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Quotes for All Occasions. Quote magnets. Q: I enjoyed hearing Pat discuss quote magnets last month on WNYC.

Quote magnets

I have a favorite Mark Twain quote, and I’d like to know whether it’s genuine: “If you always tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” A: We can’t find any evidence that Mark Twain ever wrote this. We can’t find it in any of his works, and the Internet websites that say he wrote it don’t say where. If you can’t look something up to verify it at the source, it’s probably not true. Popular Quotes. Wellness Words of Wisdom. May 27th, 2013 The fountain in the center of campus is dry, lifeless.

Wellness Words of Wisdom

It’s almost October. The inscription at the base of the fountain reads, “In Memory of a Beautiful Life.” It commemorates Mary Tomlinson Lanning, Class of 1912, a sophomore who died much too young from typhoid fever. It brings me to wonder, What is a beautiful life? Desiderata. 1976 edition of The Desiderata of Happiness poetry collection "Desiderata" (Latin: "desired things") is a 1927 prose poem by American writer Max Ehrmann.


Largely unknown in the author's lifetime, the text became widely known after its use in a devotional and after spoken-word recordings in 1971 and 1972. History[edit] Quotes and Famous Sayings - The Quotations Page. Ancient Quotes And Quotations. Quotes from Ancient Times What the rich and famous and wise said Thoughtful and attentive words to contenplate learn from Note: Throughout history the rich, famous and wise have said things that have been recorded in the form of quote.s It is the study of these quotes that give insight into life.

Ancient Quotes And Quotations

Solomon (died c. 930 BC), king of the ancient Hebrews and son of David As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters. As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. Lycurgu (fl. c. 850 BC), Spartan semi-mythical law-giver There thou beholdest the walls of Sparta, and every man a brick. To one that advised him to set up a democracy in Sparta, "Pray," said Lycurgus, "do you first set a democracy in your own house. " Hesiod (c. 800 BC - c. 720 BC) Greek pastoral poet. Language in Life. Ple. Quotes - Brian Johnson. Quotes and Sayings - Search Quotes.


O Quote, Wherefore Art Thou? Holy Words. GROK. Rhapsodos. Poiemaeia. Mot juste. Histoire. Reference. Holy Books. Spirits Align. Polymath Renaissance. Language Etymology. Lingua Franca. Research Nodes. Artists. Songs in the Key of Life. Modern Culture. Movers and Shakers. All Kinds.

Ideas. Wordy Peeps. Wrought with meaning. Words words words... by alexandra on Wisdom Quotes Archive. Funny Quotes, Author Quotes and Quotes from Famous Celebrities. Book of Famous Quotes - The one stop for quotations lovers. Famous Quotes by Author. Perfidy. Quote/Counterquote. False Consciousness pt.1, 2006. - Die! Mythographer, Die! Popular Quotes GoodReads. King James Bible Search. English Proverbs. Nothing defines a culture as distinctly as its language, and the element of language that best encapsulates a society's values and beliefs is its proverbs.

English Proverbs

The graphic to the right shows the words that are used in English proverbs, with the size of each word indicating how often it occurs (click for a bigger image). It's interesting to note that the two most common words in English proverbs are 'good' and 'never'. A bit of armchair psychology leads to the conclusion that, if proverbs really do reflect belief, then the English are (or at least were when these proverbs were coined) inclined to be virtuous but negative - not so far from the truth perhaps? Proverbs are short and pithy sayings that express some traditionally held truth. They are usually metaphorical and often, for the sake of memorability, alliterative.

Many proverbs have been absorbed into English having been known earlier in other languages. A barking dog never bites A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush Less is more. Latin proverbs. The famous last words of famous people. Quotes about Quotations, Proverbs, Sayings, Aphorisms, Etc. Related Quotes Writing Brevity Books Libraries Language Like your body your mind also gets tired so refresh it by wise sayings.

Quotes about Quotations, Proverbs, Sayings, Aphorisms, Etc

~Hazrat Ali. Good Quotes & Famous Quotations - Sayings Expressions Cliches and Phrases. Quote of the Day. Best Quotes of the Day. - Rules of Life, Life Quotes, Tumblr Quotes, Relatable Quotes, Inspirational Quotes. Wisdom Commons: Exploring, Elevating and Celebrating Our Shared Moral Core. Collected Quotes from Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein - Quotes 301-400. Albert Einstein - Quotes 301-400 If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?

Albert Einstein - Quotes 301-400

Albert Einstein Yes, we have to divide up our time like that, between our politics and our equations. But to me our equations are far more important, for politics are only a matter of present concern. A mathematical equation stands forever. Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. All of us who are concerned for peace and triumph of reason and justice must be keenly aware how small an influence reason and honest good will exert upon events in the political field. It is very difficult to explain this feeling to anyone who is entirely without it, especially as there is no anthropomorphic conception of God corresponding to it. The supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a simple datum of experience. Wisdom Quotes. Great Thoughts Treasury. The Quote Yard – Quotes, Quotations and Sayings. Source for Famous Quotes, Inspirational Quotes & Sayings.

Favorite Quotes. Favorite Quotes I have been collecting quotes for quite awhile.

Favorite Quotes

They have always spoken volumes to me and I love to incorporate them into my art. The Quote Garden - Quotes, Sayings, Quotations, Verses. Popular quotes. A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations. (ca. 235 bc) b.

A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations

Syracuse Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth. (1920-1992) b. Science Fiction Quotations - Westfahl, Gary; Clarke, Arthur C. Edited by Gary Westfahl; Foreword by Arthur C.

Science Fiction Quotations - Westfahl, Gary; Clarke, Arthur C.

Clarke Selected for AAUP Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries, 2006 In this unprecedented collection of science fiction and fantasy quotations, the reader revisits the stunning moment when Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein monster first comes to life; witnesses the transformation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde; is present when Bruce Wayne resolves to become Batman; and overhears the cosmic conclusions of The Incredible Shrinking Man. Best Quote Sites #websites #socialmedia #quotes #quotations. Quotable. Quotations Page - Your Source for Famous Quotes (p)(f) Mirrors of the Soul Quotes by Kahlil Gibran. Self-Discovery Quotes, Sayings about Finding Yourself. Related Quotes Purpose Self Be Yourself Confidence Age People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. ~Thomas Szasz, "Personal Conduct," The Second Sin, 1973 You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.

What you'll discover will be wonderful. Never mind searching for who you are. The World we Live in, and Life in General. Dedicated to tracing quotations. The Quote Garden - Quotes, Sayings, Quotations, Verses. The meanings and origins of sayings and phrases. Needs must. Find the famous quotes you need, Quotations. Famous Quotes, Quotations, and Sayings at WorldOfQuotes.

Wikiquote. Who wrote “Risk”? Is the mystery solved? : The Official Anais Nin Blog. Have we solved the mystery of who wrote the popular poem attributed to Anais Nin, known as “Risk”? I can say this: Since posting this mystery a few years ago, nowhere has its source been found in any of Anais Nin’s oeuvre. So how did it come to be attributed to her? That remains a mystery. However, Elizabeth Appell has come forward with a compelling case that may hold the answer of who, if not Anais, actually wrote the poem: What I’m about to tell you is going to seem strange and maybe even impossible, but it is the truth. I wrote it in 1979. I believe it was January when I started on the spring schedule. Another wrinkle: at the time I was using my nickname, “Lassie” as well as my first husband’s last name, Benton. From the beginning the school got a huge response from the poem. Recently I gave a reading in Nevada City, California as a part of a women’s writing salon.

I say almost because I found a life coach in Arizona who uses the poem on her home page. I wrote the poem in 1979.