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Entheogenic Plants. My Cology. Entheogenic Review. New Health Concerns. How To Grow Mushrooms. The Process for growing mushrooms is pretty easy.

How To Grow Mushrooms

But it does vary depending on the type of mushroom you are growing. With this tutorial I will show you a typical and easy way to grow Pearl Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus). You Will need: Some kind of bucket or container - Typically a 5 gallon plastic pail is used. In this tutorial I use a 2 gallon plastic pail. The picture below shows my materials. If it is going to take a while to collect up your coffee grounds you can store them in the freezer so they won't get moldy. Fill your bucket about halfway with coffee grounds. There can be more and I will show you why in a minute. If your coffee grounds are dry you should add some water at this point and let the water drain out.

Now break up the mushroom spawn and add it to your bucket. If you have enough spore and coffee grounds fill the bucket up to within an inch of the top. This prevents carbon dioxide from building up on the surface. Grow Your Own Truffles. You don’t have to send cash to unfriendly foreign countries to enjoy black truffles anymore; this pungent and precious fungi is now being grown right here in good ole’ redneck North Carolina.

Grow Your Own Truffles

WARNING! Despite the grandiose claims by Garland Truffles that it’s reasonable to make $25,000 per acre growing truffles, there are many well-documented failures. Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) Demystified. Mycology Wiki. Growing mushrooms in a laundry basket. August 12, 2012 | Growing, Mushroom Cultivation, Mushrooms | 37 Comments | Author: Kirsten Bradley Thought you might like to see a great way to grow mushrooms outdoors if you have a shady place that gets watered regularly… This technique also works indoors, but the laundry basket is usually bagged or boxed until the straw is completely colonised with mycelium.

Growing mushrooms in a laundry basket

This technique has both upsides and downsides, but most importantly, it’s easy, and gets people growing mushrooms! Huzzah… Fatguy's Agar Technique. Agar inoculation has been used for cultivation mushrooms as well as bacteria and molds for several years.

Fatguy's Agar Technique

The key to using an agar solution in cultivating mushrooms is sterility. Keeping the work surface and your hands clean and free of contaminants is the most important thing in using agar. I recommend that a HEPA system be used but since most people that use this forum cannot afford one, a glove box can be successfully used or a homemade HEPA design (what I use) will work.

Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide. Growing Mushrooms the Easy Way Home Mushroom Cultivation with Hydrogen Peroxide An instruction manual in two volumes based on the use of peroxide in mushroom cultivation, by R.R.

Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide

Wayne, Ph.D. Peroxide in Mushroom Growing FAQs. Click the link, or scroll down the page.

Peroxide in Mushroom Growing FAQs

What are the additional advantages of using peroxide in mushroom cultivation? With peroxide, you can make sawdust spawn medium from wood pellet fuel with just a ten minute steaming, rather than pressure sterilization. This is one of the fastest methods of making mushroom spawn yet devised. The spawn can then be grown on a bookshelf in your home, rather than in a sterile laboratory. And, the amount of spawn you can make isn't limited by the size of your pressure cooker, since you can use any of a variety of large pots with fitted lids instead. With peroxide, you can prepare sawdust cultures without pressure sterilizing either the bulk substrate or the supplements. Easiest Methods of Growing Mushrooms, low tech cultivation techniques ~ Internet Web Links. These are internet web links to the easiest methods for growing mushrooms for the home hobbiest, and the small commercial mushroom cultivator for local markets.

Easiest Methods of Growing Mushrooms, low tech cultivation techniques ~ Internet Web Links

Included are the Hydrogen-Peroxide Method, Growing from Kits, Acquiring Spawn, and Building a Small Home Culture Setup. Each listing includes a link followed by a brief extract from the page listed. Shrooms. Mushroom Mountain - Quality Mushroom Spawn and Supplies, South Carolina. Shroom Grow. MyciCulture. Mushroom Info. Coffee Grinds to Mushrooms: A How to Guide. Yup.

Coffee Grinds to Mushrooms: A How to Guide

Mushroom Patch - Mushroom Growing Kits and Supplies. The Mushroom Patch. Mushrooms. Glow in the Dark Mushrooms (Omphalotus nidiformis) February 16, 2015 | Farming, Foraging, Mushroom Cultivation, Mushrooms | 8 Comments | Author: Kirsten Bradley Recently we found something we’d always wanted to see – Glow in the Dark Mushrooms.


No really, we did. Ghost Fungus, or Omphalotus nidiformis is actually quite common throughout southern Australia. Omphalotus nidiformis distribution, via Atlas of Living Australia Omphalotus nidiformis – Ghost … Continued. Medica. Mush Room. Mush Room. Mushroom projects - My Edible Landscape.


Mushroom projects - My Edible Landscape

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) - spore print from Sam My plan is to germinate the spores in liquid culture, then inoculate cardboard, then bury around my chestnut trees. 2. Brick Cap [aka Kuritake - the Chestnut Mushroom] (Hypholoma sublateritium) - spore print from Sam My plan is to germinate the spores in liquid culture, then inoculate cardboard, then grow outside on wood chips. Tek1 - from Shroomery Have cloned kuritake, wine caps and shaggy manes to cardboard. Tk2 - from Bobcat at Mycotopia My outdoor patches were experimental, but both successful. Snipped from various sources… Great clusters of this species are often found on dead hardwoods, especially stumps, logs, and soils rich in wood debris. Part II. MUSHROOM CULTIVATION BY PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES - A guide. Introduction Introduction to mushroom cultivation Step 1. ABOUT MUSHROOMS Step 2. PRODUCING PDA MEDIUM Step 4. MULTIPLYING SPAWN ON SORGHUM SEEDS Step 5. PRODUCING SUBSTRATE BAGS Step 6.

MycoBoost. Results You Can See! MycoBoost's effectiveness can be viewed under an Electron Microscope. The picture at left is an electronmicrograph of mycorrhizal filaments holding sand grains in place and improving soil structure. Radiating threads are mycorrhizal fungi that act as extensions of the plant root system to absorb nutrients. Proven Effectiveness in University Tests MycoBoost is the most effective soil inoculum on the market. Mushroom Farms Online - The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter. Getting Started with Mushroom Cultivation. By Terri Marie Beauséjour Copyright 1999, all rights reserved. This article first appeared in Mushroom: the Journal of Wild Mushrooming. Subscriptions are $25 for four quarterly issues from Mushroom the Journal, 1511 E. 54th St.

Chicago, IL 60615. The Wisdom of Simplicity If you have been intrigued by the prospect of growing your own mushrooms, perhaps after a bit of research you became daunted by the complexity and potential expense of "sterile techniques," "clean rooms," "laminar flow hoods" and "agar media. " Or perhaps you are the more adventurous type. As chairman of the Cultivation Committee for the Mycological Society of San Francisco (MSSF), I have talked with many aspiring cultivators, and those are two of the most common roadblocks preventing progress in mushroom cultivation. Recognizing the need to help overcome these challenges, the MSSF cultivation committee has periodically offered classes and workshops on how to grow mushrooms.

Goals and Objectives The objectives are: Voila! Gourmet mushrooms in an old coffee cup. The best part about this project is that it is dead simple and most of the materials can be acquired easily and for free. Really all you need is: Empty coffee cup(s) Enough coffee grounds to fill your cups Oyster mushroom spawn I'll assume you can manage to scare up some empty coffee cups. Ideally you want the little plastic lid part as well. Shiitake Phone Book TEK - Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms. Right now I am switching careers to become a secondary mathematics teacher.

Our family dream is to move to Alaska in about three years, buy between five and ten acres of forested area and basically start a "perma-culture compound". Getting into mushrooming and mycology has given us so many cool tools to dream with. Between getting a new degree in math, and struggling with the crummy income of a musician...I am just too time, and financially strained to go roaming around getting the stuff I need to do a good shiitake TEK with sawdust.

As I have been perusing the board however, I found some RR photos of Shiitakes growing on phone books. He says: "You can pasteurize old phone-books and newspapers by placing in a pot of water and heating to 140F to 160F (60C to 70C) for one hour. I can't find a "phone book TEK" anywhere on the least not yet anyway. So does anyone have any ideas on what I would need to do to complete the TEK? Alexis Williams wwff. Aug 22 I will be selling Phone book kits at the Stitsville Organic Farmers Market on Thursday between 3:30 and 6:30. Oysters and phonebooks (fungi forum at permies) Mushrooms. Pleurotus pulmonarius - Mycology Wiki. Pleurotus ostreatus - Mycology Wiki. Chocolate Oyster Edible Mushroom. Chocolate Oyster Mushrooms, otherwise known as Italian Oyster mushrooms, are not only a delicious gourmet edible. they are extremely medicinal as well. They can reduce cholesterol, promote cardiovascular, boost the immune system, and are also prevent to be anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibiotic.

In a recent study, Oyster mushrooms have shown high concentrations of vitamin D when dried upside down in the sun. Mushroom farm. Mushroom Patch - Mushroom Growing Kits and Supplies. Mushroom Garden Patches. Edible. We Are What We Eat. Vegetarian. Vege table. Victuals. Tending Produce. Seeds. Growing Technology. Plant Cultivation. Agros Technica. Industrious Plants.

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