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News – Bio-Sil South Africa - Wishing you abundant health. Can colloidal silver help with stubborn topical fungal infections such as athlete’s foot?

News – Bio-Sil South Africa - Wishing you abundant health

Well, according to these colloidal silver users, it sure can! Connection Center. Connection Center is a utility you can use to add data to records in your HealthVault account from health and fitness devices such as heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, peak flow meters, and glucometers.

Connection Center

When you use Connection Center, data from your compatible devices is uploaded to HealthVault through your computer. And now, HealthVault Connection Center allows you to upload medical images, such as X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, and more. Connection Center and devices Connection Center and medical images HealthVault Connection Center allows you to upload medical images to HealthVault. HealthVault - Overview. The official site for Health IT information. Health and Fitness Search Engines. Home - CARING CONNECTIONS - NHPCO. Caring Connections provides people with information and support when they are planning ahead, caring for a loved one, living with an illness or grieving a loss.


Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice is showing the world that hospice is about more than care for the dying. So Far Away: Twenty Questions and Answers About Long-Distance Caregiving. Five years ago, Dave's mother moved from their old house in Philadelphia to an apartment that was closer to his sister in Baltimore.

So Far Away: Twenty Questions and Answers About Long-Distance Caregiving

Before the move, the 30-minute drive to visit his mom wasn't a big deal, and Dave had lunch with her weekly. Sometimes they'd go to a ballgame together. After the move, neither Dave nor his mom expected much to change—what was another hour or so of drive time? But as time passed, the trip seemed to get longer, time together was harder to arrange, and as a result, they saw less of each other. Then his mom's health began to slide. The answer for Dave, and for so many families faced with similar situations, is encouraging. Stem Cells. Health Checkup: How to Live 100 Years. Nursing Journal Articles- Open-Access Links to Peer-Reviewed Sources.

Journal Articles by Topic Coming Soon!

Nursing Journal Articles- Open-Access Links to Peer-Reviewed Sources

HIV/AIDS Journal ArticlesInfectious Disease/Parasite Journal ArticlesMicrobiology Journal ArticlesMusculoskeletal Journal ArticlesNutrition Journal ArticlesOncology Journal ArticlesRespiratory System Journal Articles About the Journal Articles Collection Purpose of the Journal Articles Collection This database contains links to thousands of open-access journal articles on various nursing/healthcare topics. Translational science.

On the Pharm. Your Next Prescription Could Be A Genome Sequence. Death by Medicine, Part I 11/26/03. By Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD A definitive review and close reading of medical peer-review journals, and government health statistics shows that American medicine frequently causes more harm than good.

Death by Medicine, Part I 11/26/03

The number of people having in-hospital, adverse drug reactions (ADR) to prescribed medicine is 2.2 million.1 Dr. The Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) An Odder Science. Posted 04.17.15.

An Odder Science

Infographic: How Does Google Plan to Transform Healthcare? New Health Concerns. Testy. Origins of the Caduceus. Origins of the Caduceus, As Told in the World’s Oldest Language: Symbolism The Oldest Symbol for Medicine and What Every Doctor Should Know.

Origins of the Caduceus

By Joseph O. Gill June 2011 Joseph O. Wello $200 iPhone case tracks a range of key health vitals. Health monitoring start-up Azoi has announced the availability of a significant product in the form of the Wello, a lightweight smartphone case embedded with sensors that measures blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, and lung functions to a high level of accuracy.

Wello $200 iPhone case tracks a range of key health vitals

The US$199 Wello case will be initially available for iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S, but for those who don’t have one of those phones, the case will still work with any IOS or android device which has Bluetooth LE functionality – you just won’t be able to use the case on your phone. View all With such functionality, the Wello has the potential to become a disruptive technology, enabling people in developed countries to track all their key vital health data, and make more informed lifestyle choices. From India, app checks urine to detect presence of diseases.

Gain instant and exclusive access to over 5,000 of the most creative ideas, innovations and startups on our database and use our smart filters to take you direct to those that are most relevant to your industry and your needs.

From India, app checks urine to detect presence of diseases

Not interested? You can still browse articles published in the last 30 days from our homepage and receive your daily and weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas through our free newsletters. Cityzen smart shirt tracks your health, recharges during washing. Cityzen Science's smart shirt integrates a sensor web, distributed intelligence, communications, and a smartphone app (Photo: Cityzen Sciences) Rightly or wrongly, the French are known for clothing designs that are often less than practical.

Now, however, French company Cityzen Sciences has won the CES 2014 Inclusive Innovation in Everyday Health award for its development of a Smart Sensing fabric woven with integral micro-sensors – these add the practical benefit of monitoring the health and fatigue levels of the wearer. The Smart Sensing fabric reads body heat, respiration rate, heart rate, and motion through location via GPS.

The Robot Will See You Now - Jonathan Cohn. IBM's Watson—the same machine that beat Ken Jennings at Jeopardy—is now churning through case histories at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, learning to make diagnoses and treatment recommendations. This is one in a series of developments suggesting that technology may be about to disrupt health care in the same way it has disrupted so many other industries. Are doctors necessary?

Just how far might the automation of medicine go? New Body Health. Health Publica. New Health Concerns. Microsoft Word - Satyavati 4.11.doc - Satyavati 4.11.pdf. Four Trends Redefining the Healthcare Supply Chain. It's time to act on untapped opportunities in the healthcare industry. Click here to download the 2014 Pain in the Chain executive summary. By 2020, China is projected to spend $1 trillion on healthcare, driven by a growing middle class and aging population. This is just one of a long list of stats that illustrates the significant shifts that are happening in the healthcare industry today. Global trends such as rising consumerism, increased healthcare consumption, increasing costs of care, greater regulatory complexity and a diminishing blockbuster pipeline also all spell change, challenge and opportunity in the industry.

The question isn’t whether there are tremendous global opportunities in healthcare. Teaching critical thinking and problem-solving in a pharmacy self-care lab: A skills-based approach. Abstract Introduction Developing self-care curricula to engage millennial learners in critical thinking is challenging. Electronic Health Records Software - Software that creates a computerized electronic health record.

Electronic Health Record Software is a computerized system that creates and maintains an electronic medical record (EMR). This computerized medical record is usually created in an organization that delivers care, such as a hospital or physician's office. Electronic medical records tend to be a part of a local stand-alone health information system that allows storage, retrieval and modification of records.

Physician SOAP Notes - What are SOAP Notes and how do you use them. The internet of things is here, but the rules to run it are not. La médecine personnalisée, ou la santé confiée à Google et Apple ? C'est une véritable révolution culturelle et technologique que la médecine s'apprête à vivre. Alors que le médecin a pour habitude de voir le patient lorsqu'il est déjà malade, et de lui prescrire le plus souvent les mêmes médicaments qu'aux autres individus atteints de la même maladie, la multiplication des capteurs d'auto-diagnostic et les progrès extraordinaires de la génétique conduisent droit vers une médecine à la fois préventive et ultra personnalisée.

L'idée est d'intervenir au plus tôt lors d'une détection précoce de la maladie ou même d'un simple risque, et d'utiliser et de croiser des données personnelles très fines sur le métabolisme de chaque individu pour assurer le traitement personnalisé le plus adapté et donc le plus efficace possible. Avec Watson, IBM développe le Dr House du futur. Ferez-vous davantage confiance à un ordinateur ou à un médecin diplômé pour diagnostiquer votre maladie et déterminer le meilleur traitement possible ?

Mobile. © 2000 American Society for Clinical Nutrition. Pizzorno_CV_2007-01. Resources. Smart Publications works hard to provide you with necessary alternatives to help maintain and sustain your health and longevity. Doctor Joseph Pizzorno Talks About Solutions Health Advisor. Solutions Health Advisor. Medical mnemonics. Wellcome Trust. The BioInitiative Report. Medical. The Dark Side of Linus Pauling's Legacy. The Legend of Mike Adams and the Reality - The Character of Mike Adams. The Character of Mike Adams. Unethical and Ignorant Behavior of Pharmacists. Statistics << Artificial Intelligence Is Smarter Than Your Doctor. Artificial Intelligence In Medicine.

Health Care Utility. Prospero.