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Camera manuals GPS Instructions & More - Over 50,000 Manuals. ORGANIZATION. Maintaining Your Kit. Just as important as putting your supplies together is maintaining them so they are safe to use when needed. Here are some tips to keep your supplies ready and in good condition: Keep canned food in a cool, dry place.Store boxed food in tightly closed plastic or metal containers to protect from pests and to extend its shelf life.Throw out any canned good that becomes swollen, dented or corroded.Use foods before they go bad and replace them with fresh supplies.Place new items at the back of the storage area and older ones in the front.Change stored food and water supplies every six months. Be sure to write the date you store it on all containers.Re-think your needs every year and update your kit as your family’s needs change.

Keep items in airtight plastic bags and put your entire disaster supplies kit in one or two easy-to-carry containers, such as an unused trashcan, camping backpack or duffel bag. Tool Shed. Wilderness Supplies. ET objets. Explain that stuff! List of articles about household technology. Victuals. Socio Fiscal Responsibility. Consumer. Global Property Guide. USEFUL STUFF. ALL Behaviours Begin at Home. Ecohabitat. Self Sufficiency.

Craft. Home Worx. 2 Do. New 2 Do. Crafty. Seeds. Gardens Delight. Home. Home II. Quotidiana. Everyday Tools. Organizing and Home Improvement Checklists. Are you prepared? Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Food. PestWorld: Pest Control Resources for Professional Exterminators & Consumers. Find Tree Service & Tree Removal Service Companies for Tree Work. Your Home Improvement Network :: Networx. Cooling and Heating Equations. Sensible Heat The sensible heat in a heating or cooling process of air (heating or cooling capacity) can be expressed as hs = 1.08 q dt (1) where hs = sensible heat (Btu/hr) q = air volume flow (cfm, cubic feet per minute) dt = temperature difference (oF) Latent Heat The latent heat due to moisture in the air can be expressed as: hl = 0.68 q dwgr (2) or hl = 4,840 q dwlb (3) where hl= latent heat (Btu/hr) q = air volume flow (cfm, cubic feet per minute) dwgr = humidity ratio difference (grains water/lb dry air) dwlb = humidity ratio difference (lb water/lb dry air) 1 grain = 0.000143 lb = 0.0648 g Total Heat - Latent and Sensible Heat Total heat due to both temperature and moisture can be expressed as: ht = 4.5 q dh (4) where ht= total heat (Btu/hr) q = air volume flow (cfm, cubic feet per minute) dh = enthalpy difference (btu/lb dry air) Total heat can also be expressed as: ht = hs + hl = 1.08 q dt + 0.68 q dwgr (5) Example - Heating Air An air flow of one cfm is heated from 32 to 52oF.

Where. SmartVent intake vent Eave installation instructions. Roofing Contractor Review. Roofing Contractor | Magazine covering all aspects of residential, commercial, industrial & institutional roofing & insulation. Ten Common Residential Roofing Errors. By Brad Caldwell – Owner of Roof, Rinse & Run – May 4, 2014 Brad Caldwell, owner of Roof, Rinse & Run, recently had the privilege of attending a 2014 GAF Expo held in Franklin, TN (close to Nashville, TN).

One class covered ten common residential roofing errors. We feel like it is important for the homeowner to understand what these errors are, and that Roof, Rinse & Run knows about and addresses these issues. Not only are they the most commonly encountered problems as seen by GAF, but the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) also sees these as the ten most common residential roofing errors in their estimate. (1) Installing Shingles on Low-Slope Roofs.

When a roof’s pitch is 2:12 or lower, shingles simply can’t function right. Shingles aren’t a waterproof roof layer, they’re a water-shedding roof layer. . (2) Neglecting to Install Drip Edge. Drip edge needs to be fastened sufficiently (every 8″-10″), and shingles only need to overhang the drip edge by 1/4″ – 3/4″. Little Wing Roofing. Roofing Terms. Asphalt: A bituminous waterproofing agent applied to roofing materials during manufacturing. Back Surfacing: Fine mineral matter applied to the back side of shingles to keep them from sticking. Base flashing:That portion of the flashing attached to or resting on the deck to direct the flow of water onto the roof covering. Battens: 1"x2"x4' wood strips nailed to the roof, upon which the field tile hangs. Birdstop: In addition to preventing birds from nesting in the hollows of the tile, this length of formed metal or foam elevates the first course of tile so that it is positioned at the same angle as subsequent courses.

Blisters: Bubbles that may appear on the surface of asphalt roofing after installation. Built-up roof: A flat or low-sloped roof consisting of multiple layers of asphalt and ply sheets. Bundle: A package of shingles. Caulk: To fill a joint with mastic or asphalt cement to prevent leaks. Chalk line: A line made on the roof by snapping a taut string or cord dusted with chalk. 30 Beautiful Doors That Seem To Lead To Other Worlds. Most doors are hopelessly mundane, but they don’t have to be; they can also serve as meaningful symbols of portals between worlds or between different aspects of our lives. When we set out to create a list of beautiful doors around the world, we were surprised to find just how many truly amazing doors there are out there that have been decorated with beautiful craftsmanship and artwork. The door is probably the single part of a building’s exterior that people will interact most frequently with, so if you want a building to look impressive up close, there’s probably no better way to do this than by having a beautiful door.

Burano, Italy Image credits: John C. Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Image credits: Ken Piorkowski Copenhagen, Denmark Image credits: Ingeborg van Leeuwen Valloria, Italy Image credits: socket974 Montmartre, Paris, France Image credits: John Kroll Rabat, Morocco Image credits: David&Bonnie Valparaiso, Chile Image credits: Byron Ellis Garden Door by Kazuyuki Ishihara in Japan Lhasa, Tibet. Brick Pattern Math. DIY17 Apart: DIY. Make my own house. Talas || Professional Archival, Bookbinding, Conservation and Restoration Supplies. Technical Preservation Services, National Park Service. The House Directory - Home design & decorating, Interior designers, Garden shops. HRI Rugs - Harounian Rugs International.