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Prospero. Emergent Survivalism. Self Sufficiency. Ensemble. ProsperOs. Peacemaking. Forget GDP: The Social Progress Index Measures National Well-Being. For many years, the powers that be thought that economic indicators were the ultimate measure of a country’s well-being.

Forget GDP: The Social Progress Index Measures National Well-Being

That’s starting to change. As we have discussed before, the general happiness of a country doesn’t always correlate with its wealth. In fact, economic indicators don’t match up with a number of important indicators about well-being. Hence the Social Progress Index, an initiative from The Social Progress Imperative and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter that examines how 50 countries perform on 52 indicators related to basic human needs, the foundations of well-being, and opportunity. The top country: Sweden. The Social Progress Index was hatched at a World Economic Forum working group, where participants decided that they needed common frameworks to measure the problems they were working on. Religious tolerance .org. The Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential. Commentaries on Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (contents) How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later.

MEME : Gratuitous Grace. Aldous and I would give a (LSD) session to a friend or someone who wanted and the preparation for a session was very very careful.

MEME : Gratuitous Grace

The day before we didnt do anything we just fixed the house very quietly, the day of the session there was nothing except that and even the day after; so there was a three day thing because as Aldous wrote in Island the session is a gratuitous grace. Its what you take away from there. Deep Time : A History of the Earth - Interactive Infographic. Life on the planet started astonishingly early.

Deep Time : A History of the Earth - Interactive Infographic

The first living organisms, in the current model of evolution, are thought to be Prokaryotes1. The oldest known fossilised prokaryotes have been dated to approximately 3.5 billion years ago, only 1 billion years after the formation of the Earth's crust. Main Page - PreparingU. 30 Habits that Will Change your Life - StumbleUpon. Developing good habits is the basic of personal development and growth.

30 Habits that Will Change your Life - StumbleUpon

MRI Technician Schools: 350+ Online MRI Tech Programs. Whether you are a Zen Buddhist or just want to lead a Zen life, these 50 spiritual and simplifying blogs and community web sites will point you down the path of enlightenment.

MRI Technician Schools: 350+ Online MRI Tech Programs

Explore the first sub-section to learn how to have a happy, fulfilled life through Zen-inspired lessons and mantras. The second sub-section is dedicated to those who are seeking a more spiritual side of Zen like Zen Buddhism. Many of these blogs feature meditations and insight on the path to Enlightenment. Learn to Live Peacefully Blogs. Tovey-collective-intelligence. The Sky Factory Custom ceiling art uses ceiling tiles to create indoor sky.

A chandelier that turns a room into a forest. Top 20 World Most Beautiful Living Spaces. 03 Mar 2013 March 3, 2013 If you are browsing internet for Home Ideas, Decoration and Remodeling Tips you are on the right place.

Top 20 World Most Beautiful Living Spaces

In today’s article we collected the top 20 most beautiful living spaces around the world. A 3-D Printed House? Well, this may well be the coolest video you see today.

A 3-D Printed House?

It’s a TEDx talk from a fellow named Behrokh Khoshnevis, who is a professor of engineering at USC, where he directs something called the Center for Rapid Automated Fabrication Technologies. CRAFT has stated as its grand challenge “building a custom-designed house in a day while drastically reducing the costs, injuries, waste and environmental impact associated with traditional construction techniques.” The applications of such rapid-fire housing are endless: affordable housing for the poor; “extraterrestrial buildings constructed from in situ materials”; emergency FEMA-style housing, and the like.

In Denmark, a printable house. (Credit: Eentileen’s Print a House project)

In Denmark, a printable house

The Chatelaine's Keys. Casaubon's Book - Just another site. Sharon Astyk adapts in place: an exposé. Best books of 2012. Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. Le média de toutes les solidarités. Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? The winning essay: How to solve youth unemployment. BCGE A4.pdf. Emergy. Emergy is the available energy (exergy) of one kind that is used up in transformations directly and indirectly to make a product or service.[1] Emergy accounts for, and in effect, measures quality differences between forms of energy.


