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More Answers Than Questions. The Observing Self: Mysticism and Psychotherapy - Arthur J. Deikman. Contests, Events, Exhibits. Public Data Sources. ⨀ QUICK CLICKS ⨀ New Health Concerns. Testy. Junk Mail Madness - How To Make It Stop! Every time we embark on a new year, I think about all the extra junk and clutter that has accumulated over the last.

Junk Mail Madness - How To Make It Stop!

Two areas that I would like to cut down on even more is junk mail and phone calls from telemarketers. One is downright wasteful and the other is utterly annoying. We’ve been working on the many harassing phone calls we get each day using caller ID and blocking through the Do Not Call Registry, but my mail is still teeming with junk. Along with marking your mailings, “Return to Sender” and sending it back to the culprit, you can also open the ones that have pre-paid return envelopes often and send it back with a firm request to be removed from the mailing list. I like this idea and I don’t.

This subject is not new to Care2. Heather Levin from The Greenest Dollar adds some additional insights learned from her experience of cycling the junk out of her life. “According to experts we’ll spend 8 months of our life reading, sorting, and recycling the stuff,” she says. Print Friendly & PDF. How to Do Power Structure Research. By G.

How to Do Power Structure Research

William Domhoff Some of you might want to do your own studies of national or local power structures. This document provides both the general rationales and the specific steps and sources for doing such studies. It may sound too simple when I say this, but power structure studies are really a combination of network analysis and content analysis. Both methods are easy enough to understand in principle, and they are very respectable in the social sciences. A network analysis traces out the people and organizations that make up the power structure, and then figures out how they connect to and influence government. Before I begin, I want to stress that the methodological approach outlined in this document makes it possible to discover any concentration or configuration of power. Network Analysis The empirical study of power begins with a search for connections among the people and organizations that are thought to constitute the powerful group or class.

Upper Class Social Indicators. Searchable Databases: ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. Haze App Lets You See Weather Info, Not Just Read It. I know what you’re thinking: Seriously?

Haze App Lets You See Weather Info, Not Just Read It

Another weather app? The designers behind Haze at least have a geographic excuse: "it’s no secret that we’ve always been a little infatuated with weather apps, being from the cold Scandinavia," says Willi Wu, lead developer at Robocat. "It’s this combination of readily available data, the tangibility of the concept, and the intimate relationship we all share with the weather that keeps us coming back to this type of app.

" Robocat (who partnered with another app shop called Taptanium on Haze) has made two weather apps before Haze and is already at work on another, but they’re trying something new this time: encoding dynamic weather information into the look and feel of the app itself, rather than spelling it out in text and icons. To be fair, Haze still gets the bulk of its information across using words, numbers, and tappable icons. Any "glanceable" display has to maximize its information density in a way that appeals directly to our senses. Plane Finder. Ship Finder - Live Marine Traffic.

The Actual Size of Stuff. Learn Science at Scitable. Should you apply to a Ph.D. program or jobs in industry?

Learn Science at Scitable

Which will give you greater satisfaction, research or teaching? How do you parlay a degree in science into a career in policy-making, law, or journalism? If you are an undergraduate, high school student, or graduate student, the more thoughtfully you approach planning your career now the higher the probability that your life path will be rewarding. In this area of the site you will find dozens of resources to help you choose a meaningful career path in the sciences.

If you are looking for comprehensive coverage of the subject, you will find Guide to Life Science Careers quite useful. World Financial Institutions. Economic data. International Organisations Online Resources. International Statistics. Knowledge sources. Statistical Information. Statistics. Information. HEALTH. Health Reference AsSortEd. EDUCATION. Education Resources. Reference. DATA. QR Y. Populating Reality. Calendrica. WORLD VIEWS. News & Feeds.