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World Standards. ORGANIZATION. Modern Play Things. iFixit: The Free Repair Manual. AE Stuff. Ple. Earth Scientia. Water in situ. WORLD VIEWS. 17 Apart: How To: Plant Seeds Using Eggshells. We were excited when our Sprout Robot alert went off that it was time to start broccoli seeds indoors this weekend for our zip code.

17 Apart: How To: Plant Seeds Using Eggshells

With the move and being in the midst of colder months, we are seriously lacking in the gardening department, except for our avocado sprouts (which we have an exciting update on coming tomorrow). We located our organic broccoli seed packet from last year's garden and hit up our gardening Pinterest boards (mine & hers) where we've been collecting ideas for creative planting all winter. We had one particular idea we'd seen pinned in mind and couldn't wait to try for ourselves — eggshell seed planters. Evidently, eggshells make the perfect size seed starters, are natural, biodegradable, can be planted directly into the soil after being cracked a little, and supply nourishment to the plant and surrounding soil (not to mention they're free).

Oceana Currents. Researchers make nanostructured carbon using the waste product sawdust. Chemists at the University of Birmingham have found a new way to make nanostructured carbon using the waste product sawdust, according to research published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Green Chemistry today.

Researchers make nanostructured carbon using the waste product sawdust

By cooking sawdust with a thin coating of iron at 700 degrees centigrade, the researchers have discovered that they can create carbon with a structure made up of many tiny tubes. These tubes are one thousand times smaller than an average human hair. Scientists are looking for new ways of making carbon nanomaterials as they can be expensive and difficult to manufacture. Carbons with a very specialized structure have many different applications, for example, carbons with very small pores are used in water treatment for removing pollutants and in soil remediation where they can help to retain moisture and nutrients. More advanced carbons are finding use in batteries and may also be used in future hydrogen-powered cars.

Zabbaleen. The Zabbaleen (Egyptian Arabic: زبالين Zabbalīn, IPA: [zæbbæˈliːn]) is a word which literally means "garbage people" in Egyptian Arabic.[2] The contemporary use of the word in Egyptian Arabic is to mean "garbage collectors".


In cultural contexts, the word refers to teenagers and adults who have served as Cairo's informal garbage collectors since approximately the 1940s. The Zabbaleen (singular: زبال Zabbāl, [zæbˈbæːl]) are also known as Zarraba (singular: Zarrab), which means "pig-pen operators. "[2] The word Zabbalīn came from the Egyptian Arabic word zebāla ([zeˈbæːlæ], زبالة) which means "garbage". The Bridge to Better Brands. Call2Recycle. Make the Drop - Orange Drop. Recycling Directory - - earth friendly resources. Find Your Nearest Recycling Group. Recycling Reality: Humans Set to Trash Most Elements on the Periodic Table.

America Returns. Recycling Milk and Juice Cartons in your Community and School. Cartons near zip or address, city, state - Recycling Centers - EcoGeek - Brains for the Earth. Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity. A Kenyan Teen's Discovery: Let There Be Lights To Save Lions : All Tech Considered. YouTube Richard Turere's story is told in a TED Talent Search video from 2012. hide captionRichard Turere speaks at the TED2013 conference in Long Beach, Calif.

A Kenyan Teen's Discovery: Let There Be Lights To Save Lions : All Tech Considered

With a simple invention, the Kenyan teen figured out a way to keep cows and their predators safe. James Duncan Davidson Richard Turere speaks at the TED2013 conference in Long Beach, Calif. One of the talks from the TED stage in Long Beach, Calif., this week came from Richard Turere, an inventor. "From ages 6 to 9, I started looking after my father's cows," Richard says. Lions are the top tourist attraction to Kenya, especially in the Nairobi National Park, which is near where Richard lives. The Kenya Wildlife Service estimates there are just 2,000 lions left in the country. This Re-Usable Life: recycled art in Olympia, the Pacific Northwest, the USA and around the world with Ruby Re-Usable.

Remember back in May when we posted about the mavericks made from recycled materials that the McClure Middle School 7th graders created with Marita Dingus and Ruby Re-Usable?