Emergy is an expression of all the energy used in the work processes that generate a product or service in units of one type of energy. The unit of emergy is the emjoule, a unit referring to the available energy of one kind consumed in transformations. Emergy accounts for different forms of energy and resources (e.g. sunlight, water, fossil fuels, minerals, etc.) Each form is generated by transformation processes in nature and each has different ability to support work in natural and human dominated systems. The recognition of these differences in quality is a key concept of the emergy methodology. Index. Center for Environmental Policy. This site has been developed in response to a demand expressed by the community of scientists, students, and friends for a central location of materials, information and news related to Emergy.

Center for Environmental Policy

Mission This site is designed to aid in the research and teaching of emergy systems theory. Our mission is to provide a locus for those interested in obtaining information about the theory, concepts and principles of emergy systems and systems ecology. Ambio, Vol. 28, No. 6 (Sep., 1999), pp. 486-493. Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Food. The role of social paradigm in human perception and response to environmental change. V Table of Contents Page Signature Page i Title Page ii Abstract iii Table of Contents v List of Figures x List of Tables x List of Acronyms xi List of Appendices xii Acknowledgements xiii Chapter 1 Introduction 1 1.1 The Relationship Between Human Behaviors and the Environment 2 1.1.1 Environmental Concern and Values 2 1.1.2 Environmental Knowledge 3 1.1.3 Environmental Behaviors 4 1.2 Theories Explaining Environmentally Responsible Behaviors 7 1.2.1 Resilience 7 1.2.2 Social Psychological Theories 10 The Theory of Planned Behavior 10 Value-Belief-Norm Theory 11 ix Page 4.5 Limitations of This Study 85 4.6 Next Steps 86 References 88 X List of Figures Page Figure 1: Visual representation of the hypothesized effect of the dominant social paradigm on the relationship between environmental concern and environmental behaviors 36 Figure 2: GSS database - f3 coefficient values between WISP, environmental concern and beliefs and environmental behaviors. African Christians Organization Network - Home. David Bergman: EcoOptimism. Thanksgiving, the celebration of bounty, seemed a completely appropriate time to contemplate the corollary concept of enough. Hence one of my tasks for the weekend (why do I always think a day or two off, or even a long plane flight, will give me the time to catch up on everything?) Was to read the advance copy of Enough Is Enough sent me by co-author Rob Dietz. A bit overoptimistic I was.

I’ll blame the lingering L-tryptophan effect. L’austérité n’est pas une fatalité : pour une nouvelle dynamique de mobilisation citoyenne ! Les marchés financiers ont accordé un répit précaire à la zone euro. Les taux d'intérêt sur les dettes publiques se sont détendus, même s'ils restent insupportables pour des pays comme le Portugal ou l'Espagne. What Do the Amish Believe About Salvation & Heaven? Amish and Plain People of Lancaster County, PA. The farmlands of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country are among the most productive in the nation. Indian tribe buys famed rare plant garden, ancestral land. Service-Animals. Free Energy Does Not Occur in Nature. [F]ree energy does not occur in nature… Cooperatives, Nonprofits.

Recycle Reuse. Ecohabitat. New Ecology. Apiary. Polymath Renaissance. Populating Reality. Clean, Free Energy. Eco Info Flash ⚡ Transcendence. Modern Earth Life. Seven Generations. ALL Behaviours Begin at Home. Societal Gumbo. Mondo Earth. Well Read. ENGAGING SITES. Celebrations. Lunaria. Calendrica. Astrologos. Astrologikos. Aspects, Transits, Returns. Economy. New Found Moolah. New Politika. 100th Meme Keys. New Ethics. Sacred Paths. One World. World Beliefs. WORLD VIEWS. Earth Paradigm. Bygone Days.

Once Upon A Time.