own homemade light switches and circuit breakers and has dabbled in radio transmitters. Mr. Kamkwamba's story became well known in 2006 after the internet news mob picked up on the story from a british daily.

Though 22 year old Oklahoman Kevin Harris might not have come from as humble roots as Mr. Free Plans To Build your own Bicycle Generator Pedal Power Station. Use these free videos and plans to make your own pedal power bicycle generator station.

Free Plans To Build your own Bicycle Generator Pedal Power Station

Good for powering up your television or charging a battery or powering CFL / LED lights . Great source of emergency survival power and an alternative green energy source. Specifications Voltage Output Graph In the most basic of terms, a bicycle generator creates a potential energy when you move the pedals on your bicycle. How to Build Your Own Uninterruptible Power Supply: 13 Steps. Edit Article Edited by Evildave, Brandywine, Jonathan E., MBD123 and 15 others In the event of extended blackout, you may have critical systems (such as computer or medical equipment) that must remain running no matter what.

How to Build Your Own Uninterruptible Power Supply: 13 Steps

This guide will yield one scalable uninterrupted power supply system. You may extend it with power generation, or solar/wind/etc. as you see fit. Most uninterrupted power supplies sold for computers 'switch' power, running a small inverter when power is interrupted, then switching back to 'normal' power when it's back on. Ad. How To Build A 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator. Free-Energy Devices, zero-point energy, and water as HHO fuel. How to Make Inexpensive DIY Home-Built Solar Panels with Damaged Solar Cells from Ebay. Mike Davis is an astronomer.

How to Make Inexpensive DIY Home-Built Solar Panels with Damaged Solar Cells from Ebay

To practice his hobby away from the light pollution of cities, he bought some land in a remote part of Arizona. But there was a problem: No electricity. But he's a resourceful fellow. He built some solar panels using inexpensive blemished and damaged solar cells from eBay! Read on for more photos and some technical details to give you an idea of how he did it. I bought a couple of bricks of 3 X 6 mono-crystalline solar cells. A solar panel is really just a shallow box. Next I cut two pieces of masonite pegboard to fit inside the wells.

I laid out the cells on that grid pattern upside-down so I could solder them together. I used a low-wattage soldering iron and fine rosen-core solder. Here's what the solar panel looks like from the front. Here I am testing first half panel outside in the sun. I drilled a hole in the back of the panel near the top for the wires to exit. [...] Here is the finished product, producing 18.8 volts and 3.05 amps in the sun. Brilliant Newfoundlander Invents the Solution! My amazing DIY solar generator. I remember the inspiration for building my solar generator clearly.

My amazing DIY solar generator

It was close to 20 years ago and we were camping at the dunes in Oregon. Our campground neighbor, in a huge RV, ran his generator for about two hours one evening. It was annoying beyond compare — we go camping for peace and quiet. We later found out from overheard conversations that the RV people were using the gas generator to charge their camcorder. Apparently they did not have a DC adapter or know about a thing called an inverter. More modern needs Twenty years ago I did not have a camcorder or a digital camera. My solar generator is made up of a single 12 volt, 10 watt solar panel that feeds a sealed 12 volt gel battery. Portable and silent A couple years ago we did a big tour of four states here in the west. One of our best camps was in Zion, where we spent four full days and nights.

Emergency power, too. Make your own solar power generator for less than $300. Whether you live off grid or just want backup power for emergencies, having a small solar generator at home can definitely come in handy.

Make your own solar power generator for less than $300

While most store-bought solar generators can be pretty pricey, you can actually create your own with parts easily acquired through the internet or at local stores for $200 to $300 – and you don’t have to be an engineer to do it. An online tutorial created by Phil Heiple features easy-to-follow instructions with amusing illustrations that guide you through each of the eight steps. Once you obtain the parts, which include a small solar panel, a battery, a DC input and an AC inverter, assembly takes about an hour to complete. When you're done assembling your new DIY solar power generator, place the solar panel in the sun for five to eight hours to charge the battery the first time.

It takes one to three hours of exposure to direct sunlight to recharge, and once juiced up, it’ll give you about five hours of continuous use of small electronics.