This Re-Usable Life: recycled art in Olympia, the Pacific Northwest, the USA and around the world with Ruby Re-Usable

We promised an update when they were installed. Well … it never happened. The finished art work, the artists’ examples and some leftover materials, were all stored in a school portable over the summer, along with surplus computer equipment and other junk. Recyclart, The art of recycling, reusing & upcycling ! Recycled Art: Amazing robots made from trash. Lion made of Tires AWESOME ! Plastic is Forever - Barbara de Vries. What To Do With Plastic Bags? Christmas Tree Made Using 32,000 Plastic Bottles. Trash nothing! Freegle: Don't throw it away - give it away! The Freecycle Network. FullCircles, Canadians Striding toward Sustainability through Full Circles. Anshu Gupta brings 'clothing for dignity' to India. Anshu Gupta's journey began in 1992 after a 6-year-old girl in New Delhi told him that she hugged dead bodies through the night to keep her warm.

Anshu Gupta brings 'clothing for dignity' to India

Skip to next paragraph Subscribe Today to the Monitor. Refashioned Clothing. Unconsumption – Page 1. Autonomous robots to be used in keeping dust off solar panels in Israel’s biggest solar field, reports timesofisrael: Most solar energy farms are located in deserts, where there is plenty of sunlight — which solar panels, of course, need a lot of.

Unconsumption – Page 1

But the desert also has a lot of dust, which clogs up the photovoltaic components of the panels, making them less effective in collecting sunlight for conversion into energy. Panels have to be cleaned on a regular basis, but water in the desert tends to be expensive, if available at all — and the use of water to clean the panels raises the costs of production, making solar power too expensive to be considered anything more than a novelty…. Unconsumption (unconsumption) on Pinterest. Unconsumption. Recycle it Right – Electronics TakeBack Coalition. If you want to get rid of electronic equipment that you no longer use and want to protect the environment, follow these steps: 1.

Recycle it Right – Electronics TakeBack Coalition

Don’t throw old electronics in the trash! Don’t put your old electronic products or batteries in the trash (even if it’s legal in your state). The toxics inside these products don’t belong in the landfill. More on the toxics in your computer. 2. If your product can be reused, donate it to a reputable reuse organization, that won’t export it unless it’s fully functional. 3. If your product is too old or too broken to donate, you should recycle it. But many recyclers simply export your old products, dumping them on developing nations. Piranha - E-Waste - Services. Services Piranha provides Technology End-Of-Life asset management services including remarketing, redeployment, recycling, and computer disposal.

Piranha - E-Waste - Services

PI can help your organisation to select the best option to get the maximum value from your computer disposals. Our client managers will work with you to understand the configuration, capability, age and quality of your used computer equipment together with your business objectives in order to determine which combination of services will offer your organisation the most value: Target. Trade in your used electronics and DVDs for a Target GiftCard.™ The NextWorth trade-in program allows you to trade-in your new or used iPod, iPhone, video game, GPS system, camera, and DVDs and Blu-ray discs for a Target GiftCard!


Simply click the link below to continue to the NextWorth site and follow the instructions. You can use the calculator to get an estimate of the value of your item and ship your item by printing off the pre-paid shipping label. By clicking the link below, you'll be leaving the website. Continue to Nextworth electronics trade-in program Return to Recycling. New York's 2010 Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act In 2010 the state of New York passed an electronics recycling law that requires manufacturers of certain electronic devices to finance a system of collection and recycling opportunities for New York residents.

For more information on recycling electronics in New York, please visit New York Department of Environmental Conservation. Trade In & Recycling. iFixit: The free repair manual. Réutilisez vos coquilles d’œufs ! On ne le sait pas forcément mais les œufs présentent de nombreux bienfaits ! En particulier leurs coquilles!

Elles se composent principalement de carbonate de calcium (autour de 95%) en petites quantités de carbonate de magnésium et d’autres matières organiques comme les protéines. Avec cette composition, les coquilles peuvent servir pour le jardin, le ménage, la décoration ou encore l’entretien de la maison. Vous l’aurez compris, ne jetez plus vos coquilles car elles possèdent de multiples vertus ! Elles peuvent servir de médicaments, d’engrais pour vos plantes, de part leurs sels minéraux, leurs oligo-éléments. Le blanc d’œuf contient 88% d’eau (tant qu’il est frais et en-dessous de sa date de péremption), 10% de protéine. Les propriétés naturelles à base de coquille d’œufs peuvent être précieuses pour les personnes qui souffrent de maladies osseuses comme l’ostéoporose. New Ecology. Eco Solutions. Recyclart. Craft. Crafty. Ecohabitat. Live Long and Prosper.