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Jumbo. Jabba. Scatterpoints. Rebus. Enneagrammatica. Credit Awareness. Busy Peeps. Bookmarx Quest. Mis en place. Comes and Goes. NEW WORLD VIEWS. Wiki World. Jjsanto. How Usability, Experience and Content Affect Search Engine Rankings – The Beginners Guide to SEO. The search engines constantly strive to improve their performance by providing the best possible results.

How Usability, Experience and Content Affect Search Engine Rankings – The Beginners Guide to SEO

While "best" is subjective, the engines have a very good idea of the kinds of pages and sites that satisfy their searchers. Generally, these sites have several traits in common: Easy to use, navigate, and understand Provide direct, actionable information relevant to the query Professionally designed and accessible to modern browsers Deliver high quality, legitimate, credible content Despite amazing technological advances, search engines can't yet understand text, view images, or watch video the same way a human can. Thus, in order to understand content they rely on meta information (not necessarily meta tags) about sites and pages in order to rank content. On Search Engine Rankings There are a limited number of variables that search engines can take into account directly, including keywords, links, and site structure. Signals of Quality Content 1. 2. 3. For Search Engine Success.

Kill Your Performance Ratings. Evidence is mounting that conventional approaches to strategic human capital management are broken.

Kill Your Performance Ratings

This is particularly true for performance management (PM) systems—the appraisal approaches in which employees (working with their managers) set goals for the year; managers interview others who have worked with them and write up an appraisal; employees are rated and ranked numerically; and salary, bonus, and promotion opportunities are awarded accordingly. A 2013 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management asked HR professionals about the quality of their own PM systems; only 23 percent said their company was above average in the way it conducted them. Why Do We Give Students Grades? Collaboration. Collaborative Online Brainstorming - Infinite Mind Map. Global Education Database - Your Personalized Education Guide. WASP's Revolutionary Delta Printer 3D Prints Structurally Sound Homes from Clay.

Italy’s WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) aims to help the world’s impoverished by 3D-printing sustainable dwellings using all natural materials.

WASP's Revolutionary Delta Printer 3D Prints Structurally Sound Homes from Clay

Unveiled at the Maker Faire Rome, the portable 3D printer called the Delta can be transported to areas in need to print homes on site. The printer works with locally-sourced materials like mud and fiber to create structurally sound homes with a culturally-sensitive, vernacular aesthetic. Unlike other 3D printing companies, WASP has turned its attention to natural and local materials, rather than quick printing plastics, to create healthy new homes. Vegetarian Resource Group. Mapping The Microbes That Flourish On Fruits And Veggies.

Hide captionYou call it salad.

Mapping The Microbes That Flourish On Fruits And Veggies

The bacteria call it home. Green University® Internship FAQs. "Real results require real change.

Green University® Internship FAQs

It's not about working harder. The key is in conserving materials, energy, money and time to get more out of what you have. Since all things are connected, saving some of one tends to lead to savings of the others in a positive feedback loop that just gets better and better. Healthy Soil Microbes, Healthy People - Mike Amaranthus & Bruce Allyn. The microbial community in the ground is as important as the one in our guts.

Healthy Soil Microbes, Healthy People - Mike Amaranthus & Bruce Allyn

A small pine tree grown in a glass box reveals the level of white, finely branched mycorrhizal threads or "mycelium" that attach to roots and feed the plant. (David Read) Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A visualization of drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004. Petitions - Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act. National Defense Resources Preparedness. By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (50 U.S.C.

National Defense Resources Preparedness

App. 2061 et seq.), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, and as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows: Chemical Weapons Stockpile and Destruction Sites Map and Photos. The following map and photos depict the locations of what remains of the U.S. chemical weapons stockpile and the facilities being constructed to complete the destruction of remaining chemical agents.

Chemical Weapons Stockpile and Destruction Sites Map and Photos

According to a press release from the Department of Defense’s Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives program office, the U.S. had destroyed “nearly 90 percent of the chemical weapons stockpile” in advance of the extended Chemical Weapons Convention deadline of April 29, 2012. Though chemical weapons were originally stored at eight continental U.S. Army military installations, only two facilities remain active.

Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned - Professional Soldiers ® Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned We are current or former Army Reserve, National Guard, and active duty US Army Special Forces soldiers (Green Berets).

Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned - Professional Soldiers ®

Penn & Teller on the 2nd Amendment. A free people. PAUL: A duty to preserve the Second Amendment. When Congress reconvenes next month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is expected to bring gun control back to the Senate floor.

PAUL: A duty to preserve the Second Amendment

Taking On Gun Control - Reasons to Own A Firearm. The courts have consistently ruled that the police do not have an obligation to protect individuals, only the public in general. For example, in Warren v. D.C. the court stated "courts have without exception concluded that when a municipality or other governmental entity undertakes to furnish police services, it assumes a duty only to the public at large and not to individual members of the community. " The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal. Wiki Weapon - 3D Printable Gun - Defense Distributed. This Cube Transforms Into A Working Gun (video) (update) L'épidémie de fièvre Ebola loin d'être contrôlée. À la fin du mois de juin, déjà, l'épidémie de fièvre Ebola qui sévit en Afrique de l'Ouest était présentée comme la plus meurtrière, avec 337 décès. Six mois plus tard, le nombre de morts a été multiplié plus de vingt fois (plus de 7 500), et les cas devraient vraisemblablement dépasser les 20 000 avant le Nouvel An.

Le virus, qui tue de 60 à 70 % des personnes infectées, connaît une progression distincte dans les trois pays les plus touchés (Liberia, Guinée, Sierra Leone). Ban Ki-moon a ainsi salué jeudi dernier les «améliorations» enregistrées au Liberia, qui fut longtemps le pays le plus sévèrement atteint. «La stratégie de lutte contre Ebola fonctionne», a estimé le secrétaire général de l'ONU, se disant «prudemment optimiste». Il reste néanmoins deux «foyers préoccupants» de propagation, dans l'ouest de la Sierra Leone et le nord de la Guinée, limitrophe du Mali. Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute. First of two Mandela events[edit] The Birthday Tribute was regarded by many, including the Anti-Apartheid Movement and the African National Congress, as raising worldwide consciousness of the imprisonment of ANC leader Mandela and others by the South African apartheid government and forcing the regime to release Nelson Mandela earlier than would otherwise have happened.[4][5][6][7]

Read the most important speech Nelson Mandela ever gave. A display at the Cape Town Honours Nelson Mandela exhibition at the Cape Town Civic Centre. (Michelly Rall/Getty Images) Nelson Mandela was already 45 years old when, on April 20, 1964, he gave the defining speech of the anti-Apartheid movement, from the dock of a Pretoria courtroom.Mandela had been in prison for two years already, for inciting workers to strike, when he was put on the stand again as part of the Rivonia Trials. Named for the Johannesburg suburb where South African police had arrested 19 ANC leaders, the trials were meant to be a blow against the group. Watch this delightful video of an 81-year-old Nelson Mandela dancing on stage. There were many sides to Nelson Mandela, the South African anti-Apartheid leader and president who died today at age 95.

Happy Birthday, Brain Pickings: 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living. By Maria Popova. Maria Popova Has Some Big Ideas. 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. The best sentences we read today. Godsdebris.pdf. Scott Adams - The Religion War. Man: The Fallen Ape - Contents. Word Detective Previous Columns 7/01/97. Gestion savoir-vivre.

Citizen Science Toolbox - Tool Details. Templates & Tools. LegalZoom Site Map. Legal document - definition of legal document by the Free Online Dictionary. Reusable Lunch Bags, Shopping Bags, Bottles, and More - The word game that reveals peoples' anxiety and depression. ExtrovertVSIntrovert.png (PNG Image, 600 × 725 pixels) 15 Funniest Facial Recognition Fails.