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Cooperatives, Nonprofits. Entre prendre. Big Bux. Corps.e. Diver$.ification. $haring.$upport. New Found Moolah. Ease of doing business index. The ease of doing business index is an index created by the World Bank.[1] Higher rankings indicate better, usually simpler, regulations for businesses and stronger protections of property rights.

Ease of doing business index

Empirical research funded by the World Bank to justify their work show that the effect of improving these regulations on economic growth is strong.[2] "Empirical research is needed to establish the optimal level of business regulation—for example, what the duration of court procedures should be and what the optimal degree of social protection is. The indicators compiled in the Doing Business project allow such research to take place. Since the start of the project in November 2001, more than 800 academic papers have used one or more indicators constructed in Doing Business and the related background papers by its authors.

Methodology[edit] The Doing Business project also offers information on following datasets: Research and influence[edit] Doing business 2013[edit] Criticism[edit] Ranking[edit]


Synchrony GE. Enagic. Perfumery business « Bois de Jasmin. Steam Valve. Whole Foods Market. About Redmond. About Redmond Redmond, Inc. is a Utah company best known for brands like Real Salt, Trophy Rock, and Best Vinyl Fence & Deck.

About Redmond

The Operating Model That Is Eating The World. Lean Coffee Staff Meetings. 4 Keys to a Winning Kickstarter Campaign. The top factors that make or break a Kickstarter campaign.

4 Keys to a Winning Kickstarter Campaign

Graphic: AppsBlogger Mention Kickstarter these days and blockbuster campaigns come to mind. There’s Ouya’s blistering $2 million in one day for a new Android gaming console (it’s raised more than $5 million to date), and the Nifty MiniDrive, external memory for Apple MacBooks. The tiny storage company is more than 2,000% above its $11,000 goal with 15 days left in the campaign. COMMUNITY STIMULUS: Local Currency + Barter Networks as Social and Economic Drivers. Kickstarter Sets Off $7 Million Stampede for a Watch Not Yet Made. But he couldn’t even get a foot in the door, let alone secure any money for what he called the Pebble watch. So he turned to Kickstarter, a site where ordinary people back creative projects. Backers could pledge $99 and were promised a Pebble watch in return.

Angel Investor. Forward Vision: Financial Markets That Promote Long-Term Value. Despite the lessons of the financial crisis, markets remain focused on the same short-term thinking that helped create the problem in the first place.

Forward Vision: Financial Markets That Promote Long-Term Value

Shares in U.S. publicly traded companies are held for an average of seven months, down from seven years two generations ago. Alcatel- Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen described this phenomenon to us: “Winners and losers are measured sometimes in a matter of weeks and months.” Even pension fund managers, whose overall charge is to steward assets over decades rather than quarters, are subject to near- term performance pressures that cause them to “churn” increasing portions of their portfolios.

Further exacerbating the problem is the ever-shortening length of CEO tenure, which has been cut in half, from eight years to four, in the past two decades. Investing-the-Rights-Way. Ryan Morris, 28-Year-Old Activist Investor. Ryan Morris spent a week steeling himself for the showdown.

Ryan Morris, 28-Year-Old Activist Investor

Helping news be news. Google News has just open-sourced its code to create what it calls Living Stories.

Helping news be news

What this really is, I think, is Google’s attempt to take editors to school on content presentation in our new world. The article, I’ve argued, is outmoded as the building block of news. The new atomic unit(s) of journalism needs to reflect the transition of news from a product to a process. It needs to gather updates and corrections on a story. It needs to put that story in context and history. The building block of journalism is no longer the article. The old building block of journalism — the article — is proving to be inadequate in the current onslaught of news.

The building block of journalism is no longer the article

I’ll argue here that the new building block is the topic. The story was all we had before — it’s what would fit onto a newspaper page or into a broadcast show. But a discrete and serial series of articles over days cannot adequately cover the complex stories going on now nor can they properly inform the public. There’s too much repetition. Too little explanation. AP took it to the wire but needs to rethink its role. The Associated Press didn't know what it stepped in when it sent a lawyer's letter to the blog Drudge Retort (a Drudge Report parody) demanding that it take down headlines and excerpts from wire-service stories as short as 33 words long.

AP took it to the wire but needs to rethink its role

This set off a blogstorm as many bloggers - me included - accused AP of the highest web crime: not getting it. The confrontation ended in a stand-down with no precedents or policies set regarding copyright, fair use and blog excerpts. AP continues to use software called Attributor to find sites that quote its content so it can send such notices. Daylife - Simply amazing cloud publishing.

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