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English grammar checker, proofreader &plagiarism scanner

English grammar checker, proofreader &plagiarism scanner

Gotcha! Grammarly texts are already correct You cannot improve on perfection.
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EarnEarn badges for skills you learn online & off IssueGive recognition for things you teach DisplayShow your badges on the places that matter Introducing Open Badges: a new online standard to recognize and verify learning Free and openMozilla Open Badges is not proprietary. It’s free software and an open technical standard any organization can use to create, issue and verify digital badges. Open Badges


What's a yardmap? YardMap is a citizen science project designed to cultivate a richer understanding of bird habitat, for both professional scientists and people concerned with their local environments. The YardMap is funded by the National Science Foundation Informal Science Education Program Photo Credits: Winter Wren © Glenn Bartley, Eastern Bluebird © Yvonne, American Robin © Keith Williams, Cedar Waxwings © Ken Schneider YardMap
The Prototype Program is a public forum for local artists, architects, educators and students to design and build original projects that creatively explore and re-contextualize the structural concepts and design principles pioneered by R. Buckminster Fuller. Projects are often built and displayed within public arenas, offering both participants and pedestrians alike a hands-on learning experience. The program is open to the public and we invite all curious individuals to lend a hand or contribute an idea. We offer individuals that are already working within similar areas the opportunity to share and evolve their work with a wide audience. Previous Projects Prototype | The Buckminster Fuller Institute Prototype | The Buckminster Fuller Institute
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Cite perfectly. Whether you need to create footnotes, endnotes, in-text citations, or bibliographies, Zotero will do all the dirty work for you, leaving you free to focus on your writing. Create citations in Word and OpenOffice without ever leaving your word processor and add references to an email, a Google Doc, or some other editor simply by dragging one or more references out of Zotero. Always in style. Ready to submit your manuscript to Tropical Doctor or French Historical Studies?
TUCSON, Ariz. (December 20, 2011) - The Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nutrition as a way to prevent disease and enhance human health and longevity, is pleased to announce the recipients of this year's 2012 Nutritional Education Grant Program. Each year, CWC chooses recipients from among the best and brightest in the fields of medicine, education, community service, and local outreach. These are folks that are making a big difference in their local communities by educating the public, especially pregnant mothers and young children, about the importance of good nutrition. Consumer Wellness Center invests in the nutritional future of children through cash awards from its 2012 Nutrition Education Grant Program - Consumer Wellness Center invests in the nutritional future of children through cash awards from its 2012 Nutrition Education Grant Program -
Citizen Warrior Citizen Warrior To prevail against orthodox Islam'srelentless encroachment, we need to employ three essential strategies: gather allies, coordinate our efforts, and concentrate our forces at decisive points. Let me explain these in more detail: 1.
AFTER 9/11, lots of things were said about Islam, some of them contradictory, and many of them by people with believable credentials. My spouse and I didn't know what to think, so we started looking into it. We read lots of materials — pro-Islam books, anti-Islam books, and classic Islamic doctrines, like the Quran. We've been on an eight-year learning binge. An Inquiry Into Islam An Inquiry Into Islam

Now on the iPad The iPad App has been created by re-engineering the content of this website specifically for the iPad. Take it all with you Have it all with you wherever you go. Animated Knots App | Animated Knots on your iPad | Knots on Your iPad Animated Knots App | Animated Knots on your iPad | Knots on Your iPad
Kids! - Boating Safely for Kids
USSSP: - Scout Motto USSSP: - Scout Motto Excerpted from page 54, Boy Scout Handbook, 11th ed, (#33105), copyright 1998 by BSA, ISBN 0-8395-3105-2 Be Prepared. That's the motto of the Boy Scouts. "Be prepared for what?"
Dead Bugs, Blow Guns, Sharp Knives, & Snakes: What More Could A Boy Want? Old School Scouting: What to Do, and How to Do It! To Email me, replace "(at)" below with "@"Rick(at)Kudu.Net Traditional Scouting: Boy Scout Activities B-P Scouts Scuba Diving Merit Badge
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Onboard the Barque Eagle, we are very excited about the training program in 2014. While the complete schedule for the year has not been finalized, the first stop will be in Morehead City, North Carolina in late March with the Spring OCS class. Throughout the summer, Eagle will travel to the Caribbean, along the Eastern Seaboard, and to Canada with cadets and officer candidates, teaching them practical seamanship skills while indoctrinating them in the Coast Guard's afloat leadership laboratory. cga
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Topic links - A to Z - Direct access to statistical data on topics of your choice. MapStats - Statistical profiles of States, counties, cities, Congressional Districts, and Federal judicial districts. Statistics by geography from U.S. agencies -- International comparisons, national, State, county, and local. Statistical reference shelf - Published collections of statistics available online including the Statistical Abstract of the United States. Search across agency websites. Agencies listed alphabetically with descriptions of the statistics they provide and links to their websites, contact information, and key statistics.
About Serendip The Meaning(s) of Serendip : "a former name for Sri Lanka + -ity. A word coined by Horace Walpole, who says (Let. to Mann, 28 Jan. 1754) that he had formed it upon the title of the fairy-tale `The Three Princes of Serendip', the heroes of which `were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of'." Serendip's RSS Feed: Read Serendip's new articles and exhibits like a newspaper subscription.
